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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Answers - recommended intake of fruit and veg, bloating and intolerances, stretching stomach size

How many portions of fruit and veg do you think you really need to have? I've recently heard people going on about 9! Which doesn't seem very easily attainable without losing other food groups, I probably have about 7 portions fruit and veg on an average day?
From research/studies c.a 500g fruit and vegetables per day is the recommendation in sweden anyway, and that doenst count potatoes even if potatoes are a great source of vitamins, minerals and vitamin C :)
How much a person needs varies i think, for example if someone needs alot of calories but cant eat alot of voume then maybe just 2-3 servings fruit is suggested whereas someone who never feels full and needs to lose weight then more vegetables and fruit is recommended. But the recommendation is set to help people reach the right amount of vitamins and minerals which you can lose out on if you are just eating pasta and bacon (example.). But aim to just eat some fruit/veg with every meal is my suggestion.... for example, a banan for breakfast, cooked vegetables or salad with lunch, some berries or an apple with your afternoon snack, maybe even some carrots. And for dinner eat another portion of veggies and for a night snack you can always add in cucumber, tomatoes, carrots with some dip or make a smoothie or a fruit salad and then you are up to 5-6 portions of fruit and veg per day. So if you eat varied its not so difficult, but of course the amount of calories you need also impacts how much fruit and veg you eat :)

You aren't posting alot about veganism anymore? :(
Haha i dont have much to write about it at the moment, but if you have any questions just comment below :) Ive already made so many posts about veganism but i can write more if someone is interested! :) Whether its about veganism, climate, sustainability, recipes, nutrition etc

Like the writer below, i have relatively constant bloating. i have noticed that there are several foods that make it much worse. Should i try to go without these foods, or just keep eating them so that my body can get used to them? Thank you for responding.
Whether you shoudl eliminate foods or not is very hard to answer online when i dont know anything about you or your diet or how long you have been in recovery or what type of symptoms you have. The bloating could be due to anything and bloating is normal... if its alot of pains or weird bowel movements then it might be something more "serious". But sometimes you just bloat for completely normal reasons, maybe its due to lactose and you dont have as much of the enzyme lactase to break it down, or maybe you eat alot of fiber which can cause bloating or maybe you are more sensitive to fermentable carbohydrates or maybe you have IBS symptoms, it can vary so much. If the bloating is combined with alot of pain then an elimination process can be done, HOWEVER those types of processes are short term and should be done in the right way as it can lead to deficiencies if you dont do it in the right way. I.e you cant just take a food or food group away without replacing it with something else and then the question is... what do you replace it with so that your diet is still nutritionally complete and adequate. So if you suspect that you are intolerant to something, go to a dietician. You can keep a food diary and maybe just see if something you ate/some type of meal makes it worse but do talk to a professional before you begin mixing with your diet :)

Hi Izzy - could you tell me what the best way of "stretching" your stomach is - as in getting it used to eating larger quantities of food/bulkier,heavier, different foods than you are currently used to? Is it better just to eat more food at a time or eat more frequently throughout the day? I ask because I really need to adjust my portion sizes as I am not eating nearly enough and my diet is really made up of light, easy to digest foods. However I realise that I need to be able to eat more of a variety/type of food and was wondering how is best to go about this?
My best suggestion is to eat a little more than usual/a little more than satisifed/comfortable at each meal. I.e you will feel an uncomfortable fullness but over time you stomach stretches and adapts :) I.e theportion sizes now i could NEVER have eaten back when i was sick, back then i got full with 10% of the portion sizes i eat now but over the years i have stretched my stomach size so i can eat very large portions, even if my portions are made up of alot of vegetables which also adds to fullness. (When i was binging and purging that also stretched my stomach, and it never really shrunk haha)
So you might feel uncomfortable for a few weeks, but it will be worth it when you can eat normal portions again :) And no certain food will help strretch, even if they say drinking more water can help however i believe that will just fill you up without actually helping you increase portion sizes. 


  1. Hi Izzy - I miss your posts on veganism and its lifestyle in general! I would however be interested to learn more about "sustainability" as I don`t really understand its meaning? Theres a food programme on tv that ends with the caption "to find out about sustainably caught fish go to xyz web site" - but what does this mean?
    Sorry if this is an obvious silly question but I have often wondered about it

    1. I can write a post about this as soon as I can:).are there any certain vegan posts you would like to read? :)

    2. Yes - I`ve been thinking quite a lot about this and wondered what your thoughts were? - "Are food manufacturers responding to a growing need/demand for Vegan products or are they creating one themselves?"
      Meaning - are food manufacturers "creating" vegans in that they are offering an increasingly wide range of alternative foods. Just like they do with low fat v standard fat, low calories v standard calorie etc. Are people really choosing to become vegan themselves or are they just buying the alternative foods because they like them? Is it possible to be a "food vegan" but not adopt the whole lifestyle? Here, vegan foods are often placed next to "normal" foods - ie vegan sausages are in the chiller cabinet right next to the meat ones, so people will see the alternative ones and decide to try them instead.
      Also what effects have veganism actually had on the way animal products are produced? Has it really influenced methods of food production/slaughter/by products or does it simply co-exist alongside?
      Just some thoughts I`ve been having - what do you think?

  2. In the shops I have seen a lot of new variations of pasta - such as lentil pasta, pea pasta etc - is this better for you than the standard pasta?
    Also which is better for you - white long grain rice or whole grain/brown? Is there any difference nutritionally? And how much carbs should you aim for each day?

  3. I realised that I am very bloated and retain a lot of water two weeks before my period and it's giving me a lot of pain and discomfort. Do you think this is one of the damages of anorexia? Will I have to love with it all my life?

    1. I used to get this when I had periods. Cutting down on salt helps with fluid retention and you can also get diaretics from your health food shop or doctor. If it is really troublesome I would suggest you see your doctor as they can perhaps help you. Sometimes taking a herbal supplement around this time in your period helps as does dietry changes.

  4. Why doesn't potato count towards one of your recommended fruit/veg portions a day? I would have thought they would as potato is really good for you?
    Also why does something only count as one of your recommended portions however much of it you eat? Like baked beans for example - one serving = one of your recommended portions of fruit/veg but even if you eat the whole can it still only counts as one - surely this isn't right - it should count as more than one!