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Sunday, June 11, 2017

My dream vegan meal and who would i share it with ?

I got asked the question about what would be my dream vegan meal and who would i share it with? And i loved the question so thought i would do a post about it! But i thought i would add on... if i could only eat one meal for the rest of my life what would it be?

So first off... two scenarios, my dream meal in reality where i pay/make the food, and dream reality where money is not a problem and im not the one making the food haha!! And of course i have to have more than one dish in my meal!!

So... in reality where there are limits to my choices!

Starter:  A fresh salad consisting of spinach, ruccola, sweet corn, baby tomatoes, pine nuts, some form of soy protein, avocado, pickled onion & some type of fresh sallad dressing,

Main: Lentil vegetable soup with potatoes and oat cream & newly baked bread with vegan butter and cheese.

Dessert: Chocolate fondue or vegan creme brulee or vegan cheese cake.... or actually, the vegan saffron cheesecake i made for christmas was one of the best cakes i think ive ever made!!

And i would want to share this meal with my sister and my mum :)

My dream meal:
Starter: Tofu and vegetable skewers with a peanut sauce & Crispy sweet potatoe fries & spring rolls with dipping sauce & freshly baked bread.

Main: A sallad consisting of the best sallad ingredients (XD) and of course with thyme and garlic oumph (lots of it!). Basically a sallad like the ones from Mahalo cafe!  (pictures below)

Main part 2: Cauliflower pizza with pulled oumph on top and lots of veggies. 

Dessert: It would have to be a dessert buffet because i love dessert! So mini versions of everything so i can have a bit of everything! Cookies, chocolate mudcake, cheese cake, donuts, waffles and of course lots of chocolate covered strawberries!

I would want to share this with lots of vegan online people i follow... there are so many so i cant even name them all. But i would want to gather us all and talk and eat and just get to know each other in person!

And if i could only eat one meal for the rest of my life?

Then i think it would have to be thyme and garlic oumph with oven roasted potatoes, some type of oat based sauce and lots of salad/kale with sweet corn and cashew nuts on top and of course freshly baked bread with this meal! Yummm

And if i could live on only one food.....?
I cant answer that hahahah...


  1. Hellow izzy, I would love to hear about your summer goals, but only if you are completly honest, for example my real summer goals I wont share them with everybody, so I would ask you if you decide to write about them please write the true ones and not a decaffeinated version.
    Here are mine:
    I want to commit to make 3.50-4 hours of walking every week: I love pilates, but the one nearest I dont like the schedules, however the main reason is that I dont want to make my parent pay 50euros every month, also I wont be in the same city all summer. Walking is free, can be done everywhere and I truly enjoy being outdoors.

    I want to prepare the advanced Cambridge (CAE) exam on my own, so I want to make 4hours per week of english work with the Cambridge books (for example I dont share this goal with people because I dont know if during the school period I will find time to study english, but there are no excuses during summer)

    I want to read 6 books written in English (I have finished the first one and started the second)

    I want to make just 300euro during summer (in Spain is not as easy as other countries to find student jobs, that amount will be enough if I need to buy new clothes)

    1. That sounds like some great goals, but i dont really know what you mean by "completely honest?". I wrote a post about my summer plans a few posts back so you can look at that if you want... that is my honest goals haha :) But of course i do have some personal/work goals which are still secret and wont share online :)

  2. aaand talking about food: are there any fruits or vegetables you just cant stand?:)just curious. i mean most people have some. But its soo strange when someone is almost afraid of veggies and fruits, though thats another topic

  3. HI Izzy, I'm not sure if you did a while back, but could you post the recipe for your saffron cheesecake as it looks amazing and I'd like to try making it myself.
    Thanks :)

  4. So happy you liked the question Izzy ! I did wonder after I posted it whether I should have done....but I was thinking, hey its Friday - lets have some light hearted fun :)
    Great food choices too - I can just imagine they taste wonderful! And theres nothing like freshly baked bread, especially whilst its still slightly warm.....!
    Who knows, maybe one day you will actually get to have your dream meal :)