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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Seeing your body change in recovery - how to cope

It can be hard to see the changes in your body during recovery but I thought I'd write some tips/advice that might help as well as a bunch of links to older posts on this topic!

The first step is to 1) Know that your body will change in someway and you can't decide how your body will store the fat as that is based on genetics. However if you only have a few kilo, 3-5kg, to gain then there arent so many noticable changes, but if you have more to gain then there might be some noticable changes but those noticable changes arent bad changes, they are necessary changes.  Also when you have alot of weight to gain, at first it often goes to your stomach and you can look very disproportionate, but the closer you get to your healthier weight the more balanced and proportionate you will look as the weight distributes. Though generally i say that when you are 1-3kg from a healthy weight then your body isnt going to change so much, and the weight has distributed to where it will be. So learn to love and accept that is my best advice.

2) Know that there will be bloating. You can wake up being bloated... but it is just a phase, it will pass. The bloating wont last forever. My best tip is to wear lose and comfortable clothes. Skip the tight clothes, but dont feel like you have to walk around in baggy tops and pants because you still want to feel good in your outfit. Bloating isnt the end of the world either, you can wear a crop top and be super bloated and its nobody elses business, and you can rock that crop top regardless!! So dont let stomach bloat ruin your day or affect your mood or plans. I have just had to gain a few kilo the past weeks but i have been constantly bloated and woken up bloated but you know what, that doesnt matter. Soon my body and stomach will balance out again (though i have gotten a whole bunch of stomach problems and pain again, which is most likely the cause of the bloating rather than the weight gain).

3) If you notice things like less muscle definition, bones not showing and other things like that, realise that those changes are actually positive changes. It means you are getting closer to a healthier weight and body. Having lots of bones showing or being super lean isnt always healthy and not something to strive for. It can be good to delete old pictures which might trigger you, but also to focus on that the changes your body will go through are POSITIVE ones. Forget how you looked a few weeks or months ago, just focus on the positive changes and loving your healthy body. You are NOT your body anyway, you are so much more than your appearance, but you do need a healthy body to live a healthy and happy life.

4) Focus on the postives of a healthier body. Focus on the energy you might have (or will have... sometimes during weight gain ir takes so much energy that you actually feel more tired... strange as it sounds). Focus on the things you can do now which you couldnt do before. Focus on clothes that fit you well and look good on you. Focus on loving your body.. REGARDLESS of size or weight. Your body will always change throughout life and weight will fluctuate and sometimes your body holds onto water and you feel very bloated, other times your body might feel super depleted of water and salt and you feel completely different. Your body and weight will make small changes throughout your life and you need to accept that and learn to be ok with it.

5) Dont focus so much on how your body looks, instead more on life. The bigger and smaller changes really arent a big deal. Dont care about what others might think or say, there thoughts and opinions are irrelevant. What is important is that you havea  healthy body and mind.

6) When your body changes and you get back small things which you might not have missed about your body.... realise that those things are just part of your healthy body. Learn to accept them and not panic about them because self hate wont get you anywhere. You will see your body everyday so it is better to just accept those small things and learn to like or atleast accept them. .Self hate and loathing wont get you anywhere.

These are 6 of the tips i could think of now, but hopefully they are helpful. Remember that weight gain isnt the end of the world, and most likely a positive thing for many of you who read my blog. The body changes, that is just part of life. My thoughts however are.... less focus on your body, more focus on life and creating the life you want and doing things you love. Allow your body to change, accept the changes and focus on a healthy body and mind and a happy and healthy life!

Below are some links to previous posts talking about weight gain/body change, and also my own body distribution during recovery:

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  1. I wish it were easy. But it's not. Everyday I still struggle to just accept my body.

  2. Hi Izzy, I was wondering if you know why you get cold after eating? I get cold after all my meals. I've been refeeding and gained weight for the last 4 months and have am at/close to my healthy weight for the last few months. Thank you so much!

    1. And what do I do about being cold? Thank you!

  3. LOL - and I get "hot flushes"! what does this mean and why does it happen after every meal?