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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Midsummer throughout the years & vegan pancake recipe

Hello and good afternoon :)

Its Thursday afternoon when writing this post, however i have spent the whole day thinking it is Friday, and i have completely lost track of the days and date at the moment.

Tomorrow it is Midsummer and i'll be spending it with my friends and having a Midsummer dinner which will be 90% vegan! I had planned to just make my own food and bring it with me and maybe a vegan dessert for everyone to share, but it turns out that one of my friends who is the host for the evening decided to make 90% of the food vegan and then there will be egg and herring which are 2 typical foods eaten at Midsummer. I still dont know what food will be served, but i am looking forward to it :)

I start off my Friday and Midsummer with a 6 hour workshift from 6am until 12pm and then ill head home, get ready and then into town to meet with a few of my friends before we then travel to our friend who is hosting us for the evening and we'll see where the evening takes us! As tomorrow will be such a long day i am mostly resting up today so that i have energy for tomorrow :)However i did clean the whole apartment just incase we end up being at my place if the weather is bad!

This morning when i was at the gym all i could think about was pancakes, so after my gym session i went to the store and bought the ingredients to make pancakes and they turned out amazing!
-> 3dl flour, 6dl oat milk, 0,5dl aquafaba, 1tsp baking powder, 2tbs melted vegan margarine and sweetner/sugar to taste :) And then fry on medium heat!

I was a little disappointed that i had forgotten to buy vegan whipped cream as that would have gone perfectly with the pancakes :(

The rest of the evening its just rest as im feeling rather tired today!

Are you celebrating Midsummer? (its mostly a nordic tradition!).

Throwback to previous Midsummer pictures!





2012 - the first time i ever got drunk, blacked out and had a hang over the next day


201420152016 - my first vegan midsummer


  1. Sounds fun! I wish we did more for midsummer in the UK, it would be great to have a celebration when it's actually warm and nice weather :)

  2. Our midsummer in the UK was on the 21st - summer solstice - officially the start of summer! We don`t have anything in the way of celebrations for this like you do, except really for the age old tradition of watching the sunrise over the ancient stone circle -Stonehenge - this is a Druid custom/celebration and thousands of people attend it every year. The sun rise this year was particularly impressive because we have been having such hot weather just lately. I don`t go to the festival myself but I did see the news reports on tv and the sunrise was truly stunning.
    I wish we did something like you to mark the occasion as what you are doing sounds fun! I hope you have a great evening, and its nice that its going to be mostly vegan food on offer!
    I love the dresses that you were wearing in your previous midsummer photos and the flowers in your hair - have you got a new dress for this year too?
    Have fun!

  3. Yes pancakes are definitely yummy! I make them even though its tradition here to make them on Shrove Tuesday ....but why only have them one day a year I say! I enjoy them most drizzled with golden syrup especially when they are slightly crispy round the edges :)
    Have you ever thought of making savoury pancakes? they don`t have to be just for dessert/breakfast - make savoury and you can have them for dinner as well! You can put all sorts of savoury fillings in them, whatever you fancy really.
    You should give them a try :)

  4. How did your midsummer dinner go? Did you have lots of lovely vegan food?
    I hope you had a nice time and enjoyed yourself with your friends!
    Have a great weekend :)

  5. You look so happy and healthy in your recent photos compared to how you looked when you were obviously going through your ED - I mean you were pretty then too but the change in you is remarkable. This just reinforces recovery for me that you do indeed become healthier and stronger when you`ve beaten this disorder.
    Please don`t take this in a bad way as that is not intended. Ithink you are very brave and courageous for fighting and winning your ED the way that you have done and if I end up only looking half as healthy as you by the time I have recovered I shall be more than happy. Thank you for sharing xxx

  6. Are you ok Izzy? Its been a while since you`ve been on here, just wondered if you/everything was alright?

    1. Same here! I keep checking the page to see if there are any new posts... I guess Izzys probably just really busy

    2. hmm....maybe :(

  7. I checked her Instagram and apparently she's posted on a different blog but idk if that means she's never coming back to this one???