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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Worrying ourselves sick

Worry about school.
Worry about work.
Worry about our future.
Worry before an exam.
Worry before a job interview.
Worry before going to a party.
Worry before sending the first message.
Worry about talking first.
Worry about the presentation.
Worry about friends or partners or family.
Worry about economy.


I am a worrier... i can get so wound up and worried about silly things before they happen. I can paint up a picture that everything will go wrong or make things out to be worse than they actually turn out to be. I worry mostly about scenarios and how things will go - a part of the "control freak" in me, wanting things to turn out the way i planned in my head but over the years ive realised they never do. Over the years i have learnt to not worry so much about what might happen and instead just go with it.
I am lucky though that i dont care or worry about what people think of me... for example when it comes to presentations or job interviews, i dont worry what people will think about me... but i worry about that something might go wrong anyway.

All that worry... all that energy that goes towards pictuing scenarios that might happen or thinking about what could go wrong. All that energy could be used towards something else. Bbecause that worry so easily turns into stress or anxiety and things are never as bad as you imagined anyway so its just wasted time, energy and happiness.

I remember in recovery i often worried so much about eating a fear food before i actually ate it. I could spend hours, days and weeks worrying about when i would have to eat chocolate or when Mando would make me eat pizza or when i would get served ice cream instead of yoghurt for a snack. So much worrying and when the time came to eating it was never as bad as i imagined. There was guilt and anxiety involved but i survived and i didnt gain a bunch of weight like i had feared and worried about.. life went on. All that worrying and thinking i would gain a bunch of weight just because i ate an ice cream and then when i did eat the ice cream i didnt even gain weight. Just the fear and worrying when it wasnt even as bad as i had made it out to be.

One of my goals is to worry less about life... i am half way there and definitely worry alot less than i once did. This has also helpd me to bite my nails less as well as not biting my knuckles which i do when im stressed, anxious or worried. So by trying to stay calm, realise that situations are never as bad as i picture or imagine them to be i can stay calm - and that of course helps me stress less.

So i highly advise you to join me in the worrying less mindset!! It helps your health - physical and mental - so much and all that energy can be used towards productivity or something else in your life!

Become a WARRIOR not a WORRIER!
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Below are some posts about how to worry less. I dont personally have so much advice or tips to give instead when i find myself worrying i try to think rationally ask myself, Why am i worried and do i need to be? And how to change those thoughts so that i amnt worried. And even if things do go wrong or the worst scenario happens, so what... life goes on. And so many times now situations have always gone so much better and all the worrying beforehand has been a waste of energy and time.

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  1. Hello Izzy - just a quick question - do green broad beans fall into the same food group, ie source of protein and carbs as beans such as cannellini beans / black eye beans? I ask because I love broad beans but have a bit of difficulty with beans such as I mentioned and was wondering if it was ok to have these instead?
    Also, I`ve been given some coconut flour to try out baking with but have never used it before. Does it taste like coconuts in baking? I want to make some pastry but am reluctant to do so in case it tastes of coconut and therefore would be better just used for cakes/biscuits? I don`t want to waste it.
    Thank you in advance if you`ve got chance to answer these questions xxx

    1. Yes all beans - black eye beans, chickpeas, cannellini beans, black beans etc are both a source of carbs and protein :) Some beans are harder to digest so its just to test and see. I personally cant eat peas as they give me alot of stomach pain. Also make sure the beans are cooked properly or even try mashing them to see if that helps!

      It depends what coconut flour you have but the ones i have used it does taste like coconut. It does work well for bread or pancake or cakes/biscuits. However it is very different from other types of flours as it has very little carbohydrates or any "binding" agent in it so i highly recommend following a recipe and not just experimenting, but also what you make will taste different and have a different texture and consistency from other baked goods.

  2. I find it inspiring that you don't worry about what other people think of you. :-)
    Well done for improving with the other worries :-)

    1. Its taken a long time but 98% of the time i dont care... not even if i trip and fall or if i say something embarrassing, i just laugh it off. Its a very amazing feeling :)

  3. Wow this is so true ;) I am also such a worrier :( I hate it but i really overthink everything and want to plan everything :( so i also experience such a fear very often and i think truly having a different attitude can help so much like: this absolutely shouldn´t bother me or i don´t care :) thanks for sharing this post :) it shows me that i am not alone with such thoughts :) xxxxx Ange

  4. Yes - that's a very good mindset to try to adapt to. I`m a bit of a worrier, I tend to think things until they get so huge they really prey on my mind and just take over. I have found relaxing to relaxation cds incredibly helpful, as with talking the problem/worry through - but of course you can`t always talk about it to others - so talking to yourself helps! Gets it straighter in your head somehow.
    I think I`ll join you and try to worry less!