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Monday, May 1, 2017

First of May 2017

Good morning everyone :)

Its may 1st, or as some say... first day of spring!! You can definitely notice its getting warmer, brighter and closer to summer now, but it will be a while until its shorts weather... even if i saw a few people lying by the water sunbathing in very little clothing yesterday. Its still a little too cold for that according to me!

Moving on... Yesterday was Valborg here in Sweden where you celebrate the coming of spring and watch a bonfire. As ive been so busy with school work and work i completely forgot about this "special occasion" so it wasnt until Saturday evening that i wrote to my friends wondering if they wanted to do something. But most of them were working or not in Gothenburg, so instead the plans were to just go out to a bar with a friend and some of her friends and take it from there..... However by 7pm i knew i wouldnt be leaving the house and by 8pm i had fallen asleep... and slept until 8am today.  For some unknown reason i was very tired. I havent done anything out of the ordinary to make me tired but my body needed extra rest nonetheless and i can say, its kind of nice to wake up this Monday morning - and a new month - and feel full of energy while many others are waking up hungover. Not that there is anything wrong with that, ive done the same before, but its always nice to wake up feeling fresh and energetic!!

Its crazy how quick time has gone, i now only have 4 weeks left of school this term. I need to finish the 2 courses im doing and then 1 more course and im done for this school semester.... 1 year out of my program completed and 1,5 years in Uni! But the good thing is that even if i feel scared of the future and now knowing where i will end up, i also know i am on the right path at the moment so it feels good!

The next few weeks its just focus on school work and trying to work as much as possible... i dont have a schedule for work, instead i work if i am free and there is work available, which i now realise is a little scary and uncertain. Not knowing how much i can/will work but also not knowing whether my economy will go round or not.... but hopefully more work will be available so i dont have to worry about my economy. Adult life problems, haha.

The rest of the month i dont have so many other plans, maybe my sister will visit or maybe my mum... though i think my mum will visit when i do my yearly CF controls at the hospital. Thats when they test everything i.e do my blood, check my lungs, check my kidneys, liver, eyes, hearing, my nutrition, my bones etc etc It usually takes 2 full days of hospital visits and ive always done them in Stockholm but now i will do them where i live and ive never been to this hospital so its a little unsettling so my mum said she might visit and just be a support for me then even if it just means sitting in the waiting room as i dont like her joining during the actual appointments, haha.

This post is getting long so i'll end it here :) Todays plans are workout, study and maybe do a whole apartment cleaning... i did some basic cleaning yesterday but i feel like its time that the whole apartment gets cleaned from top to toe!!

First watermelon of the year!

Some baking i did Saturday evening!


  1. It certainly does feel like this year is just whizzing by although it is nice to see the brighter days and sunshine again! Some people are already going out in shorts and t-shirts here too and I look at them and think "aren't they cold?" Although it is often sunny no way is it warm enough for bare arms and legs yet!
    Are you staying in Gothenburg for the summer break Izzy? I remember last time you went home before starting uni again.
    May Day isn't so much celebrated here but we did have the day as another Bank Holiday, meaning another three day weekend. Its ok, but it feels like having two Sundays and then you lose track of what day it is the following week!
    I hope your hospital apt goes ok for you, its always a bit unnerving when you have to go somewhere new. I like someone to come with me on my appts too even if they also only sit in the waiting room. Its nice to have that support - and you get to go for coffee afterwards :)
    Hope you have a great week!

  2. A few years ago I started a new job where my hours weren't set as such. I found it very difficult in the end because one week I would get very little hours and often varying amounts for several weeks. Go careful - if you have rent and bills to pay then this can make you have money worries/trouble where before there was none. I had to look for another more reliable job in the end because it just didn't work for me. I never knew how much money I would have from one month to the next and this made life very awkward, plus I couldn't plan any sort of social life because I never knew until short notice if I was working or not.

  3. Are water melons out already? I`ll have to have a look next time I go shopping - I love water melon!
    The new potatoes are in the shops now, and my favourites - Jersey new potatoes are starting to come in too. Only trouble is they are only in season for about amonth which is a real shame as I love them so much. So I`m making the most of them whilst they are around - boiled served with butter so it goes all melty on top and cold in potato salad - yumm!