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Friday, April 14, 2017

My first vegan Easter celebration

Haooy friday everyone!!!

I hope you are all doing ok and have had a lovely day ? :)

I've had a lovely day so far anyway!! It feels strange to be back in Stockholm.... different and strange but feels good to be back with family again!!

The train ride yesterday went well, no delays anyway and I got a goos seat so was able to study for 3 of the hours anyway! However when I arrived to Stockholm I realised I had forgotten some vital things such as keys and train card. And this morning I realised I had forgotten a whole bunch of other things and clothes as well, which is what happens when you pack 5 minutes before leaving hahah. I don't recommend!!

Today started off with a walk with my dog - back in nature which I love. And also saw two dears, a hare and a squirrel hahah. I love it, I love being in nature. Just listening to a podcast, walking and breathing in the fresh air!

Then the next few hours I did some studying, made an early lunch with the few vegetables and beans that I could find in the house and just spending time with my family. And then we drove out to my step dad's parents house where we ate an early dinner.

This is my first Easter as a vegan and my grand parents didn't know I was vegan, however I brought food with me which I could eat  (as well as vegan chocolate!). I was worried that I would be an inconvenience, but my grand parents were so sweet and accommodating. They of course found it a little strange that I stood and made my own food and that I didn't eat the dessert but otherwise they were ok and just let me do my thing. And my parents are ok and understanding which feels so good. I don't like feeling like an inconvenience or saying no to food, it brings back memories to the time I refused food because of fear and restriction and I don't want anyone to think I am vegan to try to restrict or avoid food, because that is definitely not the case.  So it's nice when they don't judge and are understanding!

It's nice to spend time with family again, however it does get tiring and there are always conversations and debates which I want to avoid, haha. But that's family I guess!

This evening the plans were to meet my friends and make some type of dinner and drink some wine and then maybe go out for drinks. However as the dinner was eaten so late and it would take me 90 minutes to travel to my friends place I'm unsure whether I'll join or not, but hopefully I get to meet my friends before I travel to Gothenburg again!!!

Anyway, now I've had my break from my family and it's time to be social again, so I hope you all have a lovely day and enjoy your weekend!!!

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  1. Hi Izzy - great to read that you are having a nice time with your family and that you have had a good day! Its nice to have a break and relax. What are your plans for the rest of the Easter weekend? This weekend is lots of family time for me also - this evening they are coming over for a curry and video night (watching the new star wars, not really my type of film but I`ll give it a go!) and then tomorrow we are making the traditional Easter roast dinner. After that, weather permitting it will be a walk somewhere nice, probably the beach. Everything will be closed tomorrow which feels kind of strange because even at Christmas the shops are open on Boxing Day - so having a Sunday where everything is shut is weird!
    So this weekend its all about seeing family and of course chocolate! I don`t think you ever grow out of Easter Eggs, do you?
    Have a lovely Easter and have fun!