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Sunday, April 23, 2017

15 lessons learned in college - how to surive college

I found these tips online and i know i have written about them before in previous post but i love how simple and summarized this list is and it might just be a good reminder for some... even if its only a month or two left of school, maybe for those starting university next year you can look back on this if you need advice or a reminder!!
Do YOU have any tips or advice to share about going to university or what has worked for you? :)

1. it’s really easy to get behind on your textbook reading, and it’s really easy to not catch back up, just read it 
2. sometimes you will start to nod off in class and your notes become illegible, when this happens, voice record the lecture on your phone, but do not do this all the time 
3. do not skip class to study for another class, it will just come to bite you in the butt later 
4. online assignments are really hard to keep up with, therefore having some type of journal, agenda, or list is crucial 
5. you either benefit from studying with other people or you get absolutely nothing done, figure this out as soon as possible 
6. a quiz in high school may have meant 5-10 questions, but in college a lot of the times it’s just one 
7. reading your notes right after class allows you to review quickly what you learned, so you don’t immediately forget 
8. you cannot study the day before an exam and get the results you want, it doesn’t work like that 
9. making friends in your classes is crucial especially if your notes aren’t as detailed as needed or you want a study partner 
10. do not waste time between classes, it is usually the most productive parts of my day and most of the time prevents me from staying up all night doing homework 
11. keep your laptop with you all the time, along with anything you might even plan on studying 
12. learn how you like to take notes, and learn it quickly, drop/add week is the best time for this 
13. do not underestimate a class or it will no doubt overwhelm you 
15. remember that your academic goals are self-defined and that you need not compete or compare to others 


  1. I'm just finishing up my first year of university and OMG these tips are 100% accurate!
    Another thing I'd like to add is prioritize sleep, and get into a routine. Try and wake up at the same time and head to bed at the same time. Your brain won't process the information if you're too tired! So sleep is really important.

  2. Setting aside a window in your day for study review. I used to do this and found it incredibly helpful to review notes, write up those notes on the day they were taken. An hour just going over what you have done that day formulates it better to memory and really helps.

  3. Another tip I would add is to have variety, when you set your ToDo list for studying. For example, i cannot learn the same thing or review the notes from the same lecture for let say 2-3 hours. Instead I start, do one subject for 1 hour, than switch, than review again. I noticed, that not only get I bored doing the same thing for a long period of time, but I am also not so productive when i know, that i have almost the whole day for one lecture. Also my brain kind of need some span of time to perceive the information and it is much easier for me to review afterwards.