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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Comparing myself and feeling like im not good enough

The past few days or even longer ive gotten into this bad habit of negative thinking and comparing myself to others.... mostly others online.

How many posts have i made about this saying how comparison is the thief of joy (because it really is!), and how many posts about advice on how to not compare yourself to others, yet here i am doing that exact same thing. But by writing this post i am making an active choice to stop with that... to remind myself why i shouldnt compare myself to others and especially not others online where i know nothing about them or their lives. Just like you shouldnt compare yourself with me or what i show online, because what is posted online is just what the author/creater wants you to see.

Ive gotten into this negative thinking where i feel like i am not good enough at what i do. Always someone better, always someone smarter and more creative. Someone younger who has already achieved my goals. Feeling like what i do isnt good enough ,i need to do more but dont know what... feeling held back by my own insecurities and fears and one thing holding me back is this voice telling me im not good enough, why would anyone be interested or care about what i do. There will always be others who write better than me, who take better pictures than me, who are more inspiring, who have a more inspirational journey, who are prettier, who are happier and more flawless and the list goes on. And the truth is that YES, there will always be someone who is better at different things than me and THATS OK. Thats what i need to remind myself, its ok to be different and its ok to be at different levels of things in life. People are good at different things and thats just the way life is... some people win the genetic jackpot and are good at many things, but i like to think that practise is key. .That if you arent good at something, with some practise you can atleast get better!!

I find that these thoughts hold me back in life... i think, whats the point in making my own business when someone else out there will be doing it better than me. When someone else out there can do everything better than me already. Why blog or take pictures when others are better at it than me and i should just give up. But when i think logically and rationally those thoughts are very silly and its just insecurities getting in my way and getting me down.

Instead of thinking im not good enough - which i feel like i have done all my life. Ive never really felt im good at something, always felt like i have no talent and everyone else is better at everything than me... that im just "ok" at something things but not truly good at everything. This of course is a lie and i know that i am good at different things and with practise i can get better as well!

I am choosing to see the things i am good at. Choosing to lift up my positives and think positively about myself because these comparison thoughts have gotten me down alot recently. Ive felt unmotivated and felt that negativity in my mind... that worthless feeling which drains you of energy and makes you sit and feel worthless. But thats not how i want to live my life and i dont want those thoughts in my head.

WE ARE ALL GOOD AT SOMETHING. AND THERE WILL ALWAYS BE SOMEONE WHO IS BETTER AND SOMEONE WHO IS WORSE. There are very few people who are the best at something and even then there can always end up being someone who is better over time. So its best to just focus on what you are good at or want to get better at and instead of feeling jealous, feel inspired.... feel inspired and motivated by those who are better and get tips from them. DOnt hold yourself back, instead keep going and decide to get better and not just give up.

I want you all to comment below something you are good at or more things... boast about yourself and compliment yourself! No comparison or jealousy!!

Stop overthinking, you’re only creating problems that aren’t there.

Amazing quotes for fighting comparison blues.:


  1. Hmm thank you for this post! Well, something I'm good at would be writing (I love to write) and I can understand people a lot and acknowledge their feelings which makes me a good listener. :)

  2. Oh man I always feel so awkward talking about things that I'm good at?? I feel so conceited and snobby :/
    But umm I'm a really good writer...I'm in first year Uni and multiple profs have commented on how well I write, which is kind of cool. I've started writing for an online publication which I absolutely LOVE and my last article has gotten over 100 thousand read already
    I like to think that I'm a good student. I always put in 110% effort and I study and learn all the time. I have so many extra textbooks lying around that I've collected to read in my spare time lol
    I'm good at making waffles! I made up my own vegan and GF recipe and they are absolutely fabulous.

  3. oof this is a tough one! I do believe though that social media is a bitch in many ways. It does cause people to compare themselves way too much in an unhealthy manner to others. And like you say yourself: You don't know so much about them anyway! They only share what they want you to see. What i do love about your blog though is your honesty. That's sth many people really don't share. If they do it's only in a very superficial way imo. But please girl do not let others' achievemtns bring you down. Cause even though there's always someone out there who does sth better than you etc. There isn't another Izzy out there!! YOU are unique. So am I. So is every single soul on this beautiful earth <3

  4. Who says there are others out there better at something than you?? You don`t know that, you are only guessing. Who`s to say that you aren't brilliant at something too - I bet that's other peoples opinion about a lot of things you do :) Have faith in your abilities and be proud of yourself :)
    This post certainly got me thinking and I quite agree it is hard to compliment yourself but we shouldn't let that stop us - we should take more pride in our acomplishments and stop giving ourselves such a tough time.
    I have a good eye for colour and are quite handy with a paint brush. I have chosen the colour scheme and decorated my whole house, learning new techniques as I go. I even managed to master wallpaper and that's quite an achievement! As well as decorating I love to paint and draw and with practise I am doing quite well. Some of my pictures are framed and on the wall!
    At the end of the day I think you have to be honest with yourself and allow yourself to give credit to yourself. Believe in yourself. You are a worthwhile person and have many strengths that others admire. Think positive about yourself and banish those negative thoughts that are wrong and drag you down. I think you are a wonderful person!