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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Music makes me happy

One of the small things in life that makes me happy is music and podcasts. I could be having an awful day but then decided to put on a podcast and for those 60-90 minutes i can just forget al my problems and enjoy the podcast. Also, its happened many times when im out walking and listening to a podcast and i just begin laughing out loud at something the hosts said.... it is a very befreeing feeling to just laugh along with the podcast hosts and not care what anyone else thinks!!

I am the type of person who goes through 6-7 earphones a year. Mostly because i use earphones 4-6 hours a day and several hours a week i use them at the gym. So there is alot of wear and tear when it comes to earphones and i get just as surprirsed and sad each time i realise my headphones have broken - yet again.

So when i was asked by Sudio Sweden if i wanted to try their new bluetooth headphones, Sudio Regent. 

I directly said yes because i have their other bluetooth headphones, Sudio Vasa, which are smaller but amazing sound nonetheless not to mention that bluetooth headphones make listening to music so much easier according to me. Especially at the gym so i dont have to put my phone in my sports bra!!

Even if this is a sponsored post, i will also be giving my honest review also the post and what i write is entirely up to me so if i didnt like the earphones, then i would write that. However i absaloutly love the earphones so there isnt much to complain about!
 Down below i will be comparing the two earphones and if you feel like investing in some new earphones from Sudio, then you can use the code; itshealthylifestyle for 15% off.

Sudio Regent
Sudio Vasa
Battery time
24 hours (Positive as you dont need to charge as often!)
8 hours (need to charge every 1-2 days which is easy to forget to do)
Stay in ear?
Yes – but after a few hours the top of your ear can begin to ache
Yes… though when you run or do a tough workout they can fall out.
How are the earphones during workouts?
They stay in place but if you do a very intense/sweaty workout your ears can begin to feel like a sauna
If you do to intense workout or get very sweaty they will fall out – so better recommend Sudio Regent then
Sounds quality
Very good!
Very good – a little louder than the Sudio regent as the earphones are “directly” in the ear
Easy to bring with?
Not so easy to just put in your pocket – but keep them round your neck if you aren’t using them
Easy to just put in your pocket when you aren’t using them. But also easy to lose!!
Do you hear sounds around you when using the earphones?
Sometimes.. depends on the song and/or the volume

So... there you have my honest review and both earphones are super great and i do recommend bluetooth earphones as i personally find they last longer and you arent connected to a wire.

Another little tip - if you order the Sudio Vasa, ask to get it without the leather pouch!! I was a little disappointed over that last year when i got the pouch and didnt even know about it. But now the Sudio Regent have fake leather which i am very pleased with :)

I dont often do sponsored posts but when i do its because its a product i love - so i just want to mention that when i do post pictures with the headphones - those pictures arent sponsored, thats just because i use earphones almost constantly so they will automatically be in the picture unless i purposely move the earphones away to not get them in the picture!


  1. I love listening to music when I`m out for a walk. Nothing like a good song and fresh air to lift your spirits:)

    1. Yes definitely!! Music and podcasts can change my mood completely!