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Monday, May 8, 2017

Punishing yourself today won't change yesterday

A quote I read this morning was: punishing yourself today won't change yesterday.

And I believe more people need to learn and remember this. Far too many people use compensation behaviour to try to make up for what they did yesterday. You ate "too much " and then you decide to eat less the following day or to exercise more. Trying to make up for what you did the previous day.... but you always end up doing the same thing again and then using the compensation behaviour. Punishing yourself for your 'mistake' instead of actually learning from your mistake and trying to solve the problem,not just punish yourself.

If you overeat or binge one day, eating very restrictive the next day won't help you or solve the problem. It will just make you more likely to binge or overeat again, and then the same feelings and anxiety and thoughts will rise again. Instead you need to eat a normal amount,  not try to compensate or punish yourself because it is when you see something as negative and you punish yourself that the negative mindset and connections are made. Food becomes something you want to avoid because you think you eat too much and need to be punished. But you don't need to be punished for eating. Not even if you eat too much.  Instead if you binge or overeat you need to figure out why.... was it stress, tiredness, emotions, boredom, cravings, physical hunger etc and from there learn from your mistake and try to not binge or overeat again. (Though of course people have times they overeat, and it's nothing to feel bad for. But it shouldn't be an everyday thing either)

Realise that you don't need to punish yourself,that is just making you more likely to repeat the same thing again. Instead learning and moving on is the best.


  1. I usually binge (but not too much, but I rather do it without thinking) and then I try and sit with myself and realise why I did then find no answer.. I just do it! Even if I'm happy or sad or anxious or stressed.. I still do it. Do you have any explanations for this?

  2. I`ve been thinking perhaps it would be interesting to write a post on food addiction? What causes food addiction and why do we sometimes crave certain foods? Why do those foods make us feel good? How much does food influence our moods and why does stress/anxiety cause our appetites to increase/decrease? just what goes on in our bodies to cause all this?
    Just some ideas ....and thoughts I`ve been having!

  3. Hi Izzy - I know you haven't been writing so much on here just lately about exercise but I was wondering if you could write a bit about the effects of exercise on the body, what it does and why we often get a buzz out of it. Also why do some people get addicted to it and can you really have too much exercise? Why does it relieve stress - ie what goes on in our bodies to create that feeling? And are there certain foods that we should eat if we exercise? Does our bodies really need extra food if we exercise?
    Just some ideas for a post if you get the time - I know you are very busy these days so don`t worry if you can`t.
    I hope you had a lovely weekend and the new week has started off well for you!

  4. I was wondering if you could explain why it's important to rest? I used to overexercise and only allow myself a tiny amount of sitting down per day, and then obviously when I was in weight recovery I had to rest all day long, and now I'm weight recovered I can exercise again and I'm doing a healthy normal amount which I feel fine with, BUT I still feel bad about how much resting I'm doing and how much time just sat there... so like is there anyway to feel better about resting? Because you read so many things online about how sitting down is awful for you but yet when I didn't I nearly died so ... idk this is a long rambling post but basically I'd like reasons why it's good to rest

  5. Hi, I know you must be very busy, and I realize you do not have much time to all the questions, but I am a little confused, because you talk about eating intuitive, stop to follow a meal plan... and is what I want, and I'm tring a long time ago, but I can't because what is eating intuitive? When? How to do? Sorry I know it's question is a bit confusing, but is what I feel...

  6. Dear Izzy, if you feel like writing on this (don't worry if not!) ...
    what are your thoughts on setting realistic goals? and managing setting goals when there is SO MUCH one wants to change? If one cannot do it all at once, and it doesn't seem to hlep trying, then how to get past being stuck in everything, and resorting to food or whatever to deal with it?

  7. Are you dating anyone? And if not do you have any advice on being ok with being single? It feels like everyone is in a relationship and I want to be in one as well.

    1. Same! I feel anxious that no one will ever love me because I dislike a lot of things about myself and then on top of that I'm shy and anxious so I come across even worse than I am and I feel like no boy will ever get to know me well enough to like me- when I like a boy I find it harder than normal to think of anything to say that isn't super dull.... It can be hard not to feel unworthy because you're single.

  8. I would concentrate more on being friends with both male and females, take the pressure off yourself about bein single and just have fun with friends instead of agonising about not being in a relationship. Let things take there natural course. Being social and occupied will increase your self esteem and having friends to do things with will make you feel better about yourself. There is no crime in being single, you don`t become a better/nicer person just because you are in a relationship.