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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Sunshine and spring time

Its amazing how just a little bit of sunshine and extra daylight can make such a huge difference in overall wellbeing. In energy levels, humor, overall life motivation and happiness. Its been rather sunny and alot bright for longer these days and i just feel so much happiness that its going to get warmer and brighter soon. Of course March and April are still rather unpredictable in what weather it will be, i.e there might come random snowfalls or lots and lots of rain so its not just bright days and sun.

I have now finished all my cooking lectures and sent in my group work so now its just a week to focus on my test. It feels good to have "alot" of time to just sit and read and study but also so that i can do other things than just study or be in school... now i can go for walks outside, look in stores (as if that would happen, hahah.), not just make simple food but actually something new and different etc etc

So i am going to start off my 7 days of at home study with a walk along with the water and then food shopping and meal prepping before beginning my study! This day will also include cleaning my room, the house and doing the laundry. So a day filled up with producitivity!

I also feel motivated and productive in other areas of my life. Thinking about how to go from A to B, how to progress and grow. What i want to do in the future and what steps i can take now to help. Its easy to just sit and think "im studying so i cant do anything"... but what i do now will help for the future. Just because i get a qualification/certification at the end of my 3 years doesnt mean i am guaranteed a job, far from it infact as the program i am studying is very broad and means that i can work with so much. Not to mention that i will most likely go different courses in different topics to further help me. But there is no point sitting around just waiting until the day i get my bachelors, and instead ask myself what can i do now that will help and be useful in the future! So im also looking at different courses to maybe go during summer as well as sending out alot of job applications to different places to see if i hopefully get a job somewhere!!!

The future is very uncertain and you never know where you will end up, but atleast i can try to take steps towards what i want and what i want to do!!

Are you noticing a difference in your mood or energy with spring time coming around (in the countries that this applies to!) or maybe its getting colder and going to winter season and your country... do you notice a difference in your mood and energy from the summer to winter? :)


  1. In our country it's like it were already summer, during the day, the temperature is up to 20 celsius degrees or more lol. It gives you energy, but the sudden change(the last week it was cold and raining) is a bit tyring and causes headaches

  2. The clocks change here in the UK on Sunday - go forward by an hour so its officially the start of British Summertime! And it feels as though it has been a long time coming - I am heartily fed up with this cold,wet and dreary winter we have been getting and am really looking forward to the sunshine (such as it is in England :)) Getting used to that change in time takes a few days to adjust to though, plus you lose an hours sleep at night!
    Yes, I have definitely noticed a change in my energy levels and mood since the days have been getting longer and brighter. The lighter days definitely makes me feel better, gives me an enthusiasm to do things and of things to look forward too. I like the early mornings the best when there is that definite "feel" to the air of coming brightness and warmth, and ofcourse the lighter evenings mean that you can get out and do things more.
    Hope you are having a good week and enjoying your free study time at home. When do you break for Easter? Have you time off and have you any plans?