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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Food questions part 1 - Food and spots, simple vs complex carbs, overnight oatmeal

This is probably kind of stupid question, but I was wondering if you had any knowledge about spots/zits and whether they're connected to food and stuff. Because like that was one of my initial triggers for developing an eating disorder because I read that dairy and sugar and fats all made you get spots and I wanted flawless skin (i don't know if anyone else experienced the same??) Anyway I am now weight restored and I'm getting a few spots again and it really depresses me and then I get the thoughts like maybe it's my fault and when I didn't eat so and so I didn't get any spots whilst underweight. Not strong enough thoughts to act on I can brush them aside as I know other stuff is a lot more important but idk I just wish I didn't have any spots :((((

   We all have our insecurities and thats ok, but its also important to not let them control us or lead you down a negative spiral. I dont know much about spots or acne so i really shouldnt be answering this, but from what i have learnt from my own research and studies is that the myth of greasy and sugary foods leading to spots isnt true. However dairy can lead to spots due to the hormones in milk and possibly other reasons - but once again, its best to do your own research. (Ii found this article online    ) & this article

Spots appear for many different reasons and not all of them are possible to control. Extra hormones/that time of the month, feeling stressed, sweating extra, and even taking a mutltivitamin with a certain type of b12 can lead to spots. And then there are things you can control such as using the right skin care products, if you use make up, use the right make up and also not blocking the pores so that they clog up, changing your pillow cover often, not touching your face with your hands etc etc But maybe someone else has better tips.

Try not to worry about spots, its never as bad as you think and if you do suffer from severe acne then you can get help and medication for that. But if its just normal growing up/hormonal/stress spots then they will fade.... Learn to be ok with the spots and unless you are eating extreme amounts of dairy then i wouldnt worry so much about your diet. Just drink plenty of water, eat vegetables and fruit everyday and with the right skin care products, enough sleep and not stressing so much it should help.

You cant always control spots, so its best to learn to just accept them when you have them and know that you arent alone! 

Carbohydrates - I`ve heard there are 2 types, simple and complex.
What is the difference and why have I heard that you should limit the simple ones?
what are simple carbs and what are complex carbs, and how much of each should you have.
Do you limit your carbs and should I do this in recovery even if they say simple carbs should be limited?

Yes, there are "2 types" of carbohydrates, simple and complex (also called "good" and "bad" however thats not a good label for them as they are both good in different situations.) In the end they both break down to the same monosacharides. The different is how they act in the body but also which foods they come from.

Simple carbs are a quick source of energy, they break down quick in the body and raise your blood sugar rather fast but also can lead to a spike in blood sugar that quickly disappears and leaves you with little energy once again. Foods with simple carbs are plain white sugar, sugary soda, candy and even fructose in fruit and lactose in milk products are simple carbohydrates. However fruit and dairy products contain other nutritional benefits compared to plain sugar/honey/soda/candy which has little nutritional benefit.

Complex carbohydrates give more of a slow energy source and dont break down as quick as simple carbohydrates. They give a steady rise in blood sugar and stable energy level but also found in foods with more fiber and nutrients compared to simple carbs. As they give a more stable energy source and not such a rapid rise in insulin levels as well as often containing more fiber it can leave you feeling full longer compared to if you were to eat candy or sugary soda which gives you a spike in energy but then you feel tired and hungry short afterwards.
Complex carbs are found in foods such as oatmeal, fiber rich bread, beans, lentils, vegetables, brown rice etc

How much you should eat is individual... and a balanced diet is recommended. No limiting carbohydrates is not necessary or recommended? Im not sure who gave you that recommendation but eating balanced and everything in moderation is best.

And its ok to eat chocolate, ice cream, cake and even dairy and fruit even if its simple carbohydrates, they arent bad, they are still part of a healthy diet and nothing you should be scared of :)

How do you make overnight oats yourself?

I dont personally make or eat overnight oats even if i keep saying i should because warm oatmeal in the morning on a hot summer day isnt the most optimal haha. But its just oats, some form of liquid, some form of taste and mix together and let it stand in the fridge over night :)

Image result for overnight oatmeal recipe


  1. Just to comment on the oatmeal thing, I can't be bothered with overnight oats BUT I've found that if I use instant oats like ReadyBrek which is just ground up oats with extra vitamins and iron added, then you can just add cold milk to that in the morning and you get yummy and refreshing instant cold oatmeal :)

    1. I`m going to buy myself some readybrek and try this - sounds great!

  2. Not related to the above post, but I saw on your IG izzy that you made chickpea cookie dough bars? If you don`t mind me asking on here - do you think you could post how you made them as I rather like the sound of them and would love to try them myself!
    Thankyou xxx

  3. Hi Izzy - thank you so much for your reply about carbs - this really explained the queries I had about them. I watched a programme on tv recently where a families eating habits were being overhauled and tried to improve and during it they talked about carbs, and that the simple ones should be limited but didn't really go into any detail apart from that. Which got me wondering about the whole carb thing?
    But its good to know that its ok to eat both and you don`t need to limit them like the programme said.

  4. About spots and acne: if Im not mistaken polluted air can also contribute to them

  5. Hi!
    I had no spots when i was ill (but i had very bad skin like greyish and you know dry and stuff) aswell and when i started recovery i got alot of zits!
    Now when i am recoverd the are starting to go away! I read that is because of the hormones in the body like going all over the place when your body starts to go back to normal from the starvation. When your body gets stable and your hormones goes back to normal i think everything will be fine. Google spots in anorexia recovery if you wanna read more :)
    Sorry for bad english

  6. Stick to a simple skin care routine - don`t use soap on your skin get a facial wash instead. Use a non scented simple cleanser and a good moisturiser and make sure you always remove make up each night (if you wear any). Apart from that a healthy diet with plenty of fresh veggies and fruit, and not too much processed foods. Fluids are important too so make sure you are drinking enough.
    With the sun and warmer weather you may find your skin improves. But try not to worry too much. I know spots are a nuisance but don`t let them control your life. You are probably more aware of them than other people who don`t take any notice!
    Good luck!
    - oh and don`t pick them or be tempted to squeeze them as this can make them worse and lead to scarring xxx