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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Food is just food.... there is not "set time" to eat

"Food is just food and doesn’t have a natural mealtime. This is especially important to remember when you’re dealing with mental illness that makes it hard to eat.
When I’m in a down swing with my depression, I forget to eat/don’t feel like eating. When I do get around to eating, often the only thing I want is something like pancakes, or milk, or apple sauce. And of course it’s 6pm and I feel lame for eating ‘breakfast’ foods. Or it’s 8am and I want fried chicken, and feel like a terrible person for eating dinner at 8 in the morning.
But food is just food. We assign certain foods to certain times of day culturally, but it’s not a biological thing. Your body can digest pizza at 9 in the morning and yogurt at 11pm. Are you eating food? Yes? Then great! It doesn’t matter what ‘kind’ of food you’re eating, as long as you’re nourishing that body of yours. It’s ok to have cheap ramen for breakfast if that’s all you can stand to eat. That’s ok–you ate food today!! That’s a major accomplishment when you’re dealing with an illness that tries to stop you from doing everyday person things. (Especially if you’re recovering from an eating disorder.)
Don’t feel bad if you eat rice for breakfast or muffins for dinner. Food is just food." Source

I saw the above post a few days ago and i thought it might be a much needed reminder for some people. There are guidelines to eat certain food at certain times, i.e eating a burger for breakfast might not be recommended just like eating sugared cereal and milk right before bed might not be recommended. However those are just recommendations and if you want to eat pizza for breakfast, sandwich for lunch and oatmeal for dinner thats ok as well.... food is just food. You dont have to eat oatmeal for breakfast or a cooked meal for dinner, you dont have to eat so called snack food for snacks, you dont have to eat exactly like the recommendations. Of course this advice is more for people who are healthy and can listen to their body...... If you struggle with binge eating or restrictive eating then maybe this type of eating wouldnt be the best for you as it can be overwhelming or feel unstructured.

But i think its important to remember that food is just food. You dont need a certain day or time to eat a certain food. I dont always eat typical snack food for snacks... i can eat a second smaller lunch for my afternoon snack. Somedays i eat oatmeal for dinner, somedays (i.e very often) i eat potatoes or leftovers for breakfast if im not craving oatmeal. Ive even had days where i eat salad for breakfast and eaten ice cream for dinner.... of course this isnt my recommendation to be the "healthiest/most optimal" but its just a reminder that its ok to eat different. That if you are really craving something its ok to eat different. 
But also to remember that if you are struggling to eat or have lost your appetite then its better to eat something than nothing at all... if all you want is oatmeal then eat oatmeal 4 times a day. Of course doing that for the rest of your life isnt to be recommended for many reasons but sometimes if you struggle to eat then its better to just eat something. I know personally that sometimes when i lose my appetite or just dont feel hungry, then i can eat potatoes and avocado 2-3 times a day for a few days straight just because i know i need to eat and thats all i can manage.
Varied and balanced intake is key, but that variation and balance can be different in different stages of your life!
This is just a reminder for those who may need it... food is just food. Its ok to eat dinner at 5pm just like its ok to eat it at 9pm. 
This post isnt about "optimal health" or "optimal nutrition" but about learning to be ok with food and eating different foods at different times and not being controlled by what is "optimally best".


  1. Why is it not recommended to eat cornflakes with milk before bed?

    1. I meant sugared cereal so I corrected that now haha. Things such as sugared cereal would spike your blood sugar levels and give you energy that's why it's not recommended before bed... but if cereal makes you more tired and sleepy then go for it :)

  2. Why would you not eat cereal before bed? I literally do it every night. Lmao. This is bogus

    1. I meant sugared cereal so I corrected that now haha. Things such as sugared cereal would spike your blood sugar levels and give you energy that's why it's not recommended before bed... but if cereal makes you more tired and sleepy then go for it :)

  3. Izzy can you write a post about hormonal imbalance and how it felt dealing with it (the symptoms) and how long did it take you to actually heal?

  4. This is a good reminder. I think its so easy to get caught up with what we "should" or "shouldn't" have that we forget the enjoyment of food!
    thanks for posting

  5. l love this! I was coming to your blog to search for this similar topic and there it was... I have lately been struggling with this. thinking that because it is this time, i need to wait because of this reason.... NO. need to turn thoughts thoughts off and realize hey, its time to energize.

    thank you:)