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Monday, March 27, 2017

Monday - planning for the future and strawberries and cream.

Good evening everyone :)

Its 9.30pm here in Sweden and im sitting here munching on chocolate chips to satisfy my sweet tooth after dinner, and just spent the last hour making plans for the future. Feeling hopeful and excited and ready to work for my goals. Nothing in life comes for free, work and time and effort has to be put in to reach your goals and that is exactly what i plan to do.  Just need to try to figure out planning and logistics and see if i can actually turn my ideas into reality!

Today has just flown by like crazy. An early morning start, trying to get back into routine and back into the gym again. Though i cant say that the workout went so well, i am feeling a little "off" from the gym at the moment... hard to explain but like the motivation just isnt there. So instead i think ill just continue going for walks until i feel that motivation and spark to strength train again... no need to force myself to the gym if i just go there and dont feel super excited. My motivation will be back again sometime!

After that it was study on my own in school - only 3 more study days left until my test. And i am more than ready to just get it over with... at this point it just feels like i am rereading my notes over and over and getting caught up in the smallest of details which  i usually do when i study. Instead trying to focus on the bigger picture which is often what the tests are about.

And then when i got home again it was time for a snack - defrosted strawberries with cashew nuts, chocolate chips, soy whipped cream and a saffron cookie. And then i added some oatmilk and stevia once the picture was taken!

After my snack i actually fell asleep for an hour or so... not so sure why. Ive been feeling extra tired recently and not sure whether its due to lack of a vitamin or mineral or if i just generally feel a little bit out of balance, or it might even be an infection/bacteria in my lungs as i defintely feel that my CF health and breathing is alot harder at the moment. So im going to talk to my doctor and maybe start on antibiotics - again - which will hopefully help. Even if the 2 weeks im on the antibiotics they make me tired and make my mood go up and down, but in the long term its worth it.

And then after that it was just to spend some time with my room mates, make dinner and then i started with my "putting ideas onto paper and into action" and now updating my blog :)

A long, rather productive day... with a nap in the middle, hahah.

I hope you have all had a lovely Monday and a good start to the new week.


  1. Sounds like a nice relaxing night Monday :) your strawberry snack looks delicious!
    It's only 2:30 where I am and I'm busy studying for a biology lab exam I have tonight at 5:30. I'm looking forward to that being over so I can focus on other things! Only 1 1/2 more weeks of classes for me and then finals start! This year is going soooooo's kind of scary
    Have a wonderful week!

  2. Hello Izzy,
    I hope you start feeling better soon. I am sure you have researched, and I definitely do not claim to be an expert, but have you looked at alternatives for CF care? At least for antibiotics which I know are not always the best to be taking as they may harm your gut flora...
    I can't imagine how difficult it must be for you to manage the constant annoyance (pain) of CF and your blog deeply inspires me.
    Thank you Izzy!
    P.S. Where do you get your probiotics from? I know some vegan yogurts contain probiotics, as do some fermented foods, but I was just wondering where you get yours from?

  3. I brought my first strawberries of this year at the weekend - rather large "super sweet" ones - and they are truly delicious! Went out again yesterday and brought some more! I love them just on their own or with ice cream :)
    This time of year is great for all the fruits re-appearing in the shops, and I can`t wait for the new potatoes to come into season too!
    Sounds like you had a lovely, positive start to your week, and I hope you managed to get your goals straight as to how you are going to approach and achieve them. I hope your CF isn't causing you too much discomfort and if you have got problems arising from it your doctor can help you before it gets too bad. Its good you are going to see them and I hope that you feel better soon. Taking antibiotics isn't fun but its worth it when you start to feel better.
    Good luck with your coming test! What do you study next?