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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Free day from school and studying

Hello and good evening :)

Today has been one of my first free days from everything! It feels like a long time since i have been free from school work, but today i had no work to do. On Monday i had a presentation and then afterwards did all my work for my next - and last presentation for this course - which is tomorrow, so today Tuesday i was free!! It would have been nice to work today as i was free from school but i was not needed anywhere so instead it was just a day to myself!

A long morning at home where i could drink lots of coffee (too much XD) and write blog posts followed by a very sleepy workout. Then it was back home to eat lunch (which was overly spicy potatoes, lots of beans and lentils (added after the photo!), half an avocado and salad!) and then i headed into town to run some errands and stopped by my one of my favourite stores, Happy Vegan. However as i dont get my first paycheck until the end of next month i'll be living very economically the next few weeks so no unecessary spending (which i rarely do anyway!)

Then I got home, made myself an oatmeal bowl for my snack, looked over my notes for my presentaiton tomorrow, watched some youtube, took a nap, showered and washed my hair, did some cleaning and finally at 8.30pm i decided it was time to start making dinner. And as i felt energetic and creative i decided to use some of the beans i had cooked (i.e 2kg beans i had cooked on Monday, hahah!). Taking my "make and try new food" each week challenge seriously and made a lentil, veggie and bean wok. Roasted chickpeas, sweet potatoe fries and whitebean and sweet botatoe balls which taste amazing!! Cooking for a family of 8 even though i already have lunch boxes, hahah. But cooking is very therapeutic for me and something i enjoy, and its not everyday i actually feel like cooking... i am very simple and can just throw together food such as beans, vegetables, potatoes and call it a meal.... nothing fancy or time consuming, so when i actually feel like doing something "a little extra", i might as well!!  I have some other ideas for the rest of the beans, so might share those when or if i make them :)

Today has been a much needed day to myself and just have time for other things!! But im looking forward to getting my presentation over with as well as my next course beginning on Thursday and hopefully lots of friend time, sunshine and work the next few weeks!!! :)

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  1. Hi Izzy, it is nice to hear from you and read that life is going well! Lol about those beans - what on earth are you going to do with so many?? Your potato balls looked nice - did you make the recipe up yourself?
    Its nice when you get a day off isn't it - a whole day where you can please yourself what you do and how to spend it. I can`t believe this year is going by so fast - it only seems like recently you were starting out at uni and here you are nearly at the end of your course. I bet you are really looking forward to your summer break so you can have some study free time. Are you staying in Gothenberg for the summer or are you moving back home again?
    Take care and have a great week!