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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Monday, June 19, 2017

You are more than your body - it is easier to love yourself when you take care of yourself

Loving your body, it is easier said than done. Its a process that takes time and some days it is easier, some days it is harder, but in the end it is worth it.

To be able to accept your body, feel ok in your body, feel confident in your body, but most of all not hate your body or yourself. Somedays you might not feel confident, somedays you might not feel amazing, but you atleast accept yourself and know you are ok. You dont want to harm or hurt yourself and you dont tear yourself apart just because you might not feel amazing, instead you just acccept those bad days. You accept your "flaws" and know that they arent flaws, they are just a part of you.

Scars, cellulite, stretch marks, birth marks... they are nothing you need to hide or be ashamed about.  You might see photos of people online and think they have no sort of marks or stomach rolls or stretch marks or cellulite, but aot can be done with photoshop or just good lighting and angles.

My best advice when it comes to loving yourself is to 1) make it a habit that everyday you say something nice about yourself, say positive things about yourself and your body.

2) you challenge and change the negative thoughts. If you begin to compare yourself or begin to bring yourself down, then change those thoughts... instead of thinking i hate my legs, be thankful that you even have legs and can walk and move. If you begin to hate your stomach then be thankful that your organs are safe and protected inside of your abdomen and the fat keeps them protected. If you begin to hate the fat on your body, be thankful that it keeps you warm and protected. If you begin to hate your scars or stretch marks or cellulite remember that they are just part of a human body, scars are a sign that you have lived or been through tough times and still survived, stretch marks are just a sign that you have grown but your skin hasnt grown as fast and cellulite is just the way the body stores fat, its normal!!

And third, maybe the most important is to take care of your body. From personal experience, it is much easier to love a body that you take care of. If you always think negative thoughts and dont take care of your body i.e eat the wrong foods, dont take the medication you may need, dont drink enough water, dont move your body... you begin to feel slugish, slow, unmotivated, tired, heavy and just dont feel well in your body. Taking care of your body means moving your body, but also giving it the rest it needs, eating the right food for YOUR body, drinking enough water, getting the right vitamins and minerals. Maybe using creams and lotions and products so that your hair, skin, nails all feel healthy (though diet is key for that!). All of those things can help to love your body.

When you take care of your body you feel better and are more motivated to keep yourself healthy and easier to love yourself. And even if it doesnt make you love yourself 100% it sure doesnt hurt or harm to do the things mentioned above!!

So..... think positive thoughts, be kind to yourself, DONT compare yourself, take care of your body.

You dont need visible abs or a low body fat percent, you dont need a thigh gap or visible bones, you dont need to look a certain way to love yourself.... its all about changing your thoughts and mindset and being kind to yourself! Self love comes from the inside, and no amount of changing your body will make you love yourself if the problem is inside your head!!!


  1. Good morning (?) Izzy!
    How hot is it in Sweden at the moment? Here in the south of the UK it is exceeding 30 c - and I certainly am feeling it! All through the winter I longed for summer but now it is here I can`t wait for it to get a little cooler, I`m fed up with being hot and sticky :(
    So lots of ice cream and iced water ...and very simple meals as its just too hot to cook!
    hope you are having a good day, whatever you are doing xxx

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  3. Do you think how you regard your body in turn influences your mood? for example, if you have just washed your hair,applied fresh make up and get dressed in something that you know suits you you then feel good about yourself and your body, and this affects your mood. If however you don`t bother to shower, wear clean clothes etc or are feeling bloated - this makes you feel rather flat and despondant. How can you feel good about yourself and love your body when you are perhaps feeling bloated and uncomfortable? And how do you not let it effect your mood/life?