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Monday, March 27, 2017

New week, structure and routine

Good morning everyone :)

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend and been able to rest up, or be productive and get lots done.. whatever you needed the most :)

My 4 day weekend, i.e Thursday to Sunday has just been a sort of blur where the days have glided into one. Ive studied at home, worked out, gone for walks outside, meal prepped, watched series, slept a whole bunch and on Friday evening it was a spontaneous agreement to go to a house party. All i can say is that that party got way too crazy and out of hand with tables being turned, physical altercations, neighbours complaining and a high risk that the police was going to be called. And far too much alcohol for my poor body, but yet i was still the most sober one and just trying to get my friend out of the party before something seriously bad would happen. Safe to say that the next 48 hours i felt tired and still almost a little shocked at everything that happened that night and just a reminder why i dislike alcohol and how it can change people so completely. Im pretty sure the people were nice but the alcohol turned them violent and agressive and that is not people i want to be around, especially not when different substances are involved.  For now im ok if i dont party at all for the next 6-12 months.... however ive got a bunch of parties lined up over the next few weeks, but i'll see whether i go and just go sober or if i just dont go at all to avoid alcohol and alcohol affected people, haha.

Moving on... its a new week and i dont think ive ever been happier to get out of the house and get back into structure and routine. To go back into school and study and feel like i am being productive. I have realised that i am someone who needs structure badly - i hate just being at home feeling like im doing nothing. Too many days at home and i start to feel a panicked feeling. Thats what i love about school or work, it gives me structure and i leave the house for several hours a day so that when i come home i can just rest. Im the type of person who needs to leave the house everyday and do something productive and also realising more and more that meeting people is so important, in the past i could go a week or more without meeting anyone but now i feel like if it goes 3-4 days without meeting my friends i start to feel a bit lonely and like i need to meet someone soon.

Now its Monday, a new week and i am ready to be productive in all areas of my life. And also to get back into blogging. I had - and have - no inspiration to blog... i just dont know what to write about but i'll try my best to answer questions or blog something everyday nonetheless and see where blogging takes me whether i keep it up or decide to just let it die out and move on... i dont really know at the moment.

Anyway, i hope you all have a lovely week!!!


  1. I like it when you just write about your day. So no pressure to come up with inspiration!

  2. Hello Izzy - have you any idea why my hair has started to shed now I`m in recovery but didn't do it whilst I was restricting? I know I`m not exactly well yet but my diet has improved a lot - I am eating regularly - so can`t understand it. I thought things were supposed to get better in recovery, not worse. I`m thinking perhaps there is something I should eat to help my hair or maybe a supplement?
    Can you advise what vitamins/minerals are good for hair health? I have googled this but to be honest I was totally overwhelmed at the variety of stuff you can take that I don`t know what would really help and what was just a gimmick. If you have any ideas I would be so grateful. I thought perhaps you could answer this as you are studying nutrition and health. Also, did you experience this problem when you were recovering and how did you cope if you did?

  3. It would be a great shame if you gave up with blogging - I thought you enjoyed it?
    There is no need to be super inspirational every day, just write about what you love and know about. Maybe its time that you changed your blog away from the focus of recovered from ED`s to more of what you are about NOW - ie a student, uni life, veganism, health and happiness. You have been recovered for along time now so its no surprise that your outlook on life and your focus will have changed. Don't feel you have to give advice on recovery all the time - write about your interests and desires in life as it is for you now.
    I for one hope you will continue, but maybe like I said it is time for a different approach, with emphasis on the now rather than feeling you are going over old ground all the time?
    Write about what you are passionate about, your hopes and dreams, your uni life anything that generates your enthusiasm! I love it when you post about your day to day life, when you share your vegan recipes, when you give tips to be as happy and healthy as you can be. And ofcourse your advice about recovery has been invaluable too, and I`m sure you have succeeded in helping so many people - I know you have certainly helped, inspired me and continue to do so.
    Hope you have a great week! Have you any plans for the Easter break?

    1. I would certainly keep reading, and be very glad to do so, if it changed in the direction this reader suggests. It is great to hear about your life *now* and what interests you.

  4. A bit of structure and routine to my day is something I need as well, and I think its something practically everyone benefits from in some way. I often find I am at a bit of a loose end at weekends because the days are different, and whilst having a break from routine is often a good thing, too much of it has an adverse effect. I think that's why I take so long to get used to being on holiday, it takes me a good couple of days to adapt.
    Shame the party turned out the way it did, but you live and learn these things. It always amazes me too how much alcohol can change a person. But at least you managed to get out before things got too bad, I hope!
    Sorry you are feeling so despondant about blogging at the moment, it would be such a shame if you stopped though. Don`t worry about being creative all the time, just be you! I love your blog and really value and appreciate the time you spend on it, and you have helped me so much :)
    Have a lovely week ahead and enjoy the sunshine when you can - its officially summertime in the UK now and the past few days have been quite warm and sunny! I hope its as nice for you in Sweden :)

  5. I love your outfit Izzy and think you look great with your hair like that - lovely to see some pictures of you too! You go to your parties and wow them all!!!