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Monday, May 22, 2017

21 but feeling 80

Hello and good afternoon:)

Wishing I could feel more positive and energetic but at the moment I am in alot of pain due to my hip. If you've followed my blog for a while you will know that I have hip pain from time to time and it's both genetic (my mum is now considering getting a hip operation as her pain has gotten so bad) and due to my years of over exercising.  Last year in January I ended up getting a hip inflammation which was so bad that I couldn't walk, put on clothes or sit in my lectures. I felt completely incapable of doing anything... lying, sitting, standing.... it all hurt so bad. However with a few days of rest, doing some movement and short walks i.e being completely still makes it worse, and lots of anti inflammatory pain killers the pain went away and I'm hoping it will do the same thing this time.

This morning I was at the gym and after warming up and doing my first exercise I felt this "pang " in my hip and I knew exactly what it was.... the tears were about to roll down and I could barely bend over to pick up my shoes and trying to change clothes felt like an impossible mission. And the 2 minute walk to school which took 5 minutes left me almost shaking from the pain. And then it was just to sit through my 2 hour lecture before I could go home again.

I'm in so much pain and it sucks.... trying to find a comfy position to lie down or sit down is impossible. And all I've done since I got home is eat, take pain killers and sleep basically 6 hours as there isn't much I can do.

I'm so glad I haven't been called into work as I am pretty sure I will have to cancel work this week if the pain continues. However I hope that with rest, trying to do some movement and rehab exercise as well as anti inflammatory medication the pain and inflammation will pass. And if it doesn't I'll have to go to a doctor and also I really need to invest in insoles for my shoes. When I was younger I had ones specifically made for my feet but then my feet grew and I never got ones personally made for my feet instead just bought standard ones found in the stores. But now I think it's time to make that investment again because I need the extra support for my feet, knees and hips and without the extra support it adds alot of pressure and stress  which then causes pain like this to flare up.

Hopefully the pain will pass soon, I really hope so because at the moment I feel pretty incapable of doing anything.  I need to go to the store to buy food but that's not going to happen and work will have to be cancelled until I can actually stand without pain :( all I can say is.... don't take your body or health for granted!!!! Take care of your body. I've  neglected the fact that I need extra support for my feet and I know that's one of the contributing factors but also I know it's something genetic which I don't have control over :( oh welll.... no more negativity. Trying to think positive!!!


  1. Thank you for posting this, Izzy. I am so sorry you are suffering so much! Thank you for the reminder to all of us about gratitude for what our bodies _can_ do. I really hope you feel better soon. Love and sympathies <3

  2. get well soon :)

  3. Oh Izzy, it hurts my soul when I read that you are suffering so much. I really hope you will feel better, I'm sending you lots of positive energy. Be brave and hold on, I believe the pain will leave soon. Try to rest, do absolutely nothing (I know that this is not possible) and find some comfortable ways how to distract yourself from the pain. Maybe listening to calm music will help a little? I wish I could help you someway, I am very sad about your situation. Take care!
    Love ||Jar||

  4. Aww no that sucks!:( I hope it starts to feel a bit better soon, take care x

  5. I am so sorry to read this. Joint pain is terrible so I really feel for you. Does holding a hot water bottle to where it hurts help, or supporting your bad hip with pillows whilst laying down? My lower back is prone to "just going" (caused by too much lifting of heavy patients on my own when I worked in a nursing home) and I find this helps, along with gentle re hab exercises and of course - painkillers.
    I hope for your sake that your pain is short lived and you feel better soon. Is there someone who can go to the shops for you? Don`t be scared of asking for help, will you?
    Take care, sleep and rest as much as you can and I hope you get through this soon.xx

  6. I have custom insoles for my shoes too. There's such a difference when I step into them- my whole body feels like it shifts into place. It's initially a lot of money but you'll love them and it'll be worth it.

  7. Hi Izzy!

    Look up The Ballet Blog with the Australian physiotherapist, Lisa Howell. She has different resources on how to tape your feet to help give them better support. I do not know if this would help you, as I don't really know your condition, but if it is a less expensive (and much faster) way to solve the problem then custom insoles.
    Thank you for all of your posts!

  8. Yes - shoe insoles are marvellous. My partner suffers from knee pain and he`s found wearing the insoles really makes a difference to his posture whilst walking - and stops the knee pain. I haven't any arches in my feet - fallen arches - and I wear shaped insoles all the time to correct how my feet fall when I walk. They really help me.
    They can be expensive though so it is wise to shop around. But if it makes you pain free then its worth it.