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Friday, April 7, 2017

Small changes you can make towards a better planet - advice

Download apps where you can buy leftover food from restaurants or cafes. You can read more about it HERE

Use THIS website when googling. Its called Ecosia and its a search engine, so when you google it creates ads and those ads generate money and income for trees to be planted!

Instead of using lots of aluminium paper or  baking paper by reusable/washable baking sheets. I think you can buy on amazon and they should last a long time if used correctly!

Dont use an excess of paper/toilet paper/ water in your daily life. And reusing scrap paper can be a good idea! Of course when it comes to cooking it is better to use paper to clean up so that you dont spread lots of bacteria with a dish cloth, but ive noticed that people are very good at using paper unnecessarily and huge amounts of it. I guess paper might be better than plastic... but i have no statistics or facts.

Sign petitions or donate money to charities you believe in. It can be good to do a little research on petitions beforehand, just so that your name doesnt appear or get used in other ways. Also i dont know how effective they are, but it doesnt hurt to sign the petition if you believe in the cause.
Also donations to charity can be helpful. Not everyone is in the position to donate, i know that i cant donate to every "gofundme" page or campaign i see, but when i can i do donate, for example i donated to the Love army for somalia  as well as every month i donate to Djurens R├Ątt . Its small things like that which i can do... it might not be alot, but its atleast something.
But i do also recommend doing reasearch before donating, just so that you know where your money is actually going so that a company doesnt just take your money and then 10% of it goes to the actual cause.

Taking shorter showers (not always so easy if you love showers/long hot showers!), turning off the tap when brusing your teeth (i need to remember to do this more often), and also doing one big dish washing session instead of lots of smaller ones can use less water. ( However, it can also be nice to just wash the dishes at once to not have a whole lot of dishes at the end of the day. But then maybe be more sensible about the amount of water used.)

Change to energi efficient lightbulbs. I must admit that this isnt something i am so careful or caring about, but just a small difference like this does help the planet, not to mention its cheaper in the long term as well! And of course, dont forget to turn off the lights when you arent in the room and turn off electronics when you arent using them as well as not charging them unnecessarily!!

Also small things like getting all your mail online and all your bank statements and such online saves paper. Here in sweden it costs more if you get an "invoice/payment" via paper, for example if i order something online and choose to get the payment directions via paper it will cost 29kr more than if i just do it online directly. And the same goes for other things as well, not sure if its like this in other countries but i think its great.... more things online to save paper. It can be easier to keep track of payments and such that was as well as not just have a bunch of paper lying about which you eventually lose track of!

These were just small things i thought about yesterday and wanted to share. Maybe they dont interest you or you really dont care, but i believe they make a difference and if everyone were to make these changes it would have an even bigger impact!! Even if you were to just decide that you eat 2 vegetarian/vegan meals a day, 1 whole vegetarian day a week, you use energy efficieny lightbulbs, bring your own bags to the store. You carpool, walk or use public transport, you recycle and compast and you decide that 2-3 times a week you take shorter showers and 1-2 times a week have longer showers/ a bath..... think about the change that would make? Its quite alot even if these are just tiny changes.

Its not about going from black to white, 0 to 100.... For most people they dont want to wash their clothes the same time as they shower, or they dont want to cycle or walk everywhere as it isnt practical in their lifestyle. Or they cant eat fully vegetarian/vegan and thats ok... there are other things you can do!! And we all have different priorties in life, that is also ok.... however i think that everyone should priortize the planet and making a difference in whatever way you can no matter how big or small those changes may be!!!

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^^ I found THIS page with some good tips as well!

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  1. Dear Izzy -- and/or Izzy's readers,
    What do you think one should do if one sees someone who is very, very thin and one is afraid for their life, but one doesn't know them? What about if it is someone one sees often (eg in the street or in a shop), but one doesn't know them? (But even if it is someone one only sees once? or sees online? -- though I think those situations are less complicated.)
    What do you think is right and wrong in these situations?
    I am recovered now, and that gives me more confidence, but I still don't know that I would know how to approach this, and it has come up a few times in the past?

    1. Ive answered you in a post now which i hope helps :)

  2. Izzy, I am so sorry -- I only just saw the news about Stockholm. How frightening, when things come so close to home. I am so sorry. Take care this evening, <3 x

    1. It definitely came as a shock and i feel very saddened and shocked by it all. But ive been in contact with all my friends and family in the area and they are all safe which i am thankful for. But it is scary to think that i had thought about travelling back to Stockholm today, which i am thankful i didnt. Ive been able to spend time with my room mates this evening and just sort of process it all, but its scary when these things happen, but the scariest thing is that this type of thing happens so much more often in other countries and it is very saddening :(

  3. Stockholme has been in the news a lot here and this morning they showed the highstreet and all the flowers that people have left. It was a terrible thing that happened and I`m glad that your family and friends are all safe.
    It does make you really think when you realise how close you were to maybe being in the area at the time. A couple of weeks ago there was a terror attack in London and our local junior school were away there visiting the sights in the same place that the attack later took place. It just goes to show how mindless and totally unpredictable these acts are. I could not help thinking what if?

  4. The re usable baking sheets are great, I use them all the time now and find them far better than baking paper.

    1. I still have to buy one as i use just normal baking paper at the moment, but i try my best to reuse it, but doesnt work well if i use oil :( Need to get around to buy a reusable one!

  5. Eating someone's leftovers sounds quite nonhygienic /not safe to me. How do you know if that person didn't have some contagious disease...0.o

    1. Its not someone elses left overs, its the food that would otherwise go to waste at the end of the day at a restaurant or cafe. Of course the food would have to be food that is safe i.e im sure chicken and meat would have to be thrown away if it hasnt been stored properly. So its not scraps off of someone elses plate, its the food they have cooked but hasnt been ordered so would have been thrown away.
      Just like some stores and bakeries sell bread and cakes for 50% an hour before closing just so the food doesnt go to waste!

  6. These tips sound great, and I was very surprised reading them that I already do most of them!
    We can all make a difference to the planet if we try, however small or insignificant our action is-imagine if that was also being done by say 100 people also making a small change - it soon adds up to have an effect!
    It just requires a bit of thought to start with, but the more you do it the easier it gets until it just becomes second nature. For example, when the shops first started charging for their previously free bags it was a hassle to remember to bring my own, now I don`t think twice :)
    Love to see more posts like this!

    1. Exactly!!! People always seem to hate change, especially when it comes to higher positioned people making choices for better health or environment. Such as with plastic bags costing more, sugar tax etc there is such an uproar when these decisions are just for the greater good hahah.
      And like you said, if 100 or 1000 people are began making small changes it would add up. If everone decided to eat vegan 1-2 days a week or eat a few vegetarian meals everyday/week it would make a difference even if people dont believe so.

  7. Just to add to your post, something quite ridiculous that I found out recently - here ready meals and convienience foods are in increasing all the time and I saw this programme on tv that showed a recycling plant. They were unable to recycle any black plastic trays because the machine didn't recognise the colour for some reason and so they are sent to land fill. But the ready meals all come in black plastic trays - or the majority do anyway - which means a huge volume going to land fill. To change this would mean the either the machines have to be different or for the colour of the tray to change - both expensive unviable options! It seems ridiculous that so many of these trays end up in land fill!
    Another is the disposable coffee cups from places like starbucks - they too are unrecyclable - imagine how many of those end up in land fill each day!
    There is so much we can do and equally so much that has to change to help this planet. Although things have got a lot better where recycling is concerned, there are still clearly areas that are lacking. It is something I feel quite passionate about!

    1. Oh yes thank you for mentioning these!! There is so much waste daily.. infact i saw a video yesterday about "future science/technology" where they have created these small environmentally friendly completely edible "water bags/balls".So no bottles need to eb used and could be an option for races when so many cups get thrown on the ground, i thought that was amazing!!
      I know some coffee places make on the go coffee cheaper if you bring your own thermos which is awesome!! I just realised that i am one of those that buys on the go coffee a little too often and even if i recycle the cup thats still a wasted paper cup. Reminds me that i should bring my own thermos and either 1) bring my own coffee or 2) go to a plce where i can fill my thermos with coffee!! :)