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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Stomach pain free

Yesterday evening while lying in bed i began thinking about how the past 8 months or so i have been mostly stomach pain free. I havent even though about the fact that a year ago i used to cancel going to social events and would lie curled in a ball with the most awful stomach cramps. My life was restricted in some ways because of all the stomach pain i had.... it felt like it was a daily or weekly topic on my blog with my stomach pain and how *once again* i cancelled a social event or forced myself to go despite the stomach pain. Not to mention all the evenings i stayed at home and didnt meet my -then- boyfriend because of the stomach issues i had.

Of course when i look back on it i know that the pain wasnt just physical, it was also due to mental issues such as too much stress and anxiety which resulted in physical discomfort. So by limiting those things in my life i lessened my stomach pain, but also a change in diet helped me immensly.

Of course this is by no means me saying that a plant based diet works for everyone and will eliminate all your stomach pains, thats not how it works - everyone is different. But for me it helped emmensly!  Of course for some, eating a plant based diet can cause more stomach issues with all the fiber consumed not to mention if you have IBS it can be hard with all the fiber and beans and vegetables, or if you dont have so much room in your stomach for alot of food then you can feel uncomfortably full.

For me it wasnt a huge change to eat fully plant based as i was already consuming soy products and oat milk, so it was just to replace meat with more soy products or more lentils and beans, and all the quark i ate i just changed to more fruit and oats and potatoes and not so much soy yoghurt or oat yoghurt.

Its funny though how easy it is to take things for granted... now i just take for granted that my stomach works as it should and that i am 95% pain free. Of course living with CF means that there is stomach problems and digestive problems but with enzymes and a plant based diet i am mostly pain free, as well as limiting stress and anxiety in my life. (I know that anxiety causes stomach pain for me. If i stress or worry too much about a social event or something then i'll end up going there with lots of pain, but once i arrive it usually lessens. ) So a tip if you have alot of stomach pain is also to ask yourself if it is connected with your mood or feelings or with a mental state... it might not always be just physical!

But also knowing what causes pain or discomfort for you. By now i know which foods cause me discomfort and which foods i should avoid or limit if i want to live a mostly stomach pain free life. However there are some foods i like - such as sun dried tomatoes - which at times i eat anyway but end up with lots of pain later on but i just accept that that will happen if i eat sundried tomatoes, and its the same with other food. (Which i wont share on here as it can be triggering and just because certain food gives me stomach pain doesnt mean its the same for you/others.)

Anyway, i guess i just wanted to say that its amazing to be free of stomach pain. It is very debilitating and restricting to live with stomach pain and i know MANY of you out there struggle with it everyday, i get plenty of comments and emails from readers and followers everyday about stomach issues and digestion issues and bloating. The only thing i can say is give it time... the pain wont goaway over night. Instead figure out what causes it and what you can do about it and whether you need medication or to do tests to figure out what causes the pain.
 You might not be 100% pain free but hopefully someday you will all be mostly free from stomach pain!

Some tips from me.... find the diet that works best for you. Peppermint tea. Less stress. Drink enough water. Avoid carbonated drinks and gum. Avoid too much meat as its hard to digest. Remember to relax everyday. Get enough hours sleep everyday. Regular exercise can help as well. Medication if needed!!


  1. Hey! I can relate SO MUCH to this! Of course i don't have CF myself but i do have another physical disease as well. And i'm a bit of a stress bunny :p
    By going vegan my stomach and digestive issues have gotten so much better. It's really been a life saver to me :)

  2. yes, I`ve noticed a change for the better since I`ve been eating plant based meals. I can`t say I`m completely pain free all the time - there are still certain foods that trigger (but I`m learning to avoid those)but its not as bad as it was. Its amazing what a change in diet can do for you - not only how you feel physically but mentally as well!