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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Vegan on a college budget & how to save money

I have a question, how do you manage being vegan on a college budget and what tactics do you use to get money in college? Thanks Izzy! :) I really enjoy 😊 your vegan and fitness 💪🏻 posts 💕💕💕

First off thank you :)

Moving away from home has never been a problem for me economically which is something i am very thankful for. However i do take a student loan which will of course have to be repaid once i am finished studying at university. University in Sweden is free, aside from having to buy course literature which at times can be up to 100-€150 for just one course. But the main cost and reason for the loan is to be able to pay for rent and food and life while studying 100%.

60-70% of my budget goes towards rent, phone bills, medical bills (i.e all my medicines), gym card, bus card. And 25-30% goes towards food and then whatever is left over is spent on other things such as if i need something new or need to buy something for the house etc

I personally spend quite alot on food each month - alot more than people i know. And sometimes i feel a little ashamed, also when people think i spend so little because vegan food is so cheap. And yes, lentils, potatoes, oats, in season vegetables/frozen vegetables are cheap and if i were to eat those foods 85% i would most likely spend less on food. However when you have a higher calorie need you automatically eat more and spend more money on food (most often), as well as i like variation and i dont mind spending a little extra to treat myself some evenings or to buy random blueberries or if i really crave a certain food/meal i'll get those ingredients. So i definitely dont have a student food budget, but i prioritize food before other things each month. And with the money left over each month i usually save or i will buy the things i need. However i am not so much for materialistic items so dont buy new clothes or items so often, only when absolutely necessary. However i wouldnt get a prize for being super economy smart as i spend a little too much on coffees or energy drinks while at school. Most people in my class bring a thermos with tea or coffee but i have yet to find a thermos that keeps the coffee warm for several hours before i actually drink it, and also doesnt spill when in a bag (as its happened a few too many times when ive walked to school or the gym and had a thermos in my bag and its spilled, haha.)

I dont have a job and so dont earn money instead i just rely on my student loan. I have at times been offered money to do collaborations with companies online, however i dont personally feel like earning money and then promoting skinny teas or detoxes or other brands when i wouldnt use those items myself and definitely dont want to promte them. I dont do many collaborations anymore, only if its an item i already use or love and then the company contacts me - then i dont see a problem with collaborating if i can recommend the product and write an honest review! However collaborations dont exactly give that much money and often its just free items.

When i buy things i do try to think smart and can go to 3 different stores to do my weekly shopping as i buy what is on sale/cheap at the different places. Also buying in season vegetables is both good for the wallet as well as the planet.

Also buying clothes on sale or using discount codes when buying things i need is a way to save money - but also not just buying things because they are on sale.

Another tip is to always bring a bag(or bags!) with you when food shopping. This is both good for the planet and your economy...  I once counted out that in a month i used to buy 16-20 plastic bags which is sort of ridiculous. Now i only buy a plastic bag if i have gone to the store after school and dont have place in my bag to put my food or if i bought more than planned and everything didnt fit in the bags i brought.

Other ways to save money are to plan out your food - do weekly food shopping (or i buy food 2 times a week as i cant walk home with a whole weeks worth of food) and eat the same food but in different ways. And if you meal prep then that saves you time and you wont need to buy food out!

If there is certain food you eat alot of, buy it in bulk. For example oatmeal i usually buy in bulk as well as soy protein and nuts as i know i eat alot of those and its alot cheaper and lasts longer!

Couponing or signing up to a stores bonus point system (or whatever system they have) is a good way to save money if you get discounts!

And other ways to save money.... look at your phone bill and choose the phone subscription (?) which suits you best. For example in the past i used to pay for every message and minute of phone call as that worked best for me, but now i call my family all the time so it works better to just have a standard monthly payment and unlimited phone calls and texts.

Also whether you need a bus card or not, or whether you can invest in a bicycle. Though taking public transport is always better than taking a car - unless you are carpooling! But in summer i most likely wont have a bus card and will just walk everywhere as its so close, and at the moment i just pay each time i use the bus as i either walk or take a free transport into town so i dont need a monthly bus card - so that saves me money as well.

Anyway... i could write alot more about how to save money or even tips when moving away from home. What to think about and such so if anyone is interested in that just comment below :)

Not so sure if i answered your question or not as its taken me 3 days to answer this post due to lack of time, haha!!

^^Im the type of person who saves money and then spends it on something i really want such as a new camera or a tattoo or a trip somewhere. Much prefer that than spending all my money each month on small items like clothes or bags or make up. But EACH TO THEIR OWN! :)


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  2. In America there is a company called Hydro Flask that is very famous for making drink cups/thermos that keeps things cold for 24 hrs or hot for like 6-8. I'm not sure if you could order them online to be sent to you but thought I'd cast the suggestion out if you're looking for one!

  3. Thank you so much for answering my question Izzy this really helps 😊

  4. Yes, tips about moving from home would be good!
    I think you`ve got a very good "system" in place, Izzy and it seems to work well for you. How do you manage to stay so organized though ie not run out of money or overspend before the end of the week?