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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Living minimalistically - my thoughts

I was asked about my thoughts regarding living minimalistically.

I think the idea is great and it is amazing how some people live very minimalistically, and i think it can be "healthy" for some people to try to get rid of more stuff in their life. Its easy for people to only find happiness in materialistic things and just buy lots of stuff to make them happy or to fill some type of hole in their life.

I wouldnt say i live minimalistically, but compared to an "average" person i guess i might not be as interested in material things or consumerism. Over the past years of moving i have had to throw away alot of items, get rid of clothes and books and items that arent "absaloutly necessary" so that of course means that my list of material items decreases. Its kind of nice to just sort through everything you have and just throw away or give away items which arent of absaloute necessity.

I am also not the type of person who needs the same top in 5 different colours or needs 100 pairs of shoes or bags. Instead i choose the items i buy carefully and dont just buy new items without having 1-2 weeks (or months) backthought before purchasing an item. And this is not because i want to be a minimalist, but because i find it hard to buy items for myself... i am fine with buying food and treating myself to coffee and food, but when it comes to other items such as clothes or shoes or bags or even a massage or travel tickets, i cant seem to buy those items without thinking about the item for at least 2-4 weeks beforehand. And instead of giving myself 10 reasons why i should buy the item or why i need it, i give myself 15 reasons why i dont need the item and why i shouldnt buy it...and if i still feel i really want or need that item, then ill buy it. This is actually a hinder in life for me... For example  i dont spontaneously just buy a dry shampoo because i "sort of" need it, or i dont spontaneously buy a coffee cup i love when i see it... instead it takes me a few days/weeks of thinking before i purchase it.

I think living minimalistically and throwing away/giving away different items would benefit alot of people. Alot of people rely on material items and want to fill their rooms or houses with items. Once again i dont want to have my room "bare" because of a minimalist thought, but because i generally dont like having a bunch of random items on surfaces and prefer it to be clean and bare.

Living minimalistically has its benefits but also in a way i think its a little boring because even if i dont personally enjoy clothes shopping or shopping in general, its nice to feel like i have a change and variety in clothes i wear anyway! And in the future i am pretty sure i will invest in lots of different kitchen items as that is what i love and would give me materialistic happiness.

I personally prefer to spend my money on bigger things though instead of lots of small items. Such as i would rather save up my money and then spend it on one "big/expensive" item i have wanted for a while such as a new camera or travelling somewhere or a new tattoo or new headphones. Or i just save up my money for the future when i can invest in a house or a car or something like that. Also experiences are worth more to me than items... i would much rather spend my money on travelling or on train tickets to Stockholm than to spend it on new clothes, or to give money to charity or spend my money on important things like doctors appointments and dentist appointments haha.

This is my opinon and view on minimalism anyway. I am not a minimalist but i am not a shopaholic either. I dont put my happiness in materialistic items, but i do feel happy when i can invest in something i really want or need!
I think for some people it might benefit them to do some sort of 30 day minimalist challenge or just to get rid of old items or items that have no benefit to them in their current life.

What is your opinion on living minimalistically?

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  1. Well I totally agree about thinking for few weeks if you should or shouldnt buy something. I do the same. I and dont think its bad, especially if I already have some similar thing and dont necesery need a new one.

  2. Exactly! I'm a minimalist by nature and only buy things when necessary. Also, I don't like to ask money from my parents because they're already paying too much. I give money I earn from my part time job To my parents because it feels nice to help in these kind of issues. I think minmalism is healthy for our environment because it causes us to consume less resources and healthy for our minds to just let go of clutter and unnecessary items and make do with less.

  3. 100% agree! I have no problem spending money on food and treating myself every once and a while, but buying clothes is a huge struggle. I love my clothes that I have now, and I don't see the need to buy a shirt 'just because'. I'd rather save for school, textbooks, and an exchange trip in a couple years.

  4. I wouldn't say I`m exactly minimalistic - just careful with what I do choose to buy! I`ve never been one to spend afortune on things or clothes for myself either, but do enjoy buying things for other people. If I see something my partner would really like I do tend to treat him :)
    I love my books though and enjoy having found a new title by a favourite author. I agree its nice to be in the position to be able to buy something you have budgeted/saved for.