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Monday, June 5, 2017

First day of summer break 2017

Hello :)

It feels like a while since i lasted updated here, but who knows... maybe it was yesterday? The days are all rolling into one, and now my biggest challenge is to keep track of the days. During summer its so easy to not think about what day or date it is and then suddenly i end up double booking things or forgetting about different things and missing events and times and such. But with my job its important to keep track of days, dates and times so that i dont end up thinking its Thursday when its Friday and then missing a work shift haha.

So, onThursday i had my last 2 exams in one and i can say it went well, i feel rather confident that it went ok. However there were some questions that i felt like i could write an essay about, such as the "name 5 reasons why people in hospital might not get the right nourishment they need/might not eat enough".... from my own experience i could name like 15 reasons why. And also a question about eating disorders which triggered some memories, but otherwise the tests went fine though as i do all of my note taking on the computer and rarely write with pencil i ended up with a hand cramp 30 minutes into the exam XD

After my exam i headed off to work which was a little more stressful than usual the first hour because the store had changed its codes on fruit and vegetables so that cheat sheet that is found by the cashier wasnt up to date, which meant having to go through this long process in the actual cashier machine to find the right code, so the first 60 minutes was far from peaceful haha. I got home around 9pm and ended up going to bed around midnight, and then it was just to get up at 5am to begin work at 6am on Friday morning.

That store was one of the best stores at giving instructions and taking care of the "hired" staff. I wasnt the only person who was hired from another company, but we all got clear instructions and they gave us a break when it was time..... at some stores i dont get any clear instructions and am expected to just "figure it out" which isnt always easy, but also at times forgotten about when it comes to breaks or there is no one to take over my place so i end up working 4-5 hours without a break, which isnt really ok. The rest of the day i spent watching the Keepers on Netflex and resting.

Saturday i didnt do so much, i began working in the afternoon so there wasnt much time to do anything anyway. I worked at a store ive worked at several times before so it was a painfree workshift, however the first hour when i jump into using a new cashier system (i.e they vary from the different stores) its always a little extra stressful to remember which buttons to press and which codes are for which stores, not to mention going from a button cashie machine to a touch screen cashier machine adds in extra thought!

Sunday.... a day where i didnt do much at all. I woke up at 11am, and it rained pretty much all day so i spent the day inside mostly and continued watching netflix, listening to podcasts and resting!

Now its a new week and i have work booked in on Friday and then a "job party" on Saturday evening and on Sunday my mum comes to Gothenburg. Apart from those plans i have nothing else booked in so hoping for the sunshine but also hoping for some work shifts so that i dont just stay inside all day doing nothing!! :)

Im about to make a post about my summer plans and thoughts, so that should be up tomorrow or this evening :)

I hope you all have a lovely week and if you have your last exams, good luck and enjoy your summer!!

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  1. Do you work for a type of agency Izzy? I worked for quite a while for a nursing agency and it was hard at first going to new places where you were always the "new girl" and not too sure of the ropes, how the place was run, new patients to learn the names/likes/dislikes of etc. But what was good was never being stuck in a"rut", going to different places, meeting new people having new experiences. Of course if I went back to a place where I had worked previously it was easier as I knew the people and the routine, but that didn't happen often as I was mostly filling in for staff sickness/holidays. I found agency work very challenging, but also very satisfying and was hard pushed to want to go back to a regular job where I would work at the same place all the time! So I hope you find your work just as enjoyable!
    I`ve been there and done that with the dropping food on the floor too - when I got my new cooker the oven shelves tilted down when you pulled them out to take trays from the oven - i lost count of the times the whole tray slid to the floor until i got the hang of it :(
    Have a lovely weekend with your mum!