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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Life update - my past week!

Hello :)

Finally Saturday again and the weekend! I dont know where this week has gone... it has just flown by. And it only hit me now that i didnt even write about last weekend, with the vegan event, my night out and the start of my new course?

How could i forget to share about the vegan event which was alot of fun but also alot of people! I bought a new vegan shirt and two cakes which were amazing!! The best thing was being able to try all the food without having to check ingredients, but also talking to lots of people and the people seeling the new vegan food items. Also before i left i sat and listened to a seminarium from 2 vegan fitness people, it was a shame that i couldnt stay longer, but i had to head into town to fix some things before my night out.

The night out last Saturday was alot of fun! All girls and there was just alot of everything.... and going to a 25+ club for my first time, which was fun but also alot of creepy old people who just stood and stared making things a little uncomfortable. But i enjoyed myself nonetheless and got home somehow in the middle of the morning.

Sunday was spent mostly sleeping until i finally decided to get out of the house and go for a walk with 2 of my friends and then back home to sleep again before my 8am school start with a new course.

At the moment i am doing 2 courses - nutrition 2 and applied nutrition. So it is ALOT of work. 5 group projects, seminariums, test to study for, diet analysis and report of the diet with the changes which need to be made to reach the nutrition requirements. Then also cooking and a demonstration of the food and talking about the food intake and what needs to be changed and why etc So basically a whole lot of work which means not alot of blogging time! Alot of time in school and lectures as well as at home study.

Otherwise this week what have i done... ive cleaned the whole apartment, meal prepped, gotten back to the gym again, gone on a job interview.....

Bacially life is just flowing by - living life and not even having time or thought to update on here. Which i guess is kind of understandable, i mean its pretty great that i dont even have time to update on here, thats how life should be. I cant live my life through social media after all, however i do like sharing on here. But there isnt so many life updates because either 1) i do nothing but study and workout all day so there is nothing to share or 2) i do so much in a day that i dont even have time or energy to update! But life is good mostly... i have also had ALOT of anxiety. But i am choosing to keep that outside of my blog for the moment... i dont want to write about my anxiety even if i have alot of it. I dont want to write about the anxiety and panic attacks ive had, instead i choose to focus on the postiives and the good things in my life!!

Also i do need to mention that attack in Stockholm yesterday evening. I usually dont post about these types of things because i dont think its necessary on here, you get your news and facts from other places and dont need to be reminded about these types of things on my blog. But it was very shocking yesterday, also that i have friends and family who were close by where it happened. It left me feeling very shocked and anxious and just in a weird state, but i am not going to make this about me. It is a terrible thing and very shocking, but i also know that this type of thing happens alot more frequently in other countries and many dont care or think about that. The whole thing is just very scary and unomfortable and hopefully it wont happen again. I was lucky that everyone i know is safe and ok, which isnt the case for everybody. To help feel bettter and not feel so anxious or scared over the whole thing i enjoyed dinner with my house mates and just spent time with them so that i wasnt alone with too many thoughts as then i can get very sad over humanity and just feel like its "too much". But i am going to end this post here as it is long enough already... i guess i just wanted to update about my life recently!!!


  1. I'm glad you've had some nice times this week :) And yes all these terrorist attacks are really upsetting ....
    I know you said you didn't want to talk about your anxiety so sorry but I was wondering if you had tried therapy for general anxiety? Because it's been recommended to me but I'm not sure it'll really help, especially as I am a very closed up person I don't like talking to random people who've just been paid to talk to me and have hated all the appointments I've had to go to and they have just made me really miserable so I don't want to have to go to even more appointments ....

    1. No i havent tried therapy for my anxiety, but i am sure it can give results if you are willing to give it a try, it wont hurt anyway :) I dont really like talking either, but instead i talk to my family and that works well for me as well as writing. So if you dont feel like talking maybe try other methods and see if they work or talk to someone close to you?

  2. Good to read you have a mostly good week and are happy living life! The vegan event sounded great, and such a lot of food - I bet you were spoilt for choice!
    I was saddened to hear about the terror attack in Stockholm in the news yesterday. Something similar happened here in London a couple of weeks ago. It is so terrible and so sad. It really makes you think about how precious life really is and how we should appreciate each day, not sweat so much over the small stuff. Hopefully there won`t be any repeat of these terrible, mindless acts.
    The night club you went to - what made you go to an over 25`s night? But I hope you had fun anyway :)
    Your course sounds really interesting, and very hard work - I expect you are looking forward to Easter when you no doubt will get a break? How much longer has your course got left to run?
    Good luck with the outcome of your job interview - I hope you get it!
    Have a good weekend hopefully enjoying the sunshine - here the temp has reached 20 c the last couple of days and its been so nice to see the sun and feel the warmth of the brighter days - makes me long for summer even more!
    Take care and have a good week ahead :)

  3. Thank you so much for this update, Izzy. Yes, of course you must live life if it is a choice between living it or writing about it, or if writing about it gets too much. But, it is lovely to read and to hear how you are and what you are doing. I am glad you are doing so many fun things, it sounds busy in a really good way.
    I am sorry about the anxiety though. Thank you for mentioning it. I hope you find a way to manage it effectively. I used to struggle with huge anxiety but it got better. I wish I had a recipe for curing it that I could just give you, but I think it is like all these things ... and you know yourself how things go with mental health. Take care, and have a good weekend, <3, x. I hope you find a place of peace this weekend after / amidst so much activity.