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Friday, April 28, 2017

Eating for optimal nutrition

Whenever i say i am a vegan who is studying nutrition 2 thoughts seem to pop into peoples minds.

1) I eat super healthy, lots of raw food and i only give out vegan nutrition advice.
2) I eat optimally healthy and never eat junk food. 

Both thoughts are wrong... or well, they are sort of true but not really.

Yes im vegan, yes i study nutrition but that doesnt mean i eat optimally healthy or only for nutrition. I also eat foods just because im craving them, i eat extra food just because it tastes delicious. I dont always think about what is nutritionally best or think about food combining for best uptake and absorption. Of course i am aware about food combining and what to think about when it comes to calcium, iron, zink, essential fatty acids on a vegan diet, but i dont always follow those facts, infact rarely... i just eat.

Sometimes i think i should follow my own nutrition knowledge a little better than i do. I should think more about adding whole grains when i eat beans, add something with C vitamin with my iron rich meals, think about eating foods with extra zink or calcium. But i dont eat because of optimal nutrition, i eat the foods i like, enjoy and crave.

One of my best tips though when it comes to being vegan is to eat fortified foods. Drink oat/soy milk which is enriched with vitamins, and spread which has omega 3 & 6 (from a vegetable source), eat lots of nuts and seeds and try to eat something with C vitamin with your main meals. But also a vegan diet doesnt have b12 and can be low on D vitamin (and at times iron because the iron doest get absorbed as well as iron from animal sources, but also a low D vitamin status can mea lower absorbtion of calcium. It all goes together!! Too much of something isnt good but too little isnt good either.) So taking a multivitamin can be beneficial, HOWEVER it can be good to get blood tests done before you start taking a multivitamin with too high percent of different vitamins just incase - you dont want to overdose on certain vitamins! But also, your nutrition SHOULD come from food first... just like taking antioxidant pills wont do as good (and can infact turn into oxidants in the body and do harm) as just eating fruit and vegetables which will actually have an antioxidant effect in the body.

When you are vegan it is important to be a little bit more aware about what you eat i.e make sure to eat varied and ENOUGH. But also not just a bunch of raw food.... i have my judgements against fruitarians and raw food fanatics because they can lack all the macro and micronutrients and raw food isnt always absorbed best so you think your getting enough iron or calcium or zink or vitamin A but infact those vitamins/minerals arent even being absorbed because of inhibtory factors in the meal/food. If you eat enough and eat varied the chances of lacking certain vitamins or minerals lessens unless you have an illness or something that can affect your absorption of different vitamins/minerals, but generally the more you eat, the more vitamins and minerals you get,

However eating doesnt always have to be for health, it can be just for enjoyment. Such as oreos might not give me any nutritional health, but it gives me satisfaction and enjoyment and that is enough reason for me to eat them but of course oreos will never be something that replaces other things in my diet, instead its just an extra.... just like chocolate, ice cream, cookies, cakes etc they should be an extra to your diet, but not replace snacks or meals.

Not every meal has to be super nutritionally dense or eaten for optimal health, some meals can be eaten just for enjoyment!!


  1. Do you ever find it hard kind of knowing too much about what you should eat? I sometimes struggle with being obsessive about health foods and I think if I studied nutrition as an all the time subject I might find it kind of overwhelming ...? But I suppose you've been recovered for long enough to cope better

  2. Haha I have this struggle everyday. I love eating healthy and always dream of eating optimally nutritious food everyday but end up eating too much rice and then get too full to have a fruit snack or whatever. I try my best to have all the fruits in the morning and a lot of veggies in lunch to make comfort my conscience. But I always feel happy when I eat healthy but to have this ideal diet is a bit unsatisfactory. I never feel good if I don't eat a few breadsticks even if they aren't nutritious for a snack.. it's all about balance in the end :)

  3. Totally feel you on being sceptical towards fruitarian or raw food people. Also because the quality o raw foods isn't equally good in every country. Picking ripe fruit from a tree will give you a ton more nutrients than having shipped mango's or whatever. But still then it's indeed not a good idea. It would be extremely difficult to reach nutrient requirements. Furthermore i feel like it would be bad for someone to exclude that many products from ones diet by following such a strict regime around food. Wouldn't be fun to me at least! And don't forget those with ED's, i mean when you're prone to ed or other compulsive behaviour it's probably a bad idea to follow ANY diet regime. Meaning paleo, raw food, iifym etc. It's just weird imo :) And no i don't few veganism as a diet. Plantbased would be probably but i think the only reason ever to go vegan for someone with an ed past should be ethical.

  4. Yes!! Thank you for this. I've been challenging myself a lot more recently to eat what I'm craving and allowing myself treats, even if they won't do anything for me nutritionally wise. Because that's okay! I had a cinnamon bun today because I wanted to! Not everything has to have a reason :) and it was delicious and I enjoyed every bite.
    The body breaks down everything into the same building blocks. I've found that learning the science behind how the body works has really helped me improve my relationship with food and develop better eating habits. Yay for science lol

  5. I think a little knowledge about what you are eating/should be eating to stay healthy is useful but it shouldn't get in the way of your enjoyment of food. I think its important that you also have foods that you eat just because you fancy them, not because you feel you have to.
    Food is a pleasure after all, and after an ED it is even more important that you feel free and able to explore food again. Yes, I like the healthy options, but I also like my biscuits and chocolate!

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