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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Being grateful in life

One thing i have noticed is that far too many people are ungrateful in life... and i get that, there are so many things people want or think they need. Maybe you want to live in a different location or want your life to be different or to have more money or just to be someone else. But also i know that i am lucky and privileged, its not as easy to be grateful in life when things are falling apart or you are far from where you want to be.

But one of the things i practise daily in my life is gratefulness. Its something i have done for a very long time and written about it before, but each night (well, 99% of the time) before i go to sleep i just think "thank you for my day and all the positives about my day." I think about the previous 24 hours and all the positives things and what i am happy for. It makes it easier to be happy when you can see the positive things in your life, when you can take a moment to just be thankful for what you have in your life.

Because sure, there are things i would like to change in my life... i have goals and dreams i would like to reach. Be more economically stable, have my own apartment, have a stable and fulfilling job and travel more... but for now i am grateful for all the positive things in my life nonetheless.

Not to mention being thankful for my body... Not for the way it looks, but because it can function, because it works and because i can live life. Today i began thinking about what if i was blind, or what if i was deaf or what if i was in a wheel chair.... things i take for granted everyday - being able to see, hear and move when that is just a dream for others. You shouldnt compare problems or say that one problem is worse than the other because struggles are subjective but sometimes you just need to realise that you should be thankful that your body works and stop focusing so much on whether you have a flat stomach or visible abs or not because in the bigger picture, what does that matter?

So take some time today to be thankful for certain things in your life. Just like with self love and being happy its not always easy, but i think its a great practise to be able to do. To not always feel like you need more, bigger or better, but that you can just be happy for now even if you are working towards other goals or dreams.

I am thankful that i have a place to live and a roof over my head.
I am thankful that i can buy food for myself every week. And eat delicious food everyday.
I am thankful that my body digests the food and absorbs nutrients so i have energy to live life.
I am thankful that i feel happy and energetic.
I am thankful that i can go to school and study, i am thankful that i have the concentration and time to study.
I am thankful that my body works and i can walk, see, hear, smell, touch. I am thankful that i can lift, run, walk, crouch, jump and just live life.
I am thankful for my family and friends that care and support me.
I am thankful for all the items i have in my life and that i can afford to have a computer, a mobile and other materialistic items.
I am thankful that i can breath, eat, sleep.
I am thankful for everyone in my life who is kind to me and supports me, whether i know you personally or not.

There is so much to be thankful for and you dont need a certain day to be thankful. And of course like mentioned i know its not always easy... especially not when times are tough, but it ca be a good idea to get into the habit of just being grateful and being grateful for your body.... far too many people focus on their appearance when maybe they just need to be happy that their body works at all. And if your body doesnt work properly i.e you have pains, injuries or illnesses then focus on doing wha tyou can to make it better and be thankful nonetheless. I mean, i might not be able to breathe properly and have other health related problems with my CF, but as long as i do my best to keep myself healthy and be thankful that its not worse then i can feel happy!! :)

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  1. thank you for this post. it helps me :) K.

  2. I take time out everyday to reflect and think about things too, and I find it really helps me. Its important that we all learn to slow down and just think awhile about our lives and all that is happening in - things we may want to change, good things that have happened to us and just the fact that we are here today to live another day. I am grateful for my life and it helps me to take time to think about this, to take stock of things.
    Like you I am grateful for the fact that I have a comfortable home, enough money to buy food everyday and to keep myself warm and comfortable, for family and friends being around me.
    I think this is a very good, worthwhile exercise to practise everyday day and think its one where each and everyone one of us would benefit from if we did!

  3. I love this post. I'm all about gratitude today, because it keeps me healthy and spiritually centred. In fact, I read this post just moments after writing my daily gratitude journal entry. Today on the list: that i no longer struggle just to get through the days, that today i have no desire to use unhealthy or destructive coping techniques, for my pup who was extra cuddly this morning and my ability to be present for that, for my family who are all healthy and intact, and for spring weather being here and the ability to feel joy in that. Gratitude is infectious and begets more gratitude. It is a wonderful way to live and view the world. It really battles those feelings of "not enough" when I take the time to acknowledge the absolute abundance I live in. I have so much - safety, community, health, comforts, all my limbs, love, family, shelter, ready access to food and water, a solid foundation of recovery and spiritual direction, etc etc etc. When I choose to look at what I have and what I am, I don't need to fear what I don't have or am not. I have enough. I am enough.