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Saturday, April 1, 2017

April 1st 2017

A new day and a new month. 3 months of the year has passed. 25% of 2017 has already been experienced and lived, its rather amazing if you choose to see it positively.

So much that has happened and so much that can and will happen for the rest of the year.

Sometimes it's easy to feel overwhelmed by time and feeling like the days are going by so fast and you arent really doing anything. You are alive but not really living. You arent reaching goals or doing anything worth while... instead just repeating steps and actions each day, almost like living the same day on repeat. Somtimes i feel like this... the bored, overwhelmed and slightly anxious feelings about my future. Thinking, im not living life, not doing anything productive but at the same time i am so bored of my current life.. i need something to happen.

But the more i try to think positively and think of the small and positive things each day. As well as taking each chance and day as a way to do something towards my future, the more i realise that the days arent wasted. Sure, yesterday i did my test then walked around in the stores with my friends and after that just watched series.... in a way its a "wasted day", but in actuality it isnt. I may not have been so productive, but what i needed most of all was rest and to have nothing i "had to" do, i needed a break. So that day was exactly what i needed and not a wasted day.

I try to find the positives about each day, make each day worthwhile but also see the uniqueness of each day.... Make each day special in its own way.

Of course thinking this way isnt always easy, but i find that it helps. To realise that in small steps i am working towards my goals and that even though each day might feel the same they really arent, not to mention that what is productive one day might be different another day.

Life is beautiful and amazing if you allow it to be. I might just be writing this because i am caught up in the beauty of a new day and a new month and all the possibilities and opportunities. Or maybe its because ive spent the past week filled with anxiety and negativity, so now finally when i dont have those heavy and strong feelings/emotions everything just feels 150% better and amazing and life feels so wonderful. But its all about mindset....  trying to focus on the positives and make the best out of each day no matter how you feel. But also to remember to not take the anxiety, guilt, sadness from the previous day into the new day.... instead try to sleep and let those feelings wash away and start the new day fresh!! Easier said than done, but never start your day with anxiety or guilt or panic because then the day usually turns out awful in every sense and way possible!!

So, its the start of the new month. What better than to write down your goals for the month or even your goals for the remainder of the year?

And also...  its Aprils fools day, so if you get fooled or you prank someone else... comment below what happened, i would love to hear the stories :)


  1. I get how you`re feeling. Today I woke up and just felt so happy - for no apparent reason at all - I mean nothing out of the ordinary had happened and it is just a usual day, but I just had that warm, contented feeling!
    So going to try to hang on to that for the weekend!
    Have`nt had any April Fools jokes myself but there is usually something in the news to fool us, so I`ll have a look at that later. A while back it was reporting because of the mild winter the spaggetti trees had an abundance of crops - and apparently people were phoning the newspaper asking where they could get a spaggetti tree from .....
    Have you had any April Fool pranks?
    Hope you`re having a good weekend!

  2. Thanks for writing this, it's what I needed to hear because I struggle with panicking about how fast times going and worrying that I'm wasting my life and scared of the future. I suppose maybe it's a positive thought to think that the 'aim' of each day and life in general is to enjoy yourself and do what makes you feel good, and sometimes that's doing work and preparation for the future and sometimes it's just hanging out with friends or not really doing much, and that that's enough.

  3. I have been thinking like this too. So what I do now is try to aim for something each day, whether its a step closer to a goal I have or even just to get through a "to do list" of things I have to do - and that makes me feel by the end of the day that I have achieved something....but you are right, even if the day is spent doing something fun like seeing your friends you haven't had a "wasted day" just a day spent doing something different!