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Monday, March 20, 2017

New week & live update

Good morning everyone! Or maybe it's evening time for you?

For me it's currently 6.45am and I'm on my way to the gym before school! After a week away from the gym due to being in Stockholm and then being sick I have so much more energy and motivation for the gym again. When you go to the gym several times a week for weeks on end it's easy to lose the energy and motivation especially if you don't have a goal, so then it can be good to take a break or do something else for some variation! Also don't panic if you ever feel unmotivated to exercise  for days or weeks, Instead just rest or do other things!!

Moving on.... it's a new week and today's "lecture " is the 3rd cooking lecture with focus on meat. I have alot of mixed feelings about these cooking lessons but last week when chicken and eggs was the focus I got to make a vegan dish (breaded tofu) and didn't have to do anything with the chicken or egg. So I was very thankful for that and hopefully it's the same today! But mixed feelings just being there... But it's just to accept it, it's part of my course and is obligatory.

The rest of the week it's group work, study for my test and also a cooking lesson with focus on fish. Not a whole lot of free time this week as it's alot of school work and study to do - but soon it's Easter!!

How am I feeling after Saturday evening? I'm feeling better, sleep does wonders and talking to my family. I do want to try to spend more time with my friends but with all the school work it's been hard to find the time  (for all of us) but maybe we'll just study together so we can be social and study at the same time!!

Anyway, this turned into a very long post when all I really wanted to say is I hope you all have a great week and make the best of it!! Think positive and try to laugh or smile everyday!

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  1. Hi Izzy - glad to read that you are feeling better and more like your old self again :) You`re right, sleep does wonders for how you feel.
    Hope your cookery class went ok and that you got to cook something vegan again, I can understand how you must find the current food topics uncomfortable. Are there other vegans/vegetarians in your class?
    And it will soon be Easter - this year seems to be going by so quickly but its so good that Summer is now just round the corner! I long for the warm sunny days again, I`m fed up with the cold :( I`ve already brought my family their Easter eggs - the shops are doing some really good deals on them right now and I got them some really nice ones. The chocolate can be a bit strange in Easter eggs - not taste like the normal chocolate bar but hopefully these will be ok.
    What was wrong with your dog that she had to have an operation?
    Have a great week and I hope it all goes well for you!