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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Work study snacks

I was asked to write about some work or study snacks you can have with you for energy!
Energy bars/balls - home made ones made from nuts and dried fruit and chocolate for extra luxury! There are lots of good recipes!
Granola bars or flapjacks.
Chia pudding with granola - but a little carry pot and if your school or work has a fridge you can put it in!
Nuts and seeds - If allowed.
Fruit and/or dried  fruit.
Rice cakes with jam/butter/hummus/avocado/PB If allowed
Mini rice cakes/rice cakes with chocolate coating
Dates filled with peanut butter (and can cover them in chocolate if you like!)
Oatmeal muffins - lots of different flavours. Carrot, berry, chocolate etc
Banana pancakes
Home made cereal bars
Home made granola/granola clusters
Small yoghurt pots
And don't forget that things such as egg (if not vegan), tofu, potatoes etc can be eaten as snacks as well. Somedays for work I just eat a second smaller lunch as my snack depending on how long I have to eat.
But usually fruit, dried fruit, bread and rice cakes are my standard work snacks and somedays nuts such as almonds and walnuts which are ok in school.
If you have any more suggestions comment below!


  1. Popcorn with coconut oil and nutritional good!
    I also like bananas/apples with peanut butter.

  2. How many portions of fruit and veg do you think you really need to have? I've recently heard people going on about 9! Which doesn't seem very easily attainable without losing other food groups, I probably have about 7 portions fruit and veg on an average day

  3. you can even do a smoothie, fill it in a bottle, but only if there is a fridge available:)

  4. dried prunes or apricots are my favourite, as are chocolate covered raisins and cashew nuts, rock cakes or mixed fruit pots. At home I love peanut butter and jam spread on toast, or fruit and yogurt.
    I have heard about the increase in how many portions of fruit and veg you should eat in one day, I think its gone from 5 to something like 7 - is this right? And why is it that fruit/veg only counts as one of your recommended amounts if you only eat 1 portion? Meaning a can of baked beans - says 1 portion counts as one of the recommended amounts of fruit or veg per day but if you eat the whole can it still only counts as 1. Why is this? Surely if you eat more than one portion of something it should count for more? And why doesn't potatoes count as one of your recommended fruit/veg amounts? I have always wondered about this!