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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

I have been blogging for 7 years, and my whole journey is written in my posts. I now represent healthy and happiness. I want to show anyone struggling that it is possible to recover, no matter how hard it may seem.

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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Random facts about me

As a few people have mentioned that they like these types of posts and more "Myself"/lifestyle posts here are some random facts about me :) Feel free to share some random facts about you in the comments below!

I absaloutly hate jeans and only wear them if i have to i.e all my sports pants are dirty as well as my skirts or i cant find my tights so have to wear jeans. But i hate how tight they are restrictive.... i even dislike when i see others wearing too tight jeans, it can give me this uncomfortable and slightly panicked feeling where i just want to tell the people to take off their pants because they look so tight. Of course thats not appropriate to say, haha, so i dont. I am ok with the "fake jeans" such as jeggings where they dont sit as tight and there is more movement allowed. But i sometimes wonder why i wasted so many days of my life wearing those awful leg and movement restrictors called jeans XD

I am awful at deleting pictures or bookmarks or old documents, messages/notes i no longer need. I dont know why, but a part of me thinks "what if i will need this blurry bowl of oatmeal picture someday" ..... -_- Or what if i need to look back on that school assignment i did when i was 13 years old about some old history figure.  I am like a computer/online hoarder of some sorts. I dont understand why i dont just delete pictures or useless bookmarks... even writing this doesnt make me want to delete them even if i know i should. By this stage in my life i have 2, almost 3 extern hard drives which are completely filled with pictures and school documents and such which i dont need and will never look at again!!

Whenever i feel like "im going to get my life together now" i start by drinking lemon water, taking a short of spirulina, washing my face with a face wash and taking my medication. And then i feel like "yes... its a new day, new start" and then it lasts 2 days of doing that before i forget to do all those things again....... Infact, i am awful at remembering to take all my medication even though they are pretty vital to my CF health as well as mental health (sleeping routines, not stressing etc etc). I might need to download an app or something that reminds me to take them each morning and evening.

As i rarely use make up anymore i always think i look strange when i have make up and much prefer my natural look now. Not even concealer under my eyes or to cover the spots i get.... i just embrace my natural look and make up is only used when going out!

I've been on a date with someone who was high at the time.... not my idea of a good first date. It was one of the strangest experiences and i almost wanted to laugh at the way he was acting as he was rather spaced out and slow. It was an ok date but then when he asked if i wanted to "join in for an evening smoke" i decided to get out of there rather quickly. Note to all of you... dont use drugs, or atleast not on a first date... but then again, he showed his "true self"in a way, no point going on more dates only to realise a few weeks later that he used drugs.

My idea of "clean" is still very messy i have recently come to realise. Its a sort of "ordered/put away mess". It works for me and my "clean room/house" is still alot better compared to others, but for someone who has very high standards it still wouldnt be very clean. I am unfortunatly the type of person who just cleans around items rather than picking them up and cleaning under them, hahaha.  But sometimes i get these cleaning frenzies (often out of panic or anxiety) and then i just do a huge clean where i actually pick up items and clean under them and clean drawers and not just shove things so that they arent seen, hahah.


  1. I really hate wearing jeans too! I think most girls wear jeans everyday and probably think I'm kind of odd for pretty much always wearing skirts haha.

    1. Jeans really do suck in my opinion haha. Luckily many people in my course where sports wear daily so im no different, if anything im seen as "fancy" when i actually dress up/wear normal clothes!

  2. I love these posts :)

    I dislike clutter but hoard clothes - I hate to throw anything away even if it is washed out or I don`t wear it anymore. I am also guilty of not wanting to actually wear something new I have brought and it sits in my wardrobe (with the labels still on) for ages before I finally decide to wear it!

    I always wash my hands after using someone elses pen/using the cash card machine

    When I make a hot drink I still put it in the microwave afterwards

    I absolutely hate mixed vegetables although I still buy them! But I can`t eat them as mixed , I eat each veg variety at a time.

    I dislike sweet and savoury food together - eg cheese and pineapple, sweet and sour sauce. To me something has to be either sweet or savoury, not both at once!

    I add more vinegar to salt and vinegar crisps so they go soggy

    I always suck the chocolate off of choc covered nuts before eating the nut bit!

    I love clean fresh smelling sheets on my bed but really dislike having to change the bedding - I hate making beds!

    I love fresh flowers but can`t stand it when I have to arrange a boquet

    Although I passed my driving test and have been driving several years I have never been able to reverse park. When going to park in a car park I will drive round for ages before sometimes finding a big enough space

    People who use their mobile phones whilst going through the checkouts in shops really irritate me - I think they are being so rude!

    1. Thank you for sharing!! <3 And i agree with that last one... as someone who has worked at the cashier, some people are so rude when they are on their phone and just completely ignore the cashier. Sometimes i talk to my family while im shopping, but then i put them on pause when if im at the checkout so that i can say hello to the person working and be aware. But usually i use the self checkout, haha!

      We are very different with the sweet and savoury, i love a mix of both hahah!! As well as i love mixed vegetables!!

  3. Haha I so feel you on some of these! For example, I never wear jeans. The closest thing I own to jeans are jeggings, and I rarely even wear those. Usually I wear leggings or running pants. Also I'm the same with makeup. I never wore a lot of makeup but I used to put on foundation and mascara every morning. Now I just let my face be free without makeup. Most days I'm wearing leggings and a t shirt and no makeup, but occasionally I'll wear a dress and heels and a little makeup just because I feel like it. Those days are pretty rare but I do like to dress up occasionally, even if I don't have a reason to and am just walking around Uni!

    Other random things:

    I'm such a planner. I buy these customized paper planners and plan out everything. It has been really helpful for my classes and getting ready for med school, but I'm a bit obsessive. It actually gave me a good outlet when I started recovery from ana.

    I really don't like olives. My mom loves them but the taste + slimy texture just isn't my thing.

    I love love reading. When I was younger I used to read so much that I would walk and read, sometimes if run into stuff haha.

    There are more things but I'm going to class!!

  4. Hi!Im in med school, this morning I was at hospital seeing patients and we had to medical check a 24years old patient that is diagbosed of cf,I remembered you, but I was shocked when the doctor said to me once the patient left that these patients have a life expectancy around 40years old, did you know that? This information is not usually given to patients unless yo ask, so maybe you want to know

    1. I think it would be best not to give unsolicited medical advice anynonmously over the Internet? 1.) You are not yet a doctor, you are a medical student 2.) You are not izzy's Doctor, and don't know the specifics of her case. Generic medical info without context isn't very useful, you have to take into account the individual. 3) she didn't ask for it, and telling someone they likely have a short life expectancy doesn't come across as kind.

      I don't know, maybe Izzy doesn't mind, but I would really encourage you to think about your intentions and the usefulness vs potential harm of posting something like this.

    2. I know your comment wasnt meant to be hurtful, but i am aware of the prognosis of my illness, haha. When you are 21 years old and had the illness your whole life you know all about it and all the possible illnesses it could lead to - such as i get my eyes and hearing and heart checked every second year as medicaiton i take can affect those things. I do find it hard when people make comments such as this - as one of the first triggers of my depression when i was 11/12 was that i found out about the possible lifespan of someone with CF and i found it hard to deal with. Luckily i am older and wiser and have a great CF team in Sweden but it can still be hard to think about all the negatives about the illness haha. So i know it comes to a shock to many readers when they find out about how serious the illness can be, but it is something i have lived with my whole life and have had to deal with one way or another and deal with the thoughts of having a chronic illness.
      I know you didnt mean any harm though :)

    3. I understand this can come accross as hurtful to receive such comments. But you know hat I know 4 people with CF and their bodies react VERY different!!! One man I have known all my life is already almost 70 and although he isn't in a 'good' condition he is most certainly enjoying his life. He has got grand children and he can still do quite a lot of things. His wife helps him a lot but it's just that he takes good care of himself and lives as healthy as possible, which you do too! Than there's a girl who has just got bad luck and isn't doing so well unfortunately (she is only 16) but her older sister is doing pretty well! Just want to say that there's no such thing as predicting those things!! <3 <3

  5. Hahaha seriously thank you so much for this post I feel awful today but you absolutely cheer me up :D Also i can relate a lot to the jeans thing as well as the no make-up and 'get my life together' things. The last one isn't so good though...oops.
    Hope your day is nice Izzy! <3

    1. Im sorry you've had a bad day, i hope today is much better!!