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Monday, May 22, 2017

Eating enough food when working

When it comes to working and studying it is so so important to remember to eat enough. Even if you are just sitting at a desk studying all day that still requires alot of thinking and alot of energy and you need to fuel yourself for that. I know its easy to think i am just sitting all day i dont need to eat alot but that is not the case. Of course, you may not require the same amount of energy as someone who has a very active job and is constantly moving (and if you have one of those active jobs its even more important to eat lots to fuel yourself for that activity!!), but you still need to eat enough. And with the right food choices you will have the energy for your work.

In my own work i notice that after 2-3 hours my energy goes down completely, its hard to smile and be energetic towards the customers. Or stacking the items in the aisles begins to feel tiring and alot more work than it actually is. But usually after 2-3 hours you get a short break, and then i make sure to fuel myself lots and then i get back to work and feel so much better. Have energy again and working feels easy and painfree once again, all because i ate and gave myself more energy. And the same goes for studying..... when studying begins to feel tiring and the words dont sink in or i just stare at the screen and cant really concentrate, all it takes (usually, not always) is some food and then i feel more energetic and ready to concentrate again.

Food is so important. Food is fuel and it is not enough to just drink some coffee and think "ill eat later" or "i ate 2 hours again, i shouldnt eat again". If your energy levels drop you should eat something. I get so many messages about people who work or study and say they feel tired or dont want to eat alot because they just sit all day or just drink coffee on their breaks and it makes me so sad to hear. Your body needs fuel... how do you expect yourself to have energy and work energetically and efficiently if your body and brain dont have the fuel they need?

My own thoughts are that i would rather eat something than nothing at all when working or studying. For example if i have a 15 minute break and dont have time to buy something and i dont have anything with me, ill eat some fruit and white bread that is often available in the kitchen. I dont usually have white bread at home - not that there is anything wrong with it, but when i buy bread i buy whole grain - but times when i need energy then i much rather eat white bread than nothing. I know many dont feel the same way, they'd rather skip meals than have to eat something they deem as unhealthy.

If you are someone who doesnt eat alot when studying or working, and often feels tired or eats lots when they come home... try eating more during your study/work hours. TRY IT and see.... give it 3-4 weeks and see how you feel. To all of those who I have given this advice to, they all end up writing to me and saying that they feel so much better since they have overcome their fear and began to eat more during their studies or during their workshift.

I've been there before... not eating enough, feeling tired and drinking so much caffeine. But once you begin to eat more and begin to get real energy you notice a difference and suddenly you wonder why you didnt eat enough or thought that just caffeine would work when that clearly wasnt the case.

Food is fuel, never forget that!!! Of course its all about the balance, choose the right food. I.e if you just rely on chocolate bars and chocolate muffins to give you energy then maybe that wont have the best effect but if you choose wholesome foods they will fill you up and give you long term energy!


  1. Could you maybe post example day what you eat when you are working/studying? Like "what i ate in a day" or just snacks during the work? Because i think i have that kind of problems what you told but i don't know how to change my habits. So it would be nice to see some examples even if we are all differend!

  2. A bit random, but what's the white stuff on the sweet potato in the third photo? Your bowls always look so yummy and they really inspire my cooking! ;)

  3. Thanks for this, I always feel guilty about eating too much if I am just sat all day, but then I feel exhausted, if I eat too little.

  4. What would be good examples of energy giving foods for when you are busy working/studying? I find when I`m working, although I am hungry the last thing I want is anything too "heavy" on my stomach as it just sits like a dead weight in my stomach and makes me feel sluggish. Bread in particular does this, so taking sandwiches is out. Any suggestions?