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Saturday, March 18, 2017

What to do with left overs

After making my previous, how to waste less food post, i thought i would carry on and leave my tips with what to do with left overs! Of course leftovers can be anything and somethings all you can do is throw it all together on a plate and just have a mini buffet of food. Though people also like to eat differently - for example i can eat the same food over and over and not get tired, but also i can eat 6 or 7 types of food on my plate and just mix it all together or have a "little bit of everything". Whereas i know many who are the complete opposite, where they cant eat the same dish more than 2 times a week (which is what leads to so much food waste in their house) but also they only like few foods on their plate. For example just fish, rice and brocolli and they dont want to mix or they dont like soup or food where there are lots of different tastes of textures. 

So maybe these tips wont be helpful for you at all... all depending on how or what you like to eat, but maybe if you have any advice you can comment below!!

If you have left over potatoes or vegetables or even some fish or meat (that has of course been stored properly!) or tofu etc heat it up and make a wok. Or make a soup. Or heat it up in a pan and make a sort of "scramble" and throw it into some taco shells or a wrap or some bread = tasty left over sandwich!

Or you can make an omelette if you have eggs/eat eggs where you just throw in the left over vegetables/beans/meat etc

Left over potatoes? You can just throw them in a pan with some oil and heat up. Or throw them into a bowl and make mashed potatoes or make "potatoe waffles" out of them.

Left over salad? You can make soup out of them. Or once again... throw into a pan and make a stir fry. Might not work so well with cucumber (but throw that cucumber into a glass of water and have cucumber flavoured water. Or use the cucumber under your eyes as thats supposed to be cooling and helpful. OR... chop up the cucumber and throw into an ice tray, pour in some water and then into the freezer so you will have cucumber ice cubes ready! Or make tzatsiki with the cucumber.). 

Left over milk or dairy products? Make pancakes, milkshake, smoothie? Dairy products can be frozen to give longer storage time, however isnt recommended as the taste/texture can change. So its best to use them up before they go bad.  Make sauces from creme fraiche or quark and eat with other left overs or with vegetables.

Bread thats going bad? Bread can be frozen but if you want to use it up then you can make bread puddding or frech toast or even bread crumbs. (or feed ducks with the stale bread.) You can also make croutons from the bread. Or if you have bread rolls you can take out the bread filling and then fill that "hole" with left overr/other ingredients and then into the oven to heat.

Fruit and berries? You can make pies, muffins, bars. Or make compot or jam or sauce with the fruit or berries. Or freezing works well for some fruits. Otherwise making juice or smoothies from them. Or if you have lemon or berries then you can throw them into an ice tray and have ice cubes with berries in them. (But it might be easier to just freeze the berries as they are!).

Left over pasta? Make a pasta bake or a pasta salad. (Same goes for left over potatoes... make a cold potatoe salad. Or even with beetroots or other vegetables ... just chop them up, mix together with mayonnaise or cream sauce (i.e can be made vegan of course!) and throw in some seasoning and then you have a yummy mix to eat as it is or on sandwiches.)  Also making a fritata or pasta soup.

Left over beans? Make burgers, falafels, "taco" mix, roast in the oven, make a "hummus" (from any type of bean), or just add some type of sauce. Or you can even bake with left over beans i.e black bean brownies, chickpea cookies etc etc the ideas are endless!

Onions going bad? Make onion soup or just throw all the onions into a pan with lots of oil and fry until smooth and then im sure you can freeze it in and later use for soups or stir fries etc. Make onion broth - onion can also help for colds so maybe cook together onion and garlic and black pepper which can later be used/drank when you have a cold.

Left over avocado? Make guacamole or pesto or mix with pasta. Or use as a face mask.

For now this was all i could think about so i will leave THIS link with 65 other (maybe the same?) recipes with what to do with left overs! So hopefully less food waste with these ideas in the back of your mind!


  1. Love this post:) thank you Izzy!

  2. Love this post and would like to see more things like this! I found the tips useful and have certainly given me some new ideas to try, so thanks for this :)

    Can I just add though - and maybe you can do a longer post about this (?) that storage and re - heating of left overs is paramount. Make sure that left-overs are chilled as soon as they are cool enough to place in the fridge or freezer and go into suitable covered containers or covered in cling film. Also food should be absolutely piping hot if re-heating, and take extra care where re-heating rice/eating cold left-over rice as it can develop a bacteria that isn't destroyed with re-heating. And never leave unused food in an open can in the fridge - transfer it into a covered container.
    Great post Izzy, how do you find all these interesting links?