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Sunday, May 7, 2017

What is a normal way to feel about your body?

I got asked about the topic of, what is a normal way to feel about your body?

And the truth is... i can't tell you, and i dont know if anyone can. Or i guess in theory i can tell you how you *should* feel, i.e to love yourself, feel happy, feel ok, not feel like your body is too big or too small. Not feel like you are taking up too much room, not feel trapped in your body, not want to cut your skin or fat off, not hate your body, not think about your body too much. But in reality that is not always how it is.

Self love takes time and doesnt happen over night. But even if you love yourself and love your body you might still have down days... all the body positive preachers i follow online say the same thing. That they have down days about their body, but they keep going and dont let that ruin their day or make them resort to negative behaviours instead they just keep going and focus even harder on loving themselves that day. Which is what ive always said the past 5 years. That 98% of the time (this number varies hahah) i love myself and my body and dont think much about my body but sometimes i have down days and bad body image days and feel uncomfortable in my body or feel like i am taking up too much space or like my body isnt really my own. A strange feeling.... HOWEVER i can almost always link that feeling to something else whether its stress, haven't slept enough or eaten enough, if i have anxiety or if its just water retention and bloating can cause a feeling of "this isnt my body".

How you feel about your body can change all the time and can be dependant on many factors not to mention that during your period you can bloat and hormones affect how you feel which can make you feel strange in your body. But the thing that helps is to realise WHY you feel that way... because the problem most often isnt your body but something else. However if it is something that you have gained alot of weight in a short period of time, for example people with the diagnosis hypothyroidism can get alot of weight in a very short time and that can make them feel uncomfortable and strange in their body. And if a person has been slim for their whole life and then rapidly gains weight it can definitely lead to uncomfortable or strange feelings about your body - and then its best to talk to a professional dietician or doctor to help with weight loss if that is needed.

What a normal feeling about your body also varies according to your upbringing and who you surround yourself with and what you let influence/impact you. In different societies and cultures people most likely have a different view and feeling about their body. Not to mention what what media influences you with.

In the past it was all about curvy and voluptuous women, then it was super skinny and now in the society i live in there is a huge focus on lean and muscular (but not too muscular) women... and that of course affects how people think when there is an *ideal* body, and that body varies over generations.

Outside factors influence how you feel about your body and its hard to not get impacted by different images and messages which are always around you.

But my best advice and how to theoretically feel about your body is to:

1) Not feel like your body is in the way or like it is too big.
2) Not feel like you are taking up too much space.
3) Not want to cut of your skin/fat
4) Feel ok with your body in all positions i.e standing, lying down, sitting, moving your body. Not dislike stomach rolls or when your body looks different in different angles.

My advice would be to LIVE LIFE so you dont have time to just sit and think about your body.
MOVE YOUR BODY i.e realise that your body is more than your appearance and begin to appreciate your body for what it can do.
SELF LOVE DAILY whether thats spending a few minutes looking in the mirror and just saying nice things about yourself, or writing body positive messages you can look at or just writing a list of positive things about yourself you can look at everyday and keep adding things as you get more confident and happy in your body.

I believe it is ok to change your body to some extent to bring better confidence or happiness however you also have to realise that changing your body doesnt automatically bring happiness if the problem is in your head. Sometimes all you need to do is stop thinking so much about your body and just live life.

I can say that when i workout and now when working again i dont think ive ever appreciated or loved my body so much as when i work and realise how capable and functional my body is. Even just when walking home from the store with heavy groceries i realise how thankful i am for my body and that is what is important about my body, that i can live life even if i have some hinders and injuries that stop me, but my body is still functional!!

I also believe that how/what you eat and your lifestyle affects how you feel about your body as well. I know that times when i eat alot of junk food i personally dont feel so great in my body... not that i hate my body or anything, just that its another *feeling* like i feel more sluggish and strange. Not to mention when i am very stressed or havent slept enough its the same strange feeling. Compared to when i live a balanced life, eat 90% unprocessed foods, drink enough water and sleep enough then i have a much better feeling in my body. So your food intake plays a huge roll in how you feel... eating for YOUR OPTIMAL health. I.e if you are always eating things you are intolerant to or your body reacts negatively towards then it can be hard to feel 100% comfortable in your body if your stomach is always bloated or cramping or food isnt being digested properly.

SO...... If you are healthy tell me how YOU feel about your body. What are your best tips for feeling more happy in your body?

And know that its ok to have bad body image days, but you should not resort to negative or destructive behaviours, instead work on those feelings so that bad body image days become fewer!!

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  1. I'm feeling quite good about my body on the whole now I'm recovered and I'm loving being able to do active things again it feels so good. But I do struggle sometimes. Particularly I still struggle with stuff like when I sit down how wide my thighs look and stuff like that, even though I know they are perfectly normal and don't look wide when they're not squished out when sitting down.
    Body confidence is hard work!

  2. This may sound strange but I have been looking more at the people on the telly - all different shapes and sizes and reminding myself what a normal, healthy body/figure looks like. This has been very comforting as it puts the hang ups I have into perspective.