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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Eating out in restaurants

Eating out in restaurants..... a fear which i know many have and one i used to have. It's been a very long time since i last felt anxious about eating out or worried about calories in the food or compensating when eating out. So whenever i write these types of posts about fears i had or such as posts about rest days or eating more, its not a "new" thing for me that i eat out without anxiety or rest several days without feeling anxious or compensating or eat more when i need it and dont feel bad about it. I have been able to do those things for several years, but these posts are just reminders for YOU, and me looking back to how i was 3-5 years ago when i couldnt do those things without anxiety!

So, the past few days, Sunday-Wednesday i ate almost all of my meals out in restaurants. It wasnt planned to be this way when my mum came to Gothenburg, that was just what happened.

Truth is that i actually like eating out... if i could i would eat out once or twice a day if i had the economy for it. However i do love making my basic meals of potatoes, avocado, tofu and salads and not to mention my lentil soup which i love!!

When i eat out, even when i go out with friends i never worry about vegan food instead i just follow with and know that either ill eat from side dishes or in the worst case scenario there wont be anything i can eat, but then i'll just eat something later, but in most places im sure i could get a plate or potatoes and some salad if i wanted to eat something and nothing on the menu was vegan.
As my mum is a pescetarian it wasnt so hard to make a decision about where to eat, haha.

In the past, if we were ever going to eat out i would HAVE TO know where we were going. I would then look the menu up online, prepare myself mentally for it, then i would eat less and exercise more the days leading up to the restaurant visit. I worried so much beforehand. (Reminder, this is back in 2012 and earlier!!). And travelling away on holiday was almost off the list for me because i would have no control over food or how the food was made and eating out more than once every 6 months wasnt possible for me.

Over the years i learned that food is just food and that even if you are on holiday and eat out all your meals for a whole week that is ok as well. It wont harm your body or your health, if anything it will help your mental health if you struggle with eating in restaurants so it will just be positive!

My best advice for when eating out is to choose exactly what you want. Even if you are eating out every meal for a whole week. Think... you dont always eat out so why not make the best of it when you are.... choose the food you might not eat so often or dont cook yourself. Maybe one day you want burger and fries, the next day you want pasta, the next day you want a salad etc
And even if you eat more than you need one day or three days, it is not the end of the world.... your body and your health will still be ok. One week of eating more than usual wont harm you and in the long term will balance itself out.

Food is just food. You dont need to know the calorie amount in the dish and you dont need to exercise or compensate just because you eat one meal out. Instead enjoy the company, enjoy the food and be thankful that you can eat out and eat food!

Its all about facing fears and overcoming the fears. The first time might be tough, the second time maybe a little easier, the third time maybe you eat a maindish and a dessert, the 7th time you feel completely at ease and no worries about eating out and eventually you know you can be away from home or go on holiday and eating at cafes or restaurants is nothing you worry or think about at all! So keep facing the fears and know that you will be ok!! :)


  1. I can't see any different from your daily meals than when you're eating out xD

  2. How did your weekend with your mum go?
    Are you feeling better now?

  3. The last time we went on holiday we ate our evening meal out every night, even though we had a self catering cottage! We found the most gorgeous pub that had a fantastic restaurant and thought we`d give it a try one evening - I`m so glad we did because we ended up eating there for the rest of our holiday! It was so nice being able to choose from a wide variety of food and not have the hassle of the cooking and clearing up afterwards :) Not to mention that the food itself was delicious!
    If anything this really helped me and my ED as I proved to myself that I could do this, eat different foods prepared in a different way than I did it, I could choose and enjoy new foods and feel ok with that. I had had reservations before I went on that holiday about food, that's why we booked self catering but my fears proved to be groundless. So you really need to give these things a go, its great when you succeed!

  4. Occasionally I still have that problem, but usually the beforehand worries are worse than being there for real. For me looking up the menu in advance just gives more anxiety, because then I keep thinking if thats the best choice or not, so its better if I just experience the choice there, because then I need to pick something relatively quickly. Also Im kinda ok with eating out, but not if there are many occasions after each other. But its improving:)wishing everyone the best:*