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Thursday, May 25, 2017

First day in the sun this season and one more week of school

Hello and goo afternoon everyone :)

This day has passed by so quickly but has also been a very good day in many ways! Today was a free day from both school and work, and when i woke up i was very indecisive about my plans. I wanted to sit in the sun but i didnt want to sit on our balcony and i wanted to study but didnt want to be inside and knew i wouldnt get anything done at home. So i decided that i would head to school and sit outside (i.e easy access to the bathroom when necessary as well as able to refill my water bottle, and can sit there for a very long time unlike cafes where they want you to leave after 1-2 hours.) First up i went to the store to buy lunch - a pick and mix salad, and my first time eating one of these salads since i got stomach sick from one a few months ago. I didnt think i would eat one of those salads again because they are rather unhygenic however when i went to the store i saw that they were putting out the food so i was the first one to take from all the food so i thought i might as well give it another chance! And also some baby tomatoes and a bag filled with nuts and dried fruit was my lunch.

I then sat out in the sun for 3 hours where i got alot of studying done - surprisingly! Then when the sun was hiding behind a tree i decided to head home however ended up meeting 2 friends who were on their way to an outside bar so decided to follow with and took a glass of wine, and a few other friends of friends joined to sit and talk for a while, before a few of us headed back to school to try to get some studying done. This is one of the things i love about summer how you can just sit outside and spontaneously go to an outside bar and drink a glass of wine and just sit outside with the sun shining down!! And i like who gothenburg is rather small so that i do often meet people i know daily when out walking, at the gym or just in town!

After our study session was done i decided to do the one thing i had planned to do, which was go to a sports store and get a running/foot analysis as well as a custom made insole and advice for new running shoes. I havent been running for a while (i.e a year + ) but with my hip injury all i wanted to do was run and the good weather makes me even more eager to run, so i decided to use up my saved money to buy proper insoles as well as proper running shoes as the ones i have are so worn out. So hopefully i will get back into running again and wont end up with pain, but i do have a 30 day guarantee incase the insoles or shoes are wrong, so thats kind of nice as it cost me a fortune hahaa. But an investment in my health so it was an ok investment :)

This evening its just lots of rest as i have work Friday to Sunday and then a seminarium and work as well as my test next week, so lots of rest this evening :)

Im loving the sunshine and summer and cotinuing to feel happy and enjoy the happy feelings! I hope you are all doing ok and making sure to make the best out of each day :)


  1. Yesterday was a good day for me too:) It was 27 degrees in England!! which is kind of a little TOO hot for my liking but still. I've just finished exams so just went out into the countryside with my mum and had a picnic, walk and a paddle in a river which was nice. When do you finish your exams?

  2. I just love your new trainers - very eye catching and smart! And your legs - they are so tanned! I wish I took on colour through sitting in the sun - me, I just go lobster red :(
    This week I went to my first car boot sale of the summer ( I love car boot sales - you can find so much!) which went really well and I managed to get some more dvds that I had been wanting. On the walk home you have to pass a pub so we stopped off en route for a drink - it was so lovely to sit out in the garden in the sun with a tall glass of coke with ice. I made a mental note that I should do it more often ....or even come back to the pub one evening for dinner as their menu looked so good!
    Hard to believe you have only one week left at school, just where is this year going?? It has gone so fast so far! Good luck with your test and I hope you continue to have a good week :)