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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Lunch at my favourite cafe, being out in nature and tapas dinner

Hello and good evening everyone :)

I apologize for the lack of posts at the moment, but i am just enjoying the time spent with my family and havent had time to write anything today either. But i am hoping that you are all busy and dont have time to be online and read my blog anyway :)

Today has been a really nice day where the time has passed so incredibly quickly, almost strange that its almost 9pm now when it feels like it was just an hour or two ago that i got out of bed!

Anyway, the day started with a walk and a podcast - my favourite way to start the day - before i began doing some school work and then my mum came and said she had an easter egg for me. Here in Sweden its not chocolate easter eggs which are often given in England and Ireland, but instead the egg forms where there are often chocolate or gifts inside. My mum, how sweet she is, had gone to the trouble of buying vegan and cruelty free make up for me as well as vegan organge chocolate (which was my breakfast, haha). I hadnt expected it at all, but also that she had taken into consideration that i do want my make up and hair products to be CF and vegan, it means so much to me when my family care about that and take it into consideration!!

After that i got ready and headed into town to go to my favourite lunch place with my sister. To celebrate that i have gotten a job i decided to go *all out* and order everything i wanted as well as pay for my sister as a treat!! I ordered a buddha bowl with marnated tofu, sweet potatoe fries (we shared!), a raw food cake and a rainbow latte and my sister got a pitaya bowl and a matcha latte!! It was so so good, infact so filling that i had to take the cake with me and eat in the car later.
If you are ever in Stockholm i definitely recommend going to Mahalo (hälsocafet), its one of my favourite places and one of the things i miss about Stockholm!!

After that my sister and I got picked up by our parents and we drove out to a forest where we went for a short walk before sitting in the sun for a while, and then we packed our things together and went food shopping for tomorrows Easter lunch. I didnt know what i was going to make as they will be eating egg and salmon etc, but i decided to just go for normal food and not try to make vegan salmon or egg substitutes etc I dont really care about easter food and feel no need to make exact substitues, i just want to be able to eat something and it doesnt have to be a vegan copy, haha.

Then when we got home it was straight to making food where i made rice paper rolls and salad,  and my step dad made bread, my mum made the dips and my sister made an egg tortilla/fritatta type thing! All in all a very successful and delicious dinner, and now i am finally able to lie down in my bed again after a full day of "on the go".

I must admit, its nice to get out of routines and habits. Its nice to be able to cuddle my dog, spend time with my sister and my family. To not eat alone and just feel the presence of my family, but i do love my life in Gothenburg, so i see my time here as a little break from routines and a little holiday but i also know that i like my normal which is a great feeling. To enjoy this holiday but also enjoy my normal life!!

Anyway, a long post but i hope you have all had a lovely Saturday and can enjoy the food and chocolate if you recieve some. Dont worry about food, life is so much more than that, instead enjoy being with family and friends if that is the case. And if you are on your own, enjoy that as well... make the best of the day whatever you may be doing and remember chocolate wont harm you, but your eating disorder will!!

**Also i have gotten asked before why i dont post so many selfies or recent pictures, thats because when i live on my own i really dont take many pictures of myself, instead its just random snapchat selfies. But its times like now where i post more photos as more photos are taken and there is more to share, haha!


  1. Hi Izzy - great to read you are having such a nice break with your family! Can I just say that I thought the food you showed from the restaurant looked amazing! You are so lucky to have vegan/vegetarian restaurants where you are, I wish they had places with food like that here in England :) Maybe they have something like it say in London but definately not down south where I live.
    You mentioned you have a job??? Is that for the summer and what are you doing?
    I can think of no better way of starting the day than a walk in beautiful surroundings too, and the scenery you showed looked breathtaking. I like going out in the mornings and see what wildlife I can spot, we get foxes and deer here along with the occasional rabbit as I live so close to woodland. I have even started hearing the cuckoo which is exciting as it means summer is on its way!
    You sound so happy in your post and its great that you are enjoying your break - its definitely a good thing to have a change from the usual routine now and again!

  2. Hello Izzy, I am so glad you are having fun with family.
    I thought I'd pass on this link to an article in today's paper about a study in the UK about dairy & osteoporosis in young adults, in case it was useful to anyone...

    1. Thanks for this - useful reading!

  3. This Easter has been quite a step forward for me - not only have I eaten and actually enjoyed chocolate without feeling guilty but I faced a fear food yesterday and it was fine!
    Anyway, just wanted to mention it - and to anyone else on here thinking about trying a fear food I would say to them just do it, nothing bad will happen and you will feel great for having done so.
    Hope you and everyone is having a great Easter

  4. Nice to see some photos of you - and looking so well and happy!
    My easter weekend went well although I will say I`ll be glad when the days go back to normal again - theres only so much chocolate and repeat films you can stand in a short space of time :)
    Hope you had a nice time catching up with family and friends, and enjoyed the chocolate!

  5. Hi Izzy - what do you think of the ready made vegan food you can buy from the shops? For things like burgers is it better to make your own? I ask because I`ve noticed they are selling vegan burgers in store now and debating whether to try them, but I`m not sure if they`ll be any good and they do work out expensive. Do you make all your own food?