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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Stomach pain, indigestion, bloating after recovery

Recently in class we were talking about eating disorders... i could write a whole post about how i felt during those lectures when we were talking about symptoms, diagnosis, therapy etc but i'll leave that to another post if i ever get around to writing about it.

However onto the point of this post, my teacher brought up the fact that for some people who have had eating disorders they mess up their digestive system so much that they are left with long term consequences. Lots of bloating, indigestion, heart burn or even end up with IBS or other digestive problems... all because of the restrictive eating or purging or binging they have done. The longer you are sick the high possibility of ending up with long erm consequences but even just a short time being sick can leave you with unwanted consequences.

I know many who after they have recovered still have digestive problems, have problem with certain foods or end up with IBS after they have recovered. .And then there are others who have no problem at all.... for me i only have constant heartburn left, but i did have rumination syndrome for a long time after my eating disorder as well as getting hunger and fullness feelings back and stretching my stomach to be able to eat proper portion sizes. But otherwise the indigestion and food problems i have are due to my CF and problems i had before my eating disorder.

You may think that starving yourself or binging or purging isnt a big deal or you think "just once", but trust me if you are left with the long term consequences you will regret it. Each time you resort to an eating disorder behaviour you are increasing the risk for so many other problems, long term and short term. Yyou may not think about the long term consequences now but in the future when you experience them you will.

Restricting, binging, purging... it all effects your body and digestive system incredibly and your body cant always recover from it.

Do remember though that bloating can indigestion can also be due to stress, anxiety and other psychological reasons, not all of it is due to food. Or it could just be that you "think" you are intolerant to it... for example lactose or gluten, some people just think they get pain or bloat when in reality its just the anxiety related to the food and not the actual food that is the problem. According to some studies and what my teacher in university said, that for some people with IBS its alot more mental rather than actual foods , that the person is just very stressed or has alot of anxiety or other imbalances in the body and that leads to the bloating and pain and all they really need to do is maybe to eat smaller but more frequent meals and relax more and make sure to be relaxed during meal times and not feel anxiety or guilt about food.  So this might be something you need to think about it.... whether its the actual food causing the stomach pain and bloating or whether its your thoughts and mentality around the food which causes stress and bloating and/or pain!

Take care of your body, treat it right and make healthy choices for you and your body.


  1. Thank you so much for this, Izzy.
    It would be really interesting to read the post about how you felt during this class! -- if you feel like writing it, but don't feel under pressure to do so!
    Take care, and I hope you feel well yourself again soon too

    1. I would also love to read a post about this:)

    2. I would also like to read a post about how you felt when discussing this subject in class, if you would like to share that is?

  2. So, the bloating and food intolerances don't always go away over time?

    1. Not always. They can do though bit for some people their digestive system gets so messed up that it doesn't. However give it time and seeing if their are certain foods that trigger pain/bloating or maybe just you need to relax more. But don't panic if you're still bloating and it's been 6 months, it can take up to a year for your body to fully settle.

    2. Like the writer below, i have relatively constant bloating. i have noticed that there are several foods that make it much worse. Should i try to go without these foods, or just keep eating them so that my body can get used to them? Thank you for responding.

    3. I know for things like dairy it can take a long time before your body can process them again, I used to have milk and cheese all the time as a kid so I know I can digest it but after recovery it wasn't until introducing it back into my diet for about 1.5 years that I didn't get bloated anymore - so for some foods, continuing to eat them definitely will help!

  3. I'm one of the people who suffer from constant bloating all the time and it's not really something to be proud of :/

    1. :( have you noticed any triggers or anything that might help?

  4. I'm pretty sure I messed up my shape permanently with eating muddles. I am much too old now for it to be "just wait and see if it redistributes" -- it is not going to, and I am an odd shape, and a very unattractive one. But, in the end, it doesn't really matter that much. Of course it would be lovely to have a beautiful figure, but it is not something I ever think of like that because I know my figure will always be this odd way, and I live with it.
    I do recommend getting better sooner rather than later, but a really wise piece of advice someone gave me was that the people who do best with recovery are the ones who make fewest conditions for it. If one is only willing to recover if one has a good figure at the end of it, one is going into recovery with a much less healthy or hopeful mindset than if one wants to recover for its own sake, unconditional upon one's figure or any other contingency.
    Thank you for the post, X

  5. Yes - I have noticed there are foods that I can`t tolerate now, but always used to be able to. I am hoping this will reverse in time and in the meantime I am putting up with a lot of stomach discomfort whilst I try to get my eating back to normal.
    I never anticipated my ED would do so much damage/have such an effect as I t has and I can honestly say it just hasn't been worth it. Now I know the effects ED has on your body I wish I knew beforehand. There should be more education about this in schools etc.