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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Easter 2017

Easter 2017.... the days have flown by far too quickly and the days have all blurred into one, so its hard to distinguish what i did one day from the next, haha.

Now when im older - and no longer have an eating disorder - easter really isnt a big thing for me, its not a holiday i celebrate, instead i just think its nice with a few days free from school. This year there havent been any big celebrations, instead just family time which is exactly what i wanted and needed.

On Sunday we invited my aunt and her partner over for an Easter lunch and there was nothing too special or too big preparations beforehand, instead it was just a small and nice lunch. I felt no need to make vegan versions of traditional Easter food so instead i just ate my normal food while the others ate the typical Easter food.

I also made a cake - sort of last minute. With all the school work i had no time to think about a cake or create my own recipe or even be creative enough to think of decorations or plan ahead. So instead i found a vegan cake recipe online in the spur of the moment, sent the ingredients to my parents and just decided to make that cake. When i began making the cake i realized that the pink marzipan had e120 which is from lice/insects and not vegan. However as i hadnt planned on eating the marzipan anyway as i dont like it i didnt think there was a need to complain or change it... as i see it, there is a time and a place for such discussions. And really it wasnt a big deal for me anyway, instead seeing the bigger picture that 99% of the cake was vegan and thats what matters!

And the cake turned out delicious according to me and everyone who ate. It was a vegan "Princesscake" and very easy to make. Though i realized afterwards that i should have made something with chocolate but then it was too late, haha.

Then on Monday i started my day with a walk and an outside workout with my sister - both of using feeling extra energetic and missing the gym! The rest of the day was just spent studying before i finally left the house again - out into the snow - to meet two of my friends and we bought sushi and pizza and sat and talked for a while, catching up on each others lives!! We dont have so much contact anymore as we all live in different places but whenever we do meet it is always just as nice and like old times!! Its so important to keep friends and family close even if its long distance, and something i need to get better at is replying and writing to family/friends!

That sums up my Easter for this year and now its just focus on school again!

I hope you have had a good Easter if you celebrate, and been able to enjoy the chocolate and food :)


  1. You are such a clever baker! The cake is beautiful, and you always seem to whip up the most wonderful cakes as if they just came through your fingertips! I need recipes and patience with disasters! <3 Hope school goes well, even if you would rather be home still.

  2. Your cake looked amazing Izzy - but I`m wondering how you got the marzipan to sit on all that cream without it squishing??? You`re very clever - perhaps you should think about opening a vegan café or something with all your delicious looking baking! Its been a while since I`ve done any baking - when I think back to the time I used to bake EVERYDAY (cakes for others, biscuits for others - never eating it myself) its hard to believe I did it. One of the traits of anorexia I guess which I am actually glad I have overcome. Although I do mean to bake a boiled fruit cake in the very near future, for some reason I have a craving for it and store brought cakes are just too sweet for me. So as soon as I manage to google a suitable recipe I will make one :)
    Glad you had a good Easter with your family and friends - don`t forget May Day is coming up shortly - another long weekend break!