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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Summer days - 2017

Each summer i am always baffeled by how happy the sun and warm weather makes me. Each year i notice just how much my mood and even energy levels are affected by the weather, and its not always so controllable. If it rains and is bad weather i'll feel more tired, sluggish, unmotivated and just less energetic but once its good weather i am the exact opposite and it is like my energy never stops!

My top 5 things about summer are:

Walking outside in shorts and a tank top, or being able to walk to and from the gym in my shorts and gym gear!!!

Watermelon and fresh strawberries!!! Nothing beats these two fruits/berries!!

Lying out in the sun - i love it! In the past i used to hate sunbathing as i was far too restless - and still am in some sense. But also i felt uncomfortable lying somewhere if it was sort of public as well as didnt like lying out in the sun on my own. This year however i am not as restless and have found a grass section which isnt so public where i can lie and sunbathe when i have the time for it!

The bright and warm evenings and being able to sit outside in the evening with friends and not get cold!!

The freedom of summer. Sure there is work and other responsibilities but the days are longer and brighter and feels like i have time for more things when i just work. I love studying but it can definitely feel like more than 100% and more like 2 jobs at times haha.

And there are so many more positive things about summer that the list would never end!! But for now i am just enjoying it as much as i can!

How am i spending my days?

Working when there is work available..... this month there isnt so much work which is a little worrying but not so much i can do about it.

Sunbathing when the sun is out!

Listening to ALOT of podcasts.... i think one day i listened to 6 podcasts which is more than 6 hours. hahah. But its different documentaries so i am learning alot about different events and happenings in the world which i never knew details or the backstory of.

Cooking and baking when i have the time for it. Of course when its warm weather its not as appetizing to eat warm food, but i still love my lentil soup and cooked potatoes. However ive now started to cook my food and let it cool down completely so when i eat it it is cold!

Working out when i feel like it. Somedays the gym, somedays walking. But like i mentioned in my previous post, trying to focus on all round fitness and not just do the same thing over and over!

At the moment i am not spending alot of time infront of the computer or even at home which you may have noticed. Trying to make time for blogging but somedays i leave the house at 9am or earlier and dont get home until 8pm or much later like 10 or 11pm. But trying to make one post a day at least :) And still getting around to trying to answer the questions, i havent forgotten them :)

How are you spending your summer? What are your favourite things about summer? And if its winter in your country, how are you spending your winter/autumn? :)

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  1. Awww I love summer vibes a lot! and yes, it's amazing to feel the day getting longer and just suddenly you're full of energy and vibrancy. :)
    I love spring most, but it's a very short season. I love the flowers and the beautiful sprouting green leaves.. it's a very miraculous season. But I can't help admitting that I love summer too. :)
    Have fun :D

  2. I don`t get on too well with very hot weather so my favourite times of day are in the morning and the evenings. I love the long light evenings and being able to go out rather than being indoors like in winter. I love the beach in the evenings, when most of the holiday makers have left and there is room to walk along the sands and to paddle!
    I don`t like laying out in the sun but I am quite happy to sit and read or listen to the radio. It is so relaxing doing that. I have never been one to sunbathe as such but will quite happily sit in the garden if I`ve something to occupy me while doing so - and anyway, I don`t tend to tan but instead just go shades of pink!
    Its great when the sunny days enhance your mood and energy levels, so different than winter and I love the fact that there is so much more variety of fruits available in summer.
    And the tennis. Must`nt forget Wimbledon. I don`t really understand the game rules but love watching it anyway. You know its summer when Wimbledon starts!

  3. Do you work for a kind of agency Izzy? I used to work in a Nursing Bank - supplying staff to hospitals in cases of staff sickness/holidays or just cover needed because of staff shortish in general. Whilst I loved this work - always going to different places/situations and meeting new people, it did prove to be somewhat unreliable as I never really knew how much work I would have offered to me and so consequently with bills and rent to be paid it was unreliable money wise too. I had to eventually give the bank up because of this and get a job where my hours (and wages!) were guaranteed because I just could not live with the money uncertainity - some months I had more work than I could handle whereas other months there would be hardly any.
    I think its great that you are out and about and enjoying your job, but if it is with an agency of sorts, bear the money factor in mind xxx