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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

My morning routine(s)

If you've clicked on this post thinking you will find tips or advice about facial and hair cleaning routines, then you are in the wrong place, haha. I wish i was good at having a morning and evening skin and hair schedule but the best i do is use a daily face wash, haha.

My morning routine varies alot in time... i.e i can either wake up, get ready and be out the door within 20-30 minutes, or i wake up, get ready and dont leave until 2 hours later.... so i thought i would do a quick summary of those two morning routines!

So the quick morning routine is....

I wake up, put on my clothes (usually gym clothes as i workout in the morning), drink water, make coffee, wash my face, brush my hair, scroll though my social media for c.a 10 minutes while drinking coffee, depending on how i feel that morning i eat something like fruit, nuts, leftovers, drink a protein shake or if im not hungry i eat after my workout, pack lunch (if im away at school all day, otherwise i come home and eat and just pack with me some snacks!), check my school page and emails, double check that i have everything with me in my bag which i packed the previous evening, brush my teeth and leave. And all of that takes about 20-30 minutes, depending on how long it takes me to drink my coffee/eat.

The longer morning routine......

Wake up, put on my clothes (99% of the time its gym clothes unless its an early morning school class or i just dont want to workout, then its regular clothes!), make coffee, drink water, wash my face. Scroll through social media way too long. Make breakfast, take photos of breakfast, eat breakfast & drink coffee and blog (and blogging takes 45-90 minutes which is why it takes so long!). Pack my lunch - maybe take photos before i pack my lunch. Do the dishes - if there are dishes to be done. Check that i have everything in my bag packed. Scroll through social media. Brush my teeth, brush my hair, listen to music, straighten my hair, motivate myself to leave the house because its taken me so long to get ready, scroll through social media, check my school website, maybe eat some more if its been 2+ hours since eating. Some days i begin with some school work if i have been struck with creativity/motivation. And finally leave the house 1-3 hours later... hahah

The mornings i blog (such as today!), are the days where it takes me 2+ hours until i leave. But i prefer to just get up, get ready and leave as soon as possible. Thats why i used to schedule posts so that i didnt blog in the mornings, but sometimes im struck with creativity in the mornings and then i just need to write!!

On some rare occasions i manage to get ready within 10 minutes and then just spend 20 minutes scrolling on social media to waste time, hahah.

How long does it take you to get ready? Do you like having alot of time in the morning or prefer to just roll out of bed, get dressed and leave?:)


  1. This is such an interesting post! I love it when you just write about personal stuff, I find it so fun to read. :)

  2. I love fun posts like this too!
    I definitely like to "take my time" in the mornings - I hate getting up and getting ready and straight out the door. I like to have a couple of hours just getting myself ready and pottering about the house before I go out - and of course I just have to have several leisurely cups of tea before I do :)
    I don`t have a skincare routine either - although I am always buying myself new skin products with the aim of doing so. It lasts for a couple of days before I start slipping back to old habits - a quick wash with baby soap and a dab of moisturiser - none of the "deep cleansing" that I had in mind! I hate having to wash my hair in the mornings though even if I have the time because I can never blow dry it properly so that it looks ok, it takes a day or so to "settle" so I mostly wash hair in the evenings so I don`t have to worry about going out and it looking a mess! Also I dislike having a bath in the mornings as it makes me sleepy , so again that is one for the evening.
    If I do have to get up and leave the house quickly it makes for a bad day as I just feel all out of sorts - so definitely the longer the better for me :)

  3. When I go out, I prefer to get ready as soon as possible, not only because I dont really sleep enough and thus chose the latest time possible to wake up on school days, but also because if I take my time, etc, I just cant leave the house in time, because I live close to almost everything in the city and so I always think, oh I still have plenty of time before leaving, then I hurry like crazy for programes , haha