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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Answers - how much to eat on rest days, feeling dizzy when working out, weight gain when exercising

Have you wroted anything about if one should eat less on restdays? I'm very active 4 days a week where I need to eat around 2700 calories but the three other days I'm very much only resting/taking short walk or doing non-active stuff and I'm unsure how to eat those days. Did not find this topic in your blog :o

Would be sooo thankful for hearing your and other people's opinions and how they do :)
Thanks for awesome blog and go you!

 Its great to hear that you are taking the rest you need and a balance of 4 workouts/3 rest days is a great amount! When it comes to food and how much to eat it all depends on whether your weight is stable now, but also on what your goals with exercise are (i.e whether its just enjoyment or example to gain strength/muscle). From what i understand and my own recommendation is usually to keep your intake the same each day. 
Usually when people dont workout they arent as hungry and then the days they workout they are more hungry - or for some its the opposite where they are more hungry on rest days and less hungry during workout days. So that balances itself out. But also usually when you workout you might eat more before you workout or more after you workout or you might have a pre or post workout snack which you dont eat on your rest days so that also gives more of a balance. Because of course you do need more energy the days you workout, but if you are working out alot or you have a goal to get stronger or build muscle or get faster then it wont help you to eat less on your rest days. .Because if you eat the same amount on your rest days then that "extra" energy will be used towards your workout the following day as well as that energy will help your muscles recover properly so no, you dont need to eat less during your rest days... unless its that you gain alot of weight overtime and the weight gain isnt necessary, then eating a little less on rest days might be helpful. But if you have a stable weight then keep eating the same - according to hunger. 

When I work out, i often feel very dizzy after a short time. My weight is normal and I eat and drink enough. Do you know that problem? Exspecially when the air is quite bad it's a big problem for me. Have you got any advice how to deal with that?
If you are feeling dizzy when working out then i would go to a doctor. It could just be something as simple as you arent breathing properly when working out so your brain isnt getting the oxygen it needs. Or it could be that maybe you have an allergy towards pollen or something similar or maybe you have undiagonsed asthma which makes it hard to breathe. Or it could be something more serious as an electrolyte imbalance, lack of vitamin or mineral or even a heart problem. My step brother was experiencing problems with breathing, dizziness and a very fast heart beat when working out and it turned out he had a heart problem which he has now had an operation for and can workout again. But dizziness associated with working out isnt a good sign, then its something you need to check up and if it is causing you big problems then its even more important to check up.
Write down the symptoms, how you feel, how long it lasts and maybe what you ate/how much you drank and keep that as help for when you go to a doctor so they can better help you :) 

I unfortunatly cant give you any better advice than that as the causes of the problem can very so much.

Hi Izzy, I would like to ask you on how much weight is it normal to pun on since starting regular exercises. Recently I'am loving long-distance running and some HIIT exercises and even though I am not weight-lifting (yet, even though i plan it for the summer or next year) I've noticed that I've gained some muscle mass. When I stepped on the scale - it said 8 kg weight gain (I was underweight, so I am happy about it), but I don't seem to look so much bigger and most of my clothes fit me as well, so I am confused how is it possible to weight so much more and not to look so much different. So long story short - What is the coherence between weight gain and doing sport?

First off i would say dont weight yourself... it really isnt necessary unless you are underweight and need to gain weight, or you think you have lost weight when it isnt necessary to lose weight.

When you exercise you can gain "weight" which is most likely muscle as well as water and glycogen storage.  But also i dont know how frequently you weigh yourself, but if it was just a once off it could be that your body was just storing more water at the time which caused a higher water retention (which can be caused due to hormones or stress). 

When you gain muscle you can stay the same size but weigh more and also muscles lead to more glycogen storage as well as water retention so it all leads to more weight. At first when you begin exercising and if you do alot of intense exercise such as long distance running it can mean even more water retention and can lead to 3-4kg weight gain which in fact isnt  fat but its muscle and water etc 

I wouldnt worry so much about it :) I've personally gained around 5-6kg from exercise which is of course both muscle, fat and water but also my body composition has changed quite a lot. I have the same size clothing as i did in 2012 but weigh 5-6kg more and have a different body size.

Dont worry about the weight and keep doing the exercise if you love it and as you wrote you are/were underweight then it wouldnt harm you to actually gain more weight which is "actual" weight and not just "fake" water weight if that makes sense. This is mostly for your hormones sake and for more balance in your body. Its easy for people in recovery to begin exercising too soon and then they gain 3-4kg or more which makes them have a healthy BMI but the lowest healthy BMI and in reality that weight is ust water and muscle but they have a very low body fat percent and their hormones are all over the place because the body isnt in a healthy place and doesnt have a healthy fat percent. So keep that in mind. Long distance running burns alot of calories, so make sure to rest enough and eat enough and having too low body fat percent isnt healthy!! :)


  1. Hi I would be so grateful if you couldn't answer this asap! Basically a youth group I go to have a summer residential planned and I've said that I won't go but everybody keeps trying to make me go- which is really nice :) But I don't know how I'd deal with general anxiety! And then i have a couple off food and exercise worries. I'm worried because I won't be able to do the short set of plank and ab exercises I normally do everyday, and I'm worried I'll lose all my ab definition and core strength that's I've worked so hard on if I don't do any ab exercises for 5 days?? How much progress do you think I'd lose??
    And then also I'm anxious about the food because it will all be provided, and I'm vegetarian and also eat a bit different to average people, and I'm worried there won't be we any fruit and veg or much protein and goodness. And I just hate the thought of eating super plain boring food for a whole five days. But from a nutritional perspective how much damage would eating really badly for five days do??
    Please answer because I needn't the facts to consider my decision properly
    Thank you so much and i love your blog

    1. I've answered you in a post now which i hope helps. :)