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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Focusing on fitness

The past while I've been thinking about my exercise routines or more lack of, haha.

Recently I haven't been working out so much. It's either been due to pain, tiredness, unmotivated or just don't have the time. I've been to the gym maybe once or twice a week and otherwise gone for walks or nothing at all.

It feels like the past year I haven't progressed at the gym at all, or I have... I've gotten stronger but I haven't mentally or physically pushed myself. I've just done the same old thing and I've enjoyed that. But I've stayed in my comfort zone. I love working out and exercising however u don't force myself to workout if I'm not motivated or if I just don't want to. Exercise should be an enjoyment. However I've felt that my motivation has withered recently.

And I've begun thinking about why.... and it's because I don't challenge myself.  I have gone to the gym several times a week since 2012.... that's 5 years, not strange that I've gotten a little tired. Not of the gym.... but of the same exercises and not really improving.

When my mum was over we went to a spa and there was a pool there which I swam some laps in. That made me realise just how unfit I actually am hahah, but also how I would love to begin swimming again ( I began swimming in 2012 and then eventually just began going to the gym.)

I am strong but I feel like that is it. I stopped running due to injury and lost alot of cardiovascular health. I'm not so great at endurance in my working out. I'm not the most flexible. Basically I'm not that fit. If you were to challenge me in some form of workout you would most likely win haha.

So I've now set up the goal to get my fitness up. To focus on crossfit like workouts. To do maybe 3 full body workouts a week where I do exercises such as deadlifts, pull ups, push ups, dips, burpees etc i.e whole body workouts.

And then try to run or do intervals 1-2 times a week and do some stretch and flexibility on those days as well. Focusing on over all fitness to feel more capable and to progress.

Of course whether I follow this plan or not I don't know and with work this summer I'll be lucky if I go to the gym 3 times a week! But I'm feeling motivated now and I feel like this is what I need in my life.... To follow a workout plan and feel more fit.

And with fit I don't mean visible abs or low body fat. I mean fit as in capable of running, lifting heavy, different balance and flexibility movements and more endurance!!!

I guess I'll update at the end of summer or something!!


  1. Hi izzy, I was wondering if you could right something about gaining weight from working out? I've recently started adding weights to my routine and I know that it'll make me stronger and I like that idea and am coming around to it but, when I stepped on the scale recently I started panicking. I weigh enough to start working out some and don't weigh myself that much. Maybe once a month when I'm home from school but usually a lot less than that. And I just do it to see where I'm at since I go to the doctors still but they don't usually tell me my weight.

  2. Hi, Izzy recently wrote about a similar topic here, i think it was tha last question :)

  3. Oh well I know how you feel.. just one day I stopped running because I was so tired of it, but I headed to working on my flexibility instead and God, it felt liberating. I'm also swimming almost 4 times a week.. swimming is such a good exercise that never makes me feel tired but flexible and cardiovascularly healthy. :)

  4. Do you workout in just shorts and sports bra?

  5. I love swimming and really miss it. I used to go every week - its a great all rounder for exercise and really helped improve my asthma too.
    One of my goals/reasons for recovery is to go swimming again. At the moment there is no way I could entertain wearing a swimsuit in public but I am determined to get back into it as soon as I am well again.