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Thursday, April 20, 2017

People have different eating habits

One of the hardest questions to answer is "what is normal eating". I get asked by so many different people both online and real life to tell them what is normal eating, but thats just like asking me "whats the meaning of life" or another deep question. You cant answer it straight up, instead it is very individual.

What is normal or healthy eating depends on the person asking, not to mention that normal eating depends on culture, family upbringing and even economy. Its not a straight up answer.

Of course i can tell you what theoretical healthy eating is.... what dieticians recommend as normal and healthy eating. However not as many people actually follow that advice even if they may know it. I know the recommendations and what is recommended as normal eating but i dont follow those recommendations, instead i know what is best for me and eating according to my bodies needs.

Normal eating is affected by many different things and social media has a huge effect.... all the diet tips, all the focus on weight loss and low calorie foods, all the food labelled as "good" and "bad" food. Normal eating for some doesnt have to be healthy eating either.

Some people eat no breakfast and instead eat lots at night. Some people eat very little portions and it can  be hard to imagine that they feel full after tiny portions. Some people eat LCHF others eat HCLF. Some people follow weight watchers or atkins, others follow paleo or a raw food diet. Some people eat gluten free or lactose free or sugar free etc Not that these ways of eating have to be healthy but they can be normal for some. For example some people follow intermittent fasting and eat 1-2 big meals per day, and others eat 6-8 small meals per day. Basically.... its all so different and the only thing you can do is focus on what is best for you.

If your family are counting calories or points or macros, or your friends are following a LCHF diet or maybe they dont eat breakfast and just eat chocolate for lunch, it may be triggering but all you can do is focus on what is best for you. You cant change someone elses way of eating - unless you are a proffessional or know alot about nutrirtion and can give good advice, but you still cant change unless the person wants to change their way of eating.

People will eat differently from you, no one eats the exact same and thats ok, you dont need to eat the same as others. People need different portions sizes and like different foods.

Normal eating is different so you cant compare how you eat to someone else. Not to mention that unless you eat all your meals with someone you cant know what someone else eats in a whole day (and you dont need to either!!!). One meal doesnt say how a person eats the whole day or whole week.

Instead of getting triggered or annoyed by how others eat, focus on what is best for you. All you can do is know that how you are eating works for you and is what is healthiest and best for you!!

Try to not let other peoples way of eating effect you, because in the end it doesnt matter, but also dont focus too much on what is "normal" eating, but more what is normal and what works for YOU. Of course the standard 5-6 meals per day and a balance of carbs, protein and fat are good guidelines to follow but what is ultimately normal and best for you may be a little different!!

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  1. Do you eat sweets everyday ?

  2. Hi Izzy - when you make baked jacket potatoes can you re heat them and have them another day? I ask because I make baked potatoes in the oven and they take ages, so I was wondering if I could batch cook some and keep them for later? Also if this is possible how long do they keep for?
    Thank you!

  3. I have been getting problems with my blood sugar levels and I was wondering what I am doing wrong with regards to my diet and what I can do to prevent the nasty "dips" that I have been getting. In between meals I have started feeling very headachey,nauseous and really quite unwell but I am reluctant to eat anything because its almost time for my next meal and I don`t want to ruin my appetite. I always find though that by the time I have eaten my meal I feel 100% better, all the symptoms disappear for a few hours. I don`t know what to do. I am drinking enough fluids and don`t tend to eat many sweet things so I`m guessing its not a "sugar crash" like you get after eating something like a chocolate bar. But I am so fed up with feeling like this as its having a huge impact on my daily life.
    Any ideas?

  4. What is the best way of getting more calcium into your diet? A calcium supplement or food? If its through diet, which foods are best for calcium?

  5. This is such sound advice. When I was well, before my ED began my weight was more or less stable and what I ate reflected on how hungry I was at the time and what I fancied! Now though it feels that I have to re learn the whole eating thing over again. Will this have happened by the time I am weight restored or does it really start when you are off the meal plan and begin eating intuitively? At the moment my body hasn't a clue what it wants or needs and eating is somewhat "robotic"

  6. Hi Izzy - have you any recommended recipes for making vegan burgers? I`d like to try making my own - if you make your own could you post how you do it or if theres a tried and tested recipe post the link?

  7. I was really looking forward to an update today :( maybe you are busy, studying and catching up with things?
    Anyway, I hope you are ok and having a good weekend xxx

  8. That maybe didn't come out too well - what I meant to say was I hope you are well and ok and have managed to "settle" after your Easter break - you know, get back to the usual routines! I always look forward to reading your posts but also know that you are super busy with other things too, and that's ok.
    Hope your weekend is going well for you and you manage some time off from your studies. It will soon be summer and the long break :)
    Take care xxx

  9. Are you dating anyone/been on dates?