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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Knowledge is power

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One of the things that helped me alot in recovery as well as helped me to learn to love and accept my body was knowledge. Learning about how the body works, learning about why food is important, learning about nutrition and energy. Learning about exercise and why exercise is important for health not to mention the importance of exercise when you have cystic fibrosis. I learnt to love my body for what it could do and learnt to see food as something i needed and didnt have to earn or something that would make me fat. Of course when you just learn about "why you need food" its easy to get caught up in just eating healthy foods as you just eat for function and health but forget that sometimes all you need is chocolate or pizza even if its not "the optimal healthy food" it can still be healthy in other ways.

The focus shouldnt be on food and getting even more obsessed with food when you are in recovery. But knowledge helps alot. Learning about anxiety... what triggers anxiety, learning about how to cope with guilt, learning what helps with stress, learning how food works in the body and why you need carbohydrates, fat and protein. Learning why you need enough energy everyday and why 1200kcal isnt enough. Learning why your body needs rest and why overworking it isnt good. Learning what binging or purging does to your body as well as your teeth and organs and overall health.

It can help so much to read about your struggles and get more knowledge about them. Such as how serotonin or dopamine work in the brain. Or learn about what are the "working substances" in the medication you take and learn about why they work... what it is they do. Or learning why different vitamins or minerals are necessary and important to eat. When you start taking care of your body, learning how the body works it is much easier to love it and not just look on the outside. Because instead you know just how amazing the body is on the inside. You can udnerstand what you have put your body through and why you dont want to keep doing that. You learn how to take care of your body and why you want to take care of it and love it and give it nutrition and rest and exercise in a balance way. You learn why you need to sleep, why you need to take your vitamins or medication, what you should do to feel your best. You learn that health is the most important and less focus on appearance because in the long term that really isnt so important.

Of course this is just my experience and not everyone is as interested or devoted in reseraching and learning about the body, nutrition, brain etc But when you have an eating disorder it can be so easy to think "i dont need calories, i dont need rest, i dont need medication or vitamins... im not like everyone else." But when you learn and read more you realise that you do infact need those things and you arent "different" so to say. (Even if everyone needs different amounts of energy, rest, exercise etc)

I do try my best to write educational posts about nutrition and the body and such - mostly because it was something that helped me alot and i wish that i had much earlier realised how amazing the body was so that i didnt spend so many years of my life damaging and tearing my body apart and instead spent time on repairing it, loving it and taking care of it.

Just like with all other areas in life..... knowledge is power. Ive also recently just watched a few documentaries about climate change which have given me more knowledge within that area and made me think alot and rethink some of my choices in life.... so with new knowledge you can make better choices hopefully!


  1. I think this is so true. It has helped me hugely too. There are different things one needs to learn about to understand, but the better one understands, the more easily one's mind changes and loses irrational fears, or at least becomes stronger to find a path through them.
    I also wonder whether it might be important in preventing the development of eating disorders? When I was a child, I could not understand how anyone could have an eating disorder! I only understood from an external perspective, and nobody else really understood them either. The things we thought we knew just made us despise it. Then it happened, and it was nothing like one had been led to believe. It seems so sad and so strange looking back, remembering being the child who could not imagine developing these disorders, who thought it was silly to want to be thin, and morally wrong to overeat. I have had AN and BED, and I know from the inside now how complex it is. But through reading your blog, and some others', I have learnt so much, and that has really helped me. Also, I was inspired to learn more, about things you and others don't write about, but which were important to me in my struggles. And that helped too. It is not alone a cure, but it opens the way to a cure -- and above all to opening out into relationships with other people on the outside of all this, who one used to be scared to really try to connect with, at least in these ways, with these things. And that really does help.
    I'm so grateful for your blog, Izzy, and for your example, and for the conversations you bring together and open up here, with all your readers, coming here to your site from so many different backgrounds and at so many different stages of recovery.
    Sorry, this has been a long message; I hope you won't read it if you've more important things to do. I hope you have a good evening. Take care.

  2. I`m also interested in how our bodies function - of the complex needs it requires to keep us well and healthy. After all the damage I have bestowed on myself through my ED I think its vitally important to take extra care of myself now.
    If you have any information of what you have been learning about at school it would be great to see posts about it on here. Having more of an understanding about the body helps I think, to put into perspective the whole process of recovery and why we are doing it. So if you have the time and opportunity it would be so good!

  3. I found reading books about depression and why/how it occurs helped me a lot when I was going through mine. Having a wider knowledge of what was happening to me helped me to understand my illness and also helped me to cope and get through it. Just learning about the "internal mechanics" of the depression and how it affected the brain made me realise it was physical, I wasn't loosing my mind and helped me accept and deal with it.
    The more you find out about something the easier it is to manage and deal with it - you are so right! Knowledge IS power!