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Monday, April 24, 2017

Never stop learning or being curious

I may not show it on here or even in real life, but i am someone who has alot of questions but i don't often say them out loud.

I've always been someone who loves taking things apart to figure out how they work. When i was younger i just couldn't understand how tv's, computers or mobiles worked, they were so fascinating to and it happened on more than one occasion where my mum would come into the living room and see me trying to take those things apart to see what was on the inside. The one thing i did manage to take apart was the TV remote but it didnt make me any smarter in understanding how it worked.

I have alot of "how and what and why" questions in my mind. And it feels like the more i learn the less i feel i know because i just have more questions. I want to understand. I want to know. If i could, i would want to know alot about everything, but that isnt possible (or who knows, if i were to dedicate my life and every moment to it it might be, haha. Never say never!)

I began thinking about my curiosity and realised that it is one of the things that i love about life... learning new things. Being curious about life and how things work, and the best feeling is when you get a better understanding of something. While i was depressed or had no life motivation i didn't have much curiosity either... i didn't care. What did it matter how things worked or why, nothing really mattered and learning more or being curious didn't appeal to me either.

And i began thinking about how dull and boring life is if you don't keep learning and growing? If you aren't interested in something? If you don't have questions and curiosities... if there is no life motivation.

One of the things that helped me in both recovery from an eating disorder and depressions is learning more... being curious. How does the body work, how does the brain work. What does food do in the body, how does exercise impact the body, how do different medications work on the brain, what is depression and why does it happen, what is an eating disorder and why does it happen? There was alot of googling and reading books to help answer my questions. Of course with most questions and answers there are 2 sides and you need to be critical of the source of the information and not just believe the first thing you see. But in recovery it helped to learn more and to get a better understanding as to why i needed to recover and what was happening in my body.

Of course when you have 101 questions to be answered, sometimes the best thing is to do your own research but as i mentioned earlier, its important to be critical of the source!!

I know this might be a strange post, but it was something i thought about and how it can be annoying to have so many questions and feel like i don't understand some things, but at the same time that is one of the amazing things about life that i CAN learn and can get a better understanding. I much rather have 101 questions about life and different things in life than have no interest or curiosity in life at all!!

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  1. I`m with you on the curiosity and appetite to learn about things. When I develop a new interest I want to find out all about it - for my home study course I am doing I not only use the set text books but have also brought many more myself for further reading. I love exploring a topic and finding out as much as I can.
    When I was going through my depression one of the key things that helped me was having an understanding of what was happening to me and why. Just knowing that it was my brain hormones that were somewhat depleted and at odds with each other was very comforting in helping me cope with the illness. I read up on the subject to find out as much as I could and having that understanding really benefited me. Even today, when I am almost free of depression having some knowledge of the condition has helped me come to terms with what I went through and I think I am better able to deal with it as a result.

  2. BTW - I also think and enquiring mind is a healthy mind :)

  3. Yes, indeed. When I was stuck in dark places and/or self-destructive habits, one of the main things that kept me going was curiosity -- not about anything in particular, but about life itself, a sense that there was something on the other side of this, but I would not be able to see it until I stopped cutting myself, stopped feeling the way I did etc etc, and I wanted to get there, I was curious to know what life on the other side of the darkness would be like. Curiosity and hope were not so different, I guess. <3 to all Izzy's readers. There *is* life on the other side :-) (And, it is worth it!)