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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Living a sustainable life.....

Living a sustainable life, what does it even mean?

"Sustainable living is a lifestyle[1] that attempts to reduce an individual's or society's use of the earth's natural resources and personal resources.[2] Practitioners of sustainable living often attempt to reduce their carbon footprint by altering methods of transportationenergy consumption, and diet.[3] Proponents of sustainable living aim to conduct their lives in ways that are consistent with sustainability, in natural balance and respectful of humanity's symbiotic relationship with the earth's natural ecology and cycles.[4] The practice and general philosophy of ecological living is highly interrelated with the overall principles of sustainable development.[5]" - Wikipedia 

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Living sustainable means thinking about the planet and climate change, but also using resources wisely.... nothing "disappears" here on the planet. All the electronics you throw away, all the batteries and toxic liquids you throw away.... they all end up somewhere on this planet and end up harming people in some way or another but many think "because i dont see it, it doesnt matter". For me living sustainable is about making wise choices, im not perfect and i will most likely never live a completely sustainable life, but i can make the best choices as possible but still living an optimal life... of course i could do so much more, but i believe that each choice makes a difference and if everyone made different choices it would have a huge impact as well. So below i will leave some suggestions about a more sustainable life/living!

In todays society it is incredibly hard to live completley sustainable, if you were to do that you would most likely have to move out to the country, grow your own vegetables, rely on solar panels for heat and electricity in the house, have a well or somesort of water resource which is clean or can be safe enough to drink. And of course either using an eco car or cycling as transport. This of course might lead to isolation, lonliness and in the long term not mentally sustainable, though for some this type of living is perfect for them.

In todays society i see sustainability alot more about making better changes, being more aware about the different impacts choices may have.

The first step towards a sustainable life is eating less meat or reducing meat consumtion. Also eating less fish or fish that is endangered. There is an overfishing problem which can cause alot of problems.... so when the nutrition recommendation goes from eating meat to recommending fish 2-3 times a week they dont take it consideration that if 100 million people suddenly stop eating red meat and start eating fish, there might not be enough fish to fill the demand. Not to mention that many boats when fishing, if they catch fish they arent going to sell they just throw the dead fish back into the sea... i.e a fish killed for nothing. You can read more about overfishing HERE and HERE (the red list fish)

Buying locally is also good. I.e if you live in cold countries it might be hard to be a raw vegan because the fruit and vegetables needed have to be transported long distances and both effect the climate and have less nutrition compared to if you lived in the country where the fruit and vegetables are grown. Buy local as much as possible. And there is also the debate about palmoil, and that is up to each person to make their choice... fornow i think that as long as its from a certified rainforest its ok, but i am trying to limit my consumtion of palmoil anyway and mostly eat whole foods.

Other things you can think about are turning off electronics and lights when not using them/in the room. Not charging electronics just because, only when necessary. Not having extra heat on when not necessary.

Shorter showers can also save water.

Bring your own bags to the store. Reduce the amount of plastic in your life... there is plastic everywhere and its crazy. There are some stores which are now going "plastic free" i.e you bring your own bags and all the loose items such as beans, nuts, dried fruit there are recycble paper bags which you can use. I think its great and hope that there are more storeslike this in the future! Read bout plastic HERE (and click to the dangers of plastic on the environment if you want to know more)

Less paper if possible!!

Swapping clothes, buying second hand and minimalistic approach to material items. Do you really need 5 of the same tops? Or maybe you can swap clothes with friends or atleast give your old clothes to charity and try to think smart when buying new items!

Your way of transport.... is there a possibility to carpool? Travel with public transport? Cycle? Walk? Or can you maybe switch to a more environmentally friendly car...... this of course always seems to cause debate as many love driving, want the fanciest car and would never give it up. And if thats the case, either you love driving or you have no choice (I.e need a car for transport because of distance) then just make even better choices in the other area of your life!

Recycling is key and does make a difference! And of course no littering - but im sure none of my readers do that! I was taught from a young age to never litter and it still baffles me that people throw litter on the ground with no care in the world..... and even worse, people who just randomly throw things in the water which then ends up killing fish or birds or other animals in the water who swallow the item or get injured in other ways. Read HERE

And of course things such as living in a tiny house, solar panel energy, wind mills for energy are other recommendations however they arent as easily changed to and of course require a huge investment. So instead i think that lots of small changes and efforts put together make a big difference in the long term!

Ive also seen challenges such as the no waste challenge, living minimalistically change, no plastic challenge, living on x dollars challenge (might not be so much about sustainability but gives you a mind set about consumerism anyway)

Thinking smart... thinking about the impact of choices and the consequences some choices may have. Be aware is my best advice... you cant/dont always make the best choices and thats ok. For example in the future i do want to travel or road trip and that of course would have a huge effect on the environment, but i also feel that i need to live life and with all the other changes and with a vegan diet then a road trip or travelling (very infrequently) is ok, haha. But its also being aware of those things and making the choice. Just like with meat.... i think everyone should know the truth and the reality and THEN they can make their choice... some people just dont care that its an animal or care about the reality, and thats their choice, then they atleast know and its ok. But if you dont know, then you cant really make an unbiased choice because you dont know the reality.

If you want to read more about sustainability you can do it HERE and HERE
Image result for sustainable lifestyle

Image result for sustainable lifestyle
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  1. Which food supplements do you take? And do you prefer b12 in a from of methylcobalamin or cyanocobalamin?
    Would you do another food diary again? Or maybe post one once a week/month, it'd be super interesting to see as a fellow vegan :)

  2. Thanks for writing this, I found it incredibly interesting. It is a huge subject and so important, I could read loads on this!
    I recently read a book of a womans personal account on how she lived on £1 a day for a year. She had to learn how to shop cost effectively and not waste food, travelled on foot or by bike, got clothes from charity shops and put on an extra jumper rather than switch the heating on. She struggled to begin with but managed it and by the end of the year she couldn't imagine going back to her old life style. She was healthier, fitter, happier and had made many new friends as she went to many free social events.
    I think we could all benefit from taking some of the tips of sustainable living on board and if we did we would collectively make a difference. It makes perfect sense to me.