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Monday, April 10, 2017

Studying nutrition - knowing what you want to do in the future

This morning i found myself smiling over the knowledge i have about nutrition. I am no expert and there is so much i dont know about nutrition, but also compared to a "normal" person i know quite alot about nutrition, and alot of it i take for granted. For example when i talk about saturated and unsaturated fats or complex carbohydrates and simple carbohydrates or antinutrients in food, i just sort of think "doesnt everyone know this"... but of course not everyone does. Just like if someone starts talking about football teams or different make up brushes or make up styles or car motors i would have no idea about different terms and techniques.

There is so much I dont know about nutrition - but i am so excited to learn more - but compared to a normal person i guess i know quite alot. What i love first and foremost is being able to share the information i love, being able to help others. I love discussing nutrition with others, my mum and I can spend hours talking about nutrition as we have slightly different views on it however she is starting to believe more in plant based eating and its benefits. Also i love helping my sister, whenever she has questions or queries she asks me and i try my best to answer and if i dont know the answer i will research it and answer her later. Of course i do know i am not qualified but i can atleast give advice, afterall each course i pass is a course which makes me a little bit more qualified in that certain topic/area.

I love learning more, i love learning how the body works, how nutrition is absorbed, i love learning about the different vitamins and minerals and small things that make me go "ahaaa". Or learning about how different vitamins and minerals can interefere with each other and how more isnt always better.

I also love analyzing peoples nutrition and know i can make a difference with my advice. I like applying my nutrition knowledge to actual diets and not just having it all theoretical. Sure its great to learn so much about the body, but being able to then pass on that information and explain it in a way that people understand is important. But also that normal people shouldn't have to know how many double bonds there are in different fatty acids or how the structure of cholesterol looks or how transfat looks, just like they dont need to know which amino acids are acidic or alkaline. Thats where my knowledge comes in because i can use the nutrition knowledge i have and transfer it into food... i.e these foods contain this type of fat and those foods contain that type of food. Or this food has alot of calcium and this food has alot of iron, but combining X and Y can make the absorption of X lessen etc etc Normal people just want to know what food to eat and what food to eat less of or what food is best for optimal health, and thats where i can use my nuritional knowledge.

I love it... i love working nutrition and being able to help and learning more.  The quote below:
 "the more i live, the more i learn. The more i learn, the more i realise the less i know"

That quote is so incredibly true... the more i learn the more i realise i dont know so much as i thought i did, haha. Even the experts in nutrition dont know it all, its impossible there is so much which hasnt even been discovered yet, but also that most people within nutrition specialize in a certain area or research in certain areas of nutrition because there is no way to research everything, not to mention that certain food can be good in certain doses or for certain cases but can be bad in higher doses or in other cases etc etc

Anyway i mostly wanted to write that it feels amazing to know what i want to do, or atleast have something i am passionate about and love doing. It isnt easy for people to find what they want to study or work with in the future. Many people change what they are studying and it can take years for people to find what they are passionate about. So dont stress about it. But it is amazing to realise that you know what you want to do and what you love doing... even if i have no idea where i will end up or how i will work with nutrition, but i do know that i love what i am studying and love being able to help people!!


  1. You're so right, it's incredibly exciting to know what you want to do with your life and how you want to give back to the world! I know I want to be a medical doctor and/or do health research. I don't know the specifics of the job I want it could get like you said, but I think it's better that way. We have some direction and goals which is important for a purposeful life, but not too narrow that we close ourselves off from opportunities. In reference to this post and your last, maybe your blog could focus more on nutrition? This is obviously a great passion of yours and something you have lots of knowledge in, and it could help both people in recovery and people who aren't. I'm almost weight restored and interested in transitioning to a more environmentally friendly diet. This would not be vegan for me, because I am not in a place where that would be healthy for my mind yet, but doing things like more plant based meals and buying meat from small local farms that are sustainable. Anyways, I've been trying to find a good nutrition blog to follow that doesn't subtly promote restricted eating and weight loss and there really aren't any good ones out there. I don't know if you'd want to do that, but just a thought. Anyways, have a nice day!

    1. That is awesome that you have found what you want to do as well, it definitely isnt easy, but once you know what you are passionat about then you atleast know what you want to study. Even if you may not know where you end up!!
      Ihave thought about maybe a more nutrition focused blog, but at the same time i feel like i dont want to give it all away for free if that makes sense, haha. But if i do decide to move on from this blog then it would be more recipes and nutrition :)

  2. That's amazing Izzy! I also love nutrition and biology. I love studying about the body and the different plants and how we all react to our environment. We are miracles within ourselves. :) I'm so glad you found your passion.. ii have recently found mine, too and it's education. I really want to be a good teacher and help enhance he educational system in Egypt. I also want to influence students to be the best they could. It's nice to know that you were made to do something in the world.. nothing else matters. :)

    1. The body is so amazing isnt it?
      And that sounds awesome about wanting to influence students!! I hope you reach that goal someday and can work with what you love!

  3. That is so so amazing! Being passionate about something in life is so incredibly important too. As that's what brings you most joy and will be the thing you develop most in due to it being an inner 'drift' to learn about it.

    1. Oh exactly, when you have something you are passionate about and something you know you want to do in life then it keeps you motivated. But also makes other things seem so insignificant when you know what you want to do!

  4. I`m so happy for you that you are studying something that you are truly passionate about! That will give you great motivation to learn more and more because you enjoy it so much.
    Its the same for me but with sociology - I love learning about it and studying isn't a chore - it is so nice when you find something you enjoy :)