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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Changing habits in eating disorder recovery

When you are recovering you need to get rid of all the bad eating disorder habits and routines you have. It is said that it takes 21 days to form a habit, though i am not sure how long it takes to break a habit.... but it takes a while anyway. And if it is a habit or routine you have had for a long time it can take even longer to break, but sometimes you need new routines and habits. Especially if the ones you have are unhealthy and destructive. 

When you are changing habits and routines it can often cause some form of stress, anxiety and guilt... you are doing something different. Stepping outside of your comfort zone.... for example if you are the type of person to get up at 10am everyday and then you start working and have to get up at 6am everyday. In the beginning it is tough, you dont like it and it feels strange. But eventually you adapt and learn to go to bed earlier and not feel as tired in the morning and then suddenly getting up at 6am is no longer a problem, it is the same with other habits and routines. In the beginnig it is tough, but then you learn to cope and adapt and it gets better and you form better and hopefully healthier habits. The worst thing you can do is go from one unhealthy habit to another one... for example if you wak everywhere all the time and you decide to break that habit but instead end up spending 3 hours at the gym each day to compensate, that isnt really forming a healthier habit, instead you are just compensating.
So be prepared for anxiety and some guilt, though it doesnt have to be that way.... infact some habits or routines are very easily broken once you atleast TRY. Others take longer time and are harder to break.

Begin with slowly changing one of your habits... for example if you do X amount of squats/sit ups etc etc in the morning/evenings etc then try halfing the amount you do, then eventually every second day dont do them at all and eventually dont do them at all.... and hopefully someday doing x squats and sit ups before bed wont even be a thought of yours because you know that they are unnecessary. 

Try to slowly change your habits and cut down, find a healthy way to cope with anxiety such as talking, writing, drawing, listening to music, meditating etc Sit with the anxiety, take deep breathes and know that it will get better and easier in time. It is always hardest in the beginning, but if you keep going, then it wont be as hard anymore. Give yourself 4-8 weeks where you keep trying each day to get rid of the habit(s) and routine(s) you have.

The goal is that you will be free, that you will have habits and routines that are healthy ones.... ones that arent compulsive or obsessive, but ones you can live with and be happy with.

Setting up goals or ultimatums or telling someone else of your plan to change the habits can be a good way as they can help motivate you. Or get someone else to help you make the change or to change with you, it can all be ways to motivate you :)

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  1. Apart from the obvious eating nuts, how can you add healthy fats to your diet? Does the fat content in foods count or is this fat different? How much fat should you aim for and I`ve heard there is such a thing as good and bad fat - how can you tell the difference? I find this so confusing. What happens if you don`t have enough fat, do you get ill?

    1. Okay, one question at a time!
      I am not an RD or nutritionist...but this is what I have studied.
      The most important answer is yes, your body does need fat. It is used to insulate your organs from harm and to help keep you warm (not obese/overweight!), fat is also important in regulating your hormones, keeping you satisfied, and makes food taste good. It is very important. Believe it or not, fat encapsulates your eyes and helps to keep them strong and keeps them from getting dry/itchy/blurry!
      There are good fats and "bad" fats. Omega 3 polyunsaturated fats are the best fats for you and to a certain extent, quality saturated fat/medium chain triglycerides are also needed. Some people need more, others less...this depends on your body type.
      The "bad" fats are man made, you do not want to consume these on a regular basis (I would argue do not consume them at all, but I do not want to encourage restriction...)These include your hydrogenated oils, trans fats--essentially these are man made chemicals.
      So, where can we get our good fats:
      Olive Oil
      Avocado/ Avocado oil
      Nuts/Seeds/Nut Butter/Seed butter
      Coconut (MCT)
      Grass Fed Butter/Ghee (Yes, butter can be good for you if grass fed)
      Grass Fed beef and meat
      Eggs (Eggs raise cholesterol, HDL, cholesterol to be specific. This is the good cholesterol, so if not vegan, eat a lot of eggs!)
      I can go on, but you get the idea. A lot of natural foods contain healthy fats already.
      The amount of fat you have, how much is too much/too little depends on your own individual needs and activity level.
      Generally the recommendation is that 20-35% of your diet come from fat...but consuming more is not necessarily unhealthy--but consuming less CAN BE UNHEALTHY.
      I hope this helped a bit and, if you have any more questions, just ask!

  2. This post and the links are very helpful. Thank you!

  3. Hi Izzy - As someone who likes their avocados :) did you know that if you only want to use half, brush the cut side with some oil and place it in the fridge - that stops it from turning brown.
    Just a tip I thought I`d share!
    Hope you are having a good week :)