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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

What i eat in a day - 4 different days - (not a meal plan!!!)

Recently i have gotten so many requests to do weekly "what i eat in a day" or full day of eating posts and i never really remember how i eat and i dont really see how it is useful either. But most of all i  dont want anyone to copy how i eat..... as always, everyone needs different amounts. So this post is just to show how i eat different everyday... somedays i might eat X kcal and other days i eat Y kcal. And the full day of eating below is just taken out of memory and not the "real thing" i.e  its not exactly how i have eaten.

Each day is different and thats how balance is for me... somedays im not hungry in the morning so i dont eat breakfast, otherdays im so hungry throughout the whole day so i can eat up to 8 times that day. Somedays i basically eat 6 of the same meals, otherdays i vary alot. Also portion sizes vary and the pictures i show on IG are just the "ig pictures", i often add more after the picture and add nuts and mix it all together etc so PLEASE REMEMBER that if you follow me on there. I do try to add in the igstory the "real" food just to be real and honest on there :)

How many kcal  do i eat? From the different food registrations i have had to do for my university course i eat around 2800-3400kcal in a day and you might think that i eat alot of vegetables so how could i possibly eat that much? Well first, i can eat ALOT and 2 i do eat alot of nuts and seeds and peanut butter. If i dont eat alot of nuts and seeds i end up eating too little and lose weight, or well i dont weigh myself so i dont have any real way of knowing but its like i notice it in both energy and how i look even if physical weightloss or weight gain isnt noticable ina short time, it takes a week or more for it to be noticable. I do notice now when im working that it is much harder to eat enough when i only have 30 minutes to eat lunch and then if its a long work shift 15 minutes for a snack and then by the time i come home i have barely eaten anything that day so it is a struggle to eat enough while working, but with the right snacks and eating lots in the evening it will be fine!

I dont want anyone to copy this way of eating, and i dont do meal plans as i am not qualified to do that. But i wanted to show different days of eating that when you follow your bodies hunger and fullness you might not eat the same everyday. Somedays i eat dinner at 5pm other days at 8.30pm. Hhowever i DO recommend trying to follow a regular eating schedule if possible i.e having huge contrasts where one day you eat 3 times and the next day you eat 7 times isnt the best. Regular eating times and roughly the same portions is what i would recommend, but of course in theory that works but in reality it may be different.

Also, if you dont have your hunger and fullness feelings or cant trust your body, then keep following a meal plan. Dont eat intuitively if you dont dare trust your body or you dont feel hunger or fullness, then its better to wait until your body is more balanced and until you can trust your body :) Because intuitive eating is all about trusting your signals, knowing that one day you might eat alot but that is what your body needs and knowing that its ok to eat that apple or chocolate inbetween meals and snacks if thats what you want, and knowing that if you really cant finish a meal then its ok to leave it because maybe you just arent so hungry that day. I dont "skip" meals, but if im not hungry i wont eat... i dont need to force myself to eat, however in recovery or when you need to gain weight that is exactly what you need to do. When you need to gain weight you cant skip meals, but when you eat intuitively its not skipping or eating less or cheating or any of that because you dont have a schedule, you eat according to what your body wants or needs that day.

Not everyone can eat intuitively, some people follow a meal plan for the rest of their lives but become a little less strict over time and thats ok as well. Some people just never learn to trust their body and automatically eat too much or too little unless they have some plan to follow, but do what is best for you!!

c.a 60g oatmeal with peanut butter, peanuts, banana and berries and oatmilk.
Banana & coffee
Banana, handful of nuts, coffee
Oatmeal c.a 60g-80g with banana, apple, coconut, peanut butter, nuts.
Protein shake (soy protein powder)

Roast potatoes, mixed vegetables, ½-1 avocado, lentils and beans & sriracha sauce
1 baked whole sweet potatoes, 1 avocado, beans, lentils, oat cream, salad and veggies.

Oven baked veggies and potatoes, soy meat, lentils and chickpeas & ½ avocado.
4 slices of bread with vegan cheese and butter, 2 cinnamon buns.
3 slices of bread with vegan cheese and butter & a banana
Oatmeal c.a 60-80g with banana, nuts, chocolate, berries and oatmilk.
Baked sweet potatoe with peanut butter, banana, chocolate, berries. Might eat another banana later.
Mix of vegetables with oven roasted potatoes & soy meat and sunflower seeds.
Lentil soup with vegetables, potatoes, beans (c.a 2 big portions) if I have I add oatcream.
Oven baked potatoes and veggies, soy meat, some form of vegetables, sunflower seeds. C.a 2 portions.
Rice paper rolls with salad, veggies, soy meat, avocado & a peanut butter sauce.
Wok with vegetables, beans, tofu , peanuts.
Chocolate (anywhere from 50g-150g), soya yoghurt with protein powder, berries and nuts
4 rice cakes with vegan cheese and butter.
Protein shake (soy protein powder), 500g soy yoghurt with lots of nuts and seeds and berries & 3 rice cakes with vegan butter and cheese.
Banana, berries, nuts, & chocolate & soy protein shake mixed with oatmilk.


  1. Your diet looks so varied and colourful!
    Do you ever cook actual "dishes" such as spaghetti bolognaise or burger and fries or do you just put together food that you want to eat at the time?
    Thanks for sharing this

    1. Thank you :) I'm actually rather bad at making actual meals and not just different ingredients haha. But I do make bean burgers or balls or lentil chilli sometimes but it's most often just different "ingredients "

  2. I thought you said you were allergic to bananas?

  3. Thank you for that post, it's so interesting to see what you eat in a day as an active vegan.
    I've been struggling with not being hungry, meaning that i eat just because i know i have to eat not because of feeling hungry..Do you ever get like that?